• It's strange, he only ever appeared in the gauntlet and that was it. what ever happened to his dog.

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    • I mean, i guess the writers couldn't do much with him. For all we know, shredder probably gave him up or he ran away [most likely because even someone like the shredder horrified him]. Or perhaps, they could have mutated him or something like that.    

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    • It is strange! Maybe it wasn't Oroku Saki's Dog but Bradford's dog and got scared and ran away after Braford turned into Dogpound!

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    • It wasn't Bradford's dog, it was Shredder's.

      Now, answering the question about what happened to him, I must remeber you folks that dogs die. And much earlier than humans, so... That's my theory.

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    • He's in Shredder's house. What, you think after Bradford and Xever get mutated he'd let his dog just go all out in the open? That's just bad pet ownership right there!

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    • No, Maybe he got scared and ran away after Bradford mutated!

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    • MarioLuigiGCFan wrote:
      No, Maybe he got scared and ran away after Bradford mutated!

      Or that, also possible. Of course in the infinite turtleverse, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 

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