• Hey there Dank! My name is Jamie and I work over on the Community Development team. We've been talking to Nickelodeon about the potential to work with the TMNT comminutes in various capacities, where they might provide different assets and other feedback requests.

    They also wanted to know a bit about who runs these communities. So you know, whatever information you wanted to provide is strictly voluntary and confidential. Nothing will be done with this info other than giving Nick a bit of context about the folks running these communities. They'd like to know things like, your age, gender, other passions, do you have kids, are you married, and what you do for a living. 

    Feel free to email me at or you can leave the blurb here, whatever you're comfortable with.

    Also, I won't connect this info with the user, so it's completely anonymous. Anyway, thanks for reading!

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