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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been light-hearted, kid friendly, and sometimes unique since 1987 thanks to TV, video games and feature films, as we approach its 40th anniversary in the next 4 years (and its 30th anniversary of the original 1990 film), I think the time has come they make a TMNT series or feature film adaptation based on the classic and original 1984 Mirage Studios' TMNT. For me, this new series or film should be set in a modern contemporary of the original with a cinematic, darker, grim, gritty, violent tone (make “Ninja Assassin” and other various ninja films as an inspiration), they should keep the original origin story and give it an updated, fresh new take, start it from the ground up and let it expand into its own cinematic universe & have its supporting characters, its elements and its references from various sources (IDW, TV series, films, etc.) and also have a updated new take. Also, for the Turtles’ bandannas, I can go either way TBH, but for me, I would prefer them both, start from their comic accurate red bandannas and then graduate to their traditional iconic colorized bandannas while still maintaining their violent, hard as nails tone. I’ve been a fan since 1987 and love the 1984 (including the IDW) comics. But after their appearances in Turtles Forever and a cameo in the 2012 series, I'm all in for (what ‘03 Mikey said ) a "hardcore crazy", grim, gritty, serious TMNT series or film. Give the OG Turtles a proper adaptation. It will be a breath of fresh air for the franchise.

    Sound off, give me your feedback and your opinions.

    Thanks Dudes!!!!


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    • For a while I've been thinking that the original Mirage City at War story arc could use a shot-for-shot black-and-white animated adaptation, drawn in Jim Lawson's style, with ambient silences and all. And every single one of Buscheyev's scenes, no less random than they were in-story.

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