• I was checking a few pics from Wormquake and I noticed this


    This is what seems to be the Kraang homeworld, and here we can see many small planets surrounding what looks like a dying sun, maybe that's why the Kraang need the Earth.... But who knows, right? Moving on...


    Here we see those many small planets from space.

    And here we see the "dying sun", the "kraang homeworld" (big planet in the back), a few small planets, and a city in another planet, which has a few buildings resembling the TCRI building and smoke coming out of the streets.

    Now, if that first place is the Kraang homeworld where could this city possibly be?

    THE NEUTRINO HOMEWORLD and looks like the Kraang infiltrated in their planet through the same "TCRI scheme" they used here on earth and now the Neutrinos are fighting against them, that's why the smoke on the streets, it is a warzone now, the Kraang and Neutrinos are battling against each other for their survival.

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