• hello i just wanted too tell you that i removed your post on that irma existing thread, only as a precaution because too many new users/users in general will most likely see it and go ahead and seperate the pages without an admins permission. I know it seems wrong real wrong to remove you post and i will admit it kindve is, but we have had similiar situations in the past where someone reads a suggestion in a thread and did it without consulting, some people made up characters or talked about rumors of characters that never existed and took it too far in the past. i just wanted too let you know what i did and why i did it, again i know it's pretty much wrong especially when you were voicing your opinion on the matter as well, but too many users here take things way too far and it always results in trouble. Again im very very sorry about it, very sorry.

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    • I don't even think a new user would be capable of backtracing a redirect and over-writing it. If someone did jump the gun without achieving consensus and admin approval then it's something that could be pretty easily fixed by reverting their edit to the redirect.

      If it's added back I could add a disclaimer 'do not actually do this, I am appealing to admins, a split is their choice' or similar.

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