• I had hoped they have been preserved and least exhibited at a Jim Henson museum and Jim Henson said that the the turtles were the most advanced that he had ever worked with, the first original classic 1990 live action movie was just one of Jim Henson's last projects before he died just same year shortly after the movie was released and the sequel was just the first memory after his death. I think I found the orign remants her

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    • I believe a lot of them have deteroriated beyond salvaging. The material they used isn't made for the test of time. Whenever it gets that bad, I imagine it goes in the trash.

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    • A lot of these look like they're mixed with stuff made for the sequels by the prop sellers, and yes there is a noticeable difference between the suits in all three movies. It's better suited for a blog, it's just a blight honestly.

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    • i know a youtuber called michele ivey who has the original tmnt 3 heads she got mikey and leonardo they remained in quite bad condition 
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       because leonardo got a hole in his mask on his nose and stuff like that

      Here the video link if ur intrested in how she got them                                 

      These are real btw they look excatlly like them and also they have the original cord that went into the back of the shell on them which means there probbabbly real Anyways that awnsers where the 3rd movie masks are well atleast two of them Also there was a raph head sold by the same person which was also real it had the cord from the head into the shell as well but it was sold to a private collector Dontello mask got found and their fixing it so it looks bettter ill add a picture of it 

      im not sure about the others ones its a shame because the 3rd is the worst out of the 3 live action movies from the 1990's hope that anwsers ur question thank you Thats all of the tmnt 3 live action masks lucky there all in quite okay condition expect dontello which mask has been fixed

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