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    Good idea or bad idea?

    In other thoughts, I've been thinking of renaming Category:Eco-terrorists to Category:Environmental vigilantes, not just because "eco-terrorist" is a loaded term, but because there is no Category:Terrorists and any particular character's inclusion in that category could be considered contentious as it is an equally loaded term. I mean, we could create Category:Terrorists, as there are a few characters who very much fit that label (C.R.A.P. from Mirage, Old Hob and Man Ray with the mutagen bomb, etc.), but so many other potential examples could be considered a topic of debate or worse. It's worth noting that, while "terrorist" was already a somewhat loaded term back in the 1990s and earlier but with an otherwise fairly clearly-understood definition, it became vastly more loaded a term after 2001. However, if we come up with clearly-defined parameters for inclusion in these categories (especially those derived from mainstream scholarly definitions) and moderate them accordingly, it might not be any big deal at all.

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    • Yeah, I'm cool with albino characters. Not sold on changing eco-terrorists right at the moment... I know the old "one person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter" but I feel like there could be a very clear distinction, especially in these works of fiction, and especially with the clarification on the Category description.

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