• I've been searching all over the internet to figure out where in the IDW timeline the Macro series comics (about Don, Mike, Leo, & Raph) take place, but I can't find ANYTHING. Nothing. Not even on here.

    The wiki page for the chronology:

    ... has them place, but none of the related pages say why they go there. I don't see anything that says what comics they take place between on the official IDW website where they're sold, no posts on Reddit, or any other wikis.

    In the comics themselves, specifically the first, 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Macro-Series #1: Donatello', at the beginning it appears Don is being betrayed by Rocksteady & Bebop after having teamed up with them in a previous comic issue in the timeline. I was trying to place the Macro-Don issue based on that info, but I couldn't find anything in the few comics I checked, and nothing popped up when I was searching google.

    So, where do the comics come in the chronological reading order, and why?

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