• I just thought of something.. you known how Dogpound got a second mutation and became Rahzar ? I know it's not likely but.. do any of you think perhaps fishface might get a second mutation too and possibly become merdude. What do you think ?

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    • Oh my glob, that's awesome! I can't believe no one thought of that before.

      How abou this... Fishface wants to turn back human, so e tries some unfinished retromutagen (don't ask me where he got it), which doesn't transform him completely, turning him more human but still a little fishy, at least now he can breath air, but he looks kinda like a mermaid. That's where Michelangelo steps in to give him a brand new name: MERDUDE!!

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    • Yeah man! I agree and since he changes back halfway he could get his old legs back too

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    • A FANDOM user
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