• I've tried to grant Prophet-of-Ganja some leeway to air and discuss his issues with maintenance. But he hit a nerve, and at one point I had a repetitive stress injury in my fingers from those transcripts, and I worked through it until my previous laptop's keyboard started to break down. It's just...the wiki hasn't stood still all this time, and neither have we. We've been editing it, working at it, discussing it, being a process, together. I feel he's perfectly welcome to return and get more involved in day-to-day edits and discussions, but if he's not even doing that, then it his complaints just they're out of the blue long after any dust has settled.

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    • Sorry, I'm just...angry. Really, really angry. I put so much work into this wiki. And looking back in his edit history (2018 is just several edits back), he first brought it up in Change is Constant, part 1/Transcript#comm-174402, and then again in Invasion of the Triceratons, part 5/Transcript#comm-182374, and again today in From the Heart, For the Herd, part 1/Transcript#comm-256258. And I noticed the first two times that he commented, I (and later you) responded, and then he didn't follow up on the responses. I was much calmer with him in Thread:254079 recently when he was complaining about the formatting of IDW Chronology, and he did respond to that. But honestly...I don't know what to do with him. He's listed as an administrator and content moderator, but he neither administers nor moderates, nor has he been getting involved in any way in the past two years except seemingly to complain once in a blue moon and then wander off never to return to the same article comment twice. And back in response to Invasion of the Triceratons, part 5/Transcript#comm-182374, I had gone through the trouble of giving him a detailed answer to his question of why the transcripts were useful and the level of consideration that goes into them. He just...ignores it, ignores me, ignores our work and our progress and our discussions together as a wiki. He just keeps asking the same question whose answer he seems to have no interest whatsoever in hearing.

      I've...just had it with him.

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    • Sorry for taking so long to get back, I had a full plate this morning and afternoon.

      I had forgotten that he keeps showing up in the comments sections of different places and complaining about the same thing, with refusal to even discuss. I don't understand how anybody could think progress could be made that way.

      I have been at times, wondering if the transcripts of at least recent issues does dabble a bit into... well it's gray to say it would be copyright infringement, but it's something Nickelodeon definitely could try to take legal issue with. I've seen them, specifically, flip out over less. But it's always just been one of those back-of-mind things that I never really put too much thought into, especially since I don't think one's even been written in eons.

      Whether it is or not, his approach to this is absolutely unacceptable. All he'd have to do is have a discussion with you, and it's been apparent that you've tried that and he's refused.

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    • I've had those same back-of-mind concerns. That's why I've tried to keep the in scope. They're not a replacement for the comics, after all, nor should they be. It's the same reason that, when I upload individual scenes from comics, if possible, I try to crop them in such a way that the images can't replace half the comic. And of course this site is full of animated GIFs of a similar nature of the some of the most visually striking scenes in television episodes. I want the transcripts to be a low-key reference, with the hope that it encourages rather than discourages people from properly getting the whole comic.

      If at some point someone in a position of authority demands they be taken down and we don't really have a recourse, then I could probably live with it if I had the chance to make some kind of database dump of the transcript text and accept the verdict. I do believe I once requested a text dump of the wiki before, and I totally know that was possible ten years ago—not sure if it still is now.

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    • Yeah it's definitely a transformative work, and for the purpose of preservation really more than anything else. It's not too different from a synopsis, really. You don't get the full experience from just reading it.

      I never imagined a place like this would attract so much drama.

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    • So you truly think it's helped us improve the wiki that much by existing? That's such a potent feeling of validation.

      And it's remarkable that it took him two years to make it clear that he was griping rather than just asking a question. I was wondering...could we remove the comments in From the Heart, For the Herd, part 1/Transcript#comm-256258? In the other comment pages he could have been plausibly asking questions. But on that page he was uncivil, and then I blew up at him. I just...don't want our spat to be what a random reader remembers most about that page.

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    • I'd say more like "adds value"

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    • I'll take that. But I think it has genuinely helped, by crystallizing topics and references that are not only easier to cite, but also to show fellow editors.

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