• Same as where "turtle lair" was renamed "lair" where applicable, since as far as I could remember only the 1987 TV series called it "the Turtle Lair."

    I know that, in common informal public parlance (especially in association with the 1987 series), they have often been referred to as "Ninja Turtles." "Watching Ninja Turtles." "Playing Ninja Turtles." Etc. The thing is, while this phrase is not completely unknown in-story, in most continuities they're usually simply called "the Turtles." When "the Ninja Turtles" is so seldom actually used in-story, it always feels rather awkward/artificial to see it formally phrased as such in article text, to the point that I often find myself replacing it with "the Turtles." Even "the TMNT" or "the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" is more common a phrase than "the Ninja Turtles," but the four-word term is usually used in at least a somewhat humorous or self-parodying manner as a too-obvious title drop, and "the TMNT" is seldom used outside solicit text, etc.

    I can't say for certain for every continuity whether "the Turtles" is used more regularly than "the Ninja Turtles," but it almost certainly seems true, at the very least, for Mirage, IDW and maybe the 2012 TV series. I suppose it also helps that, as I've been far more of a TMNT comics reader than anything else, I always tend to phrase it like "There was a new issue of Turtles, and..."

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    • I feel like this is something that is up to the specific article writer's personal preference and not something necessary to become a standard. If you want, you can make like [[Turtles (Mirage)]] or [[The Turtles (Mirage)]] as a redirect to Ninja Turtles (Mirage) so that you don't have to do {{Miragelink|Ninja Turtles|The Turtles}} or something.

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