• As of this writing, we now have one transcript for a television episode: Rise of the Turtles/Transcript

    Turtlepedia has already had in place an semi-formal convention for editing transcripts, but up to this point they have largely been for comics, like: Change is Constant, part 1/Transcript

    We have a working template, Template:Qline, for embedding individual lines in a transcript, and Template:Qline/Usage provides (incomplete) instructions on how to use it. It was always understood that someday it would be possible to do television transcripts, but currently the template and instructions are only designed for comics transcripts.

    So, let's discuss best practices for television transcripts, and perhaps ways we may need to add to or modify the qline template and its usage instructions to suit this purpose. As with the rest of the wiki, the appearance and presentation of transcripts ought to be kept neat and tidy, and their future maintainability should not be unreasonably burdensome to other editors later on.

    I would also like to point out at this time that transcripts are not in and of themselves a replacement for comic books or television shows. It is always best to read the comic or watch the show. But transcripts can have several auxiliary purposes:

    • Transcripts can keep track of dialogue and the sequences of scenes, which fans can reference without having to fully reread the comic or rewatch the show.
    • Building on the previous point, Turtlepedia editors can quickly search and consult transcripts for details to help them improve the articles, in addition to consulting the comics and shows themselves.
    • People can read transcripts for spoilers if they so choose, for fun, but even then it still cannot and should not replace actually reading a comic or watching a show.
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