• Hello. I just wanted to ask you about something.

    A while ago, I remember seeing an article on here saying the 2003 Turtles were 20 years old by the end of Turtles Forever. However, I can no longer find that article and now I'm feeling like that information was incorrect.

    What I wanted to ask is: Is there an article on the Wiki that describes the 2003 Turtles' ages? If so, is it factual?

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    • I'm not entirely sure. Maybe try asking another admin about this.

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    • Well, maybe episodes that hint that one year passed can help. On the Christmas episode one year passed. In the future they were one year. So probably they were adults at the end of Turtles Forever. 18-19 years old maybe. Just like the 2007 movie turtles.

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    • They were 15 when the series began (the same goes to their 2012 counterparts).

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