• We all know the deal with Rocksteady and Bebop. In the 1987 cartoon adaptation of TMNT that managed to overshadow the original Mirage comic, Bebop and Rocksteady were a pair of dim-witted thugs working for the Shredder who were mutated into a warthog and a rhinoceros respectively.

    After years of being ignored by the original creators in the subsequent TMNT adaptations, Nickelodeon seemed intent on bringing back the popular TMNT characters who were ignored.

    Bebop and Rocksteady turned up in the IDW Comics, again being dim-witted thugs who got mutated, only this time they were far more dangerous and violent.

    While they did not appear in the 2014 film, they do appear as bosses in the iOS game, albeit with Cam Clarke voicing Bebop instead of Barry Gordon and someone else playing Rocksteady instead of Clarke, though their imitations are decent.

    In addition, there are plans for the duo of mutant morons to be in the sequel that will come out in 2016, but only time will tell if these plans will come to fruition.

    Their inclusion in the new cartoon, however, seems to be potentially controversial.

    Steranko and Anton Zeck appear to be the new Rocksteady and Bebop because the former is a blonde Caucasian who even has a gold tooth and shoulder spikes like the new Rocksteady and the former is an African American with a purple Mohawk and ridiculous sunglasses like Bebop.

    The issue is that while many fans agree that Bebop and Rocksteady's stupidity is an important part of their character, Steranko and Zeck appear to be for the most part intelligent and competent villains, though Zeck is somewhat bumbling.

    I have read the wiki's articles on the new Bebop and Rocksteady action figures, and the bios indicate that Anton Zeck and Steranko will be mutated by the Shredder in retaliation of trying to steal his helmet.

    Given that the Shredder may or may not be the one responsible for their mutation (I have noticed that the toys' bios are best taken with a grain of salt), who's to say that Shredder might make Steranko and Zeck idiots so that they aren't smart enough to turn against him?

    What are your thoughts?

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