• Hi, wasn't sure if you saw my belated response to your comment regarding "Truth, Justice and What?", but I wanted to put this here since I'm seeing a couple users adding screenshots to an episode gallery made here.

    To answer your question about the episode being licensed by Nickelodeon, I'm not entirely sure if it is, but Teen Titans Go is a Cartoon Network series (I've only watched the first several episodes before I decided to stop watching), which means that they're clearly from two different broadcast networks. I'm also certain it's more of a parody-crossover thing rather than a legitimate one, considering how from my understanding, TTG is already a parody of the original 2003 cartoon, and also pokes fun on other things in popular culture.

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    • I see. I am familiar with the show but never saw the episode in question. I wasn't sure if it was official since DC has done crossovers with TMNT in the past of course. From what I've read recently, they're not even called Ninja Turtles in the show, but instead "Cool Turtle Dudes."

      I would present the question if we even need to track the episode as far with a full article rather than the easter eggs/reference page if it's not an official crossover.

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    • Okay, I see. I haven't seen the episode either, but I notice that some users are treating the page and gallery as if it's an episode from any of the TMNT shows. I just wasn't sure if that's something allowed on this wiki.

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