• I know Kirby King (2003 TV series) has the last name King, but as far as I'm aware, Kirby (Mirage) had no last name specified.

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    • I don't think the 2003 Kirby was ever given a last name. The last name came from the sourcebook Transdimensional Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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    • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... I never really finished the 2003 series. My bad.

      Then you realize that's still not part of the Mirage continuity, right? There are all sorts of references that appeared only in Palladium works that were never corroborated by Mirage materials. The only things appearing in Palladium that are part of the Mirage continuity are those things later reprinted or corroborated in Mirage's own publications, including:

      While Mirage staff provided a lot of artwork to Palladium Books, they didn't write the RPG book texts or their details, and there are a lot of details that blatantly differ, most famously Raven Shadowheart vs. Hazel McIntyre. I remember that Peter Laird said that he never considered Palladium materials to be part of the Mirage continuity, his own art contributions notwithstanding. And even after Palladium let their own TMNT license lapse, they remained owner of characters and scenarios they designed, and they were never Laird's to sell to Viacom.

      For a few years now, Turtlepedia has already been splitting Mirage and Palladium articles where they have differing details, and not relying on Palladium for any primary Mirage details. If Palladium Kirby is named Kirby King, then he's Kirby King. But Mirage Kirby is just Kirby—no King.

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