• Mikey and Renet together a good thing?

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    • I kind of hope that it works out but I also want to see the newtrinos which includes a VERY potential girlfriend for Mikey.

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    • It would be really funny to see a love triangle between Mikey Renet and Kala. I mean, we're all tired of the Capril X Apritello thing, I think even the writers are sick of that as we haven't seen it in a while. A new love conflicts would freshen up the series a little and would provide new comic relief, after all, we're talking about the jokester Mikey and clumsy Renet. I think it would be a Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy kind of love triangle.

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    • I'd actually like there to be more Apritello—but with real character development and such.

      Mikey and Renet could have been promising, but the execution of their storyline makes me want to gag. And the way it's implied to have always been meant to be because the scepter made it so? WORSE. THAN. TWILIGHT. Like Raph, I hope we never see this Renet ever again. XD

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    • "but with real character development and such."

      THIS ^

      That's my main problem with the Casey Vs. Donnie thing.

      Besides that this love triangle takes too much of Casey's screen time, I would really like to see him and Raph hanging out more often.

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    • I didn't comment on Kala because I forgot who she was. I looked her up, and now I remember.

      You have to remember that 2K12 Mikey isn't the same as 1987 Michelangelo. This series may never have Neutrinos, and may never have Kala. And even if it did, Kala might never get Mikey's attention. Compare IDW Kala, who was a soldier and didn't get any special attention from IDW Mikey at all.

      All that said, most of my TMNT fan friends have long since been shipping Mikey with Leatherhead. I'd at least hoped that Mikey and Renet would get something subtle and meaningful (as a foundation of whatever extra humor they have) so it could be contrasted with Leatherhead later. Maybe Mikey having a one-sided attraction for Renet, or Renet having a one-sided attraction for Mikey, or maybe having a mutual attraction but Leatherhead was still an issue, or something—as long as there was development. But Mikey and Renet turned out to be zero character development, zero depth, all humor (none of it all that clever), and that instantly soured me to their pairing, derailing both characters for me.

      The writers just aren't that imaginative anymore, and it's bringing the entire series down little by little.

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    • MiwandSplinterfan1 wrote: I kind of hope that it works out but I also want to see the newtrinos which includes a VERY potential girlfriend for Mikey.

      I agree.

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