• I've been thinking. Remember when there was that debate over whether articles like New Zealand had a place on Turtlepedia? I've been thinking that we can largely sidestep that issue by maintaining a category of soft redirects to Wikipedia. Article placeholders with a notification and link to the topic on Wikipedia, until such time as the topic is considered notable enough for more direct description on Turtlepedia. This could enable the creation of links to barely-referenced TMNT topics on Turtlepedia but whose content is better served by redirecting to Wikipedia.

    Why did I think about this now? Because of the Zones of Control article I just wrote. It's full of red links, as they all link to nonexistent articles on Turtlepedia, but most of them, for the time being, may be better served with links to Wikipedia. And yet their notability on Turtlepedia is not zero, as many of them are referenced locations, briefly named settings, implied settings, and so forth. With the Zones of Control maps, all that geography corresponds to real locations in Manhattan. And while many TMNT stories have less specific Manhattan (or even just New York City) settings, there have been many scenes that can be inferred to take place in a location that is otherwise not specifically mentioned. I realized this when I created the Union Square Park article, because even though the location is not specifically named in-story, it is pinpointed on the maps at that location, and an extremely important plot event happens right there. Honestly, with a geography as famous as Manhattan's, well-studied people were going to notice these things as soon as maps as relatively detailed as these became involved.

    So I'm thinking, for the most part these soft redirects could just direct a user to the Wikipedia article, but they could also include brief mentions of how the location is referenced, even obliquely, in TMNT lore.

    There are some other (currently red link) articles that could be created that are more than just soft redirects, like Herald Square, as it's specifically mentioned in the 2012 TV series as the location under which Victor Falco sheltered in an abandoned utility junction. I believe there's also already an article for Tribeca, because it was specifically mentioned in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters as being the location of the Firehouse, and that the Turtles were already familiar with the neighborhood's geography.

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    • I've always been more of a fan of keeping than deleting, but I really had a hard time forcing myself to justify instances in which someone just says the name of a real-life place or something to that effect. Fictional places are different, because there is no place we'd have to link to have any sort of background on and I'd want something. But yeah, when it came to any location, I tried to justify it so hard before deleting. I'd search the Wiki, look at "what links here", google the location + tmnt terms... for New Zealand, I even bought a digital copy of Mutants Down Under (because I don't know where my physical copy is right now) just to see if it was a territory in that game.

      So lemme tell ya what... convert NZ into one of these soft redirects and inform me when you've done so. I'll take a look and we can move from there. Savvy?

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    • Okay. It won't be hard to do.

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    • I've changed New Zealand into a very basic soft redirect, for demonstration purposes. It is rough in appearance, but it can be polished with a template, and perhaps additional (very brief) notes to explain its reference/significance, not unlike those at the top of disambiguation pages (not counting Template:disambig itself). In addition, soft redirects can be categorized as such, perhaps in Category:Soft redirects.

      Basically, the rule of thumb I have in mind is, if (beyond those brief notes) an article on Turtlepedia cannot usefully convey more information than its Wikipedia counterpart, it can be a soft redirect. Whatever is notable should be noted, and if extensive enough, the article can cease just being a soft redirect and be an article of whatever appropriate length, and still link to the Wikipedia article as an external link. The distinction between local article and soft redirect doesn't have to be rigidly one or the other, but can allow some existence inbetween.

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    • I made a small extra edit to New Zealand. I added a Trivia section...which perhaps can satisfy its meager in-story significance.

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    • I am satisfied with this. I was even going to suggest the soft redirect category.

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    • So, let's go ahead and make it a template. I can start with a rudimentary design that can be prettified as you see fit.

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    • All right, Template:Wikipedia redirect is created. It's...very rough and perhaps not greatly worded. I'm a tech, but not always great at knowing how to word notice templates.

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