• It's strange, he only ever appeared in the gauntlet and that was it. what ever happened to his dog.

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    • I mean, i guess the writers couldn't do much with him. For all we know, shredder probably gave him up or he ran away [most likely because even someone like the shredder horrified him]. Or perhaps, they could have mutated him or something like that.    

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    • It is strange! Maybe it wasn't Oroku Saki's Dog but Bradford's dog and got scared and ran away after Braford turned into Dogpound!

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    • It wasn't Bradford's dog, it was Shredder's.

      Now, answering the question about what happened to him, I must remeber you folks that dogs die. And much earlier than humans, so... That's my theory.

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    • He's in Shredder's house. What, you think after Bradford and Xever get mutated he'd let his dog just go all out in the open? That's just bad pet ownership right there!

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    • No, Maybe he got scared and ran away after Bradford mutated!

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    • MarioLuigiGCFan wrote:
      No, Maybe he got scared and ran away after Bradford mutated!

      Or that, also possible. Of course in the infinite turtleverse, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 

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    • Or considering you get mutated into what ever animal that you touch, because the DNA is still on you. Xever mutated into Fishface because he touched that fish he wanted and the slime from it was probably still on his hand. Bradford turned into Dogpound because Hachiko bit him and the dog's saliva was probably still on his hand. 

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