• What's up, Mick? Long time no speak.

    I've finally got a little more time off, so I thought I'd work a little more on the Titans wiki I made. The series is getting pretty close to premiering and since we gots logos now I was thinking it's time to make a wiki logo with these.

    Titans logo

    Since your photoshop skills has helped me out before, I was hoping you can help me with it. If you agree, here's my two cents. Since Doom Patrol is confirmed to be in the Titans series' universe, I'm debating between calling the wiki Titans wiki or Titans-verse wiki. Just in case, I think it's best to make two logos. For both of keep the Titans logo the same. For "Titans wiki" make "WIKI" in the style of "PATROL" in Doom Patrol. For "Titans-verse wiki", have the dash and "VERSE" in the style of "DOOM" in Doom Patrol. And that's pretty much it, the series is getting closer and closer so I feel like we should get a logo soon.

    Also, what did you think of the debut season of Black Lightning? Best superhero show on tv at the moment if you ask me. Too awesome for words, and Tobias Whale is dope.

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    • HEY-what's up? Sorry for responding so late, I have BARELY been on Wikis as of late. On the subjects, Titanverse sounds fine since its the first show in the series, and hell YES! I saw the cast do a panel at the Greater Philly comic con, SO cool.

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    • It's cool man, life happens. Tbh, until this message I was something of an internet ghost too. lol

      Anyway, Titansverse it is then! So do you think you'll have the time to make the logo? You only really need to alter the Doom Patrol logo and put it next to the already existing Titans one (although I know that might be easier said than done).

      And BRUH! I'm so jealous! Congrats. I wish I was there, but the BL cast is doing some MAD travelling across the country to promote the show at comic cons, so I just might get my chance to see them at some point this summer. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty hyped for season 2 this fall, and can't wait to see the Lightning in action and her costume.

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    • TitansLogo
      This is what I came up with so far, what ya think?

      Same dude, same. I also like they FINALLY wrote a good "powered person who just wants to be normal" as MOST of the time they are just whiners. Her? I get it, this life is horrifying.

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    • ALSO-you caught up with DC comics at all? Metals was INSANE!

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    • Looks pretty freakin' sweet to me so far. Now if only we can just fit a "wiki" in there and maybe remove the "only on DC Universe". Oh, and here's the url for the wiki if you want to take a look

      And true, I couldn't believe they actually pulled it off either, but it worked. I will say though that I didn't really buy the initial anger she had towards Jeff for the fact that he WAS Black Lightning like 9 freakin' years ago when she was a little kid and he never told her.

      Completely caught up with my DC Comics and THEN-some. Metal was pretty epic, plus it's the first time I can honestly say I liked Hawkman in a story. I'm on No Justice right now and this story is already just as if not MORE epic! TEAM ENTROPY ALL THE WAY, BABY! A team comprised of Batman, Deathstroke, Beast Boy, Lobo, and Lex Luthor?! Why has no one thought of this before?!

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    • Gotcha, heres what I got:


      We can change the font later.

      Hey, people don't like to be lied to!

      I freaking KNOW! Oh man, its such a shame Lex is goint Legion of Doom, I LOVE him as an evil superhero!

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    • Works for me. That'll do for now.

      They didn't lie, they just... never brought it up. She never really asked about it lol.

      Same. I also noticed a little easter egg that tickled my nostalgia bones. The planet design they used for Tamaran is literally the exact same as the 2003 Teen Titans series. Anyway, just MAN! Thank Brainic from making these teams! I just love how the writers are putting these characters that we never usually see interact together, with all these new dynamics! I really want to see a movie, series, or something based on this story. In a post Krypton-TV show world, it's totally possible. And it seems like it will only get better from there.

      At Wondercon they announced a new Title "Justice League: Odyssey", where Starfir is FINALLY put in the Justice League and gets to have space adventures with Cyborg (YAY), Jessica Cruise, Azrael, and... wuh DARKSEID!?! That's just gonna be freakin' epic. Plus, Beast Boy and Raven are FINALLY leaving Damian's arrogant butt and going to (no-teen) Titans to work with Nightwing where they have always belonged, and they're bringing Miss Martian back! For the first time in a long time, I can finally say DC Comics (at least) are going in the right direction. Scott Snyder is a gift to DC!

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    • Awesome, glad you like it!


      DC is just KILLING it with Cross overs lately, and I think their really learning from their mistakes!

      SO MUCH YES to all the new teams! Especially Starfire on a Justice League team full of adults, because she is not 19 no matter what the artist of Teen Titans says. Although I do feel bad for Wally 2, as "The Flash" implied THINGS ended surely...but DAMN am I glad, considering the comics have confirmed that Raven and Beast Boy were on the same team as Wally Prime WHICH WOULD MEAN...Raven is a BIT older than Wally 2. That could've lead to some weirdness.

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    • Now if I just remembered how to implement it lol

      I KNOW! Regardless of what I think of Damien or Wally 2, The Lazerus contract was amazing, Dark Nights: Metal was... well METAL, and so far No Justice is freakin' epic. And now we get Space Titans/League. I'm definitely buying any book that rolls out of No Justice. I think they're calling them New Justice now. I gotta say, that moment when Lobo gave Gar that pep talk, LEGENDARY. True beast brothers. Those two should hang out more. XD

      It's been a while since I picked up a Flash comic tbh. Not because it didn't interest me, but other comics just interested me more. Like Raven's new solo series, the Deathstroke v Batman arc, and all the Batman/TMNT crossovers, Metal, now No Justice, soon to be New Justice I just get overtaxed. I was only recently going to get back into Flash because Flash war sounds very interesting. So I don't know what happened between Barry and Wally 2 (I don't mind you spoiling it for me either), but BRO I'm with you on that, I've never been a big fan of Wally to anyway. I'd say I'm curious if Raven will start getting the feels for Wally Prime now, but Wally's already got a pretty freakin' complicated love life already, so I kinda doubt they'll muddy the waters more with Raven. I think it's more likely they'll go BBRae again, which I'm down with. That pairing is getting more popular as the crow (or Raven) flies. And besides that the Wally 2/Raven pairing is just poorly written and unhealthy in my opinion. I mean, the reason why Wally left and joined Deathstroke in the first place was ONLY because Raven didn't want to be his girlfriend yet. But yeah, Raven being older than him probably would have added to the cringe factor. Plus, Slade even caught him on tape fawning over Power Girl and her "booty", and she made it weirder by trying to bang him. Yeah, Wally 2 and Raven were just not meant to be... ever.

      Though I'm sad the Teen Titans are left to Damien, I'm just glad I don't have to read them anymore to see Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy.

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    • Gotta love Lobo being a Lobro! ALSO-have you read the short "Justice League of America" run with him on the team? In it Lobo is TOTALLY crushing on Ryan Choi and its ADORABLE! He called him a freaking DOLPHIN! For Lobo, that's a marriage proposal! 

      Oh man Flash War is getting JUICEY-Wally Prime is remembering EVERYTHING about his New Earth life INCLUDING...his children. And WHO claims is gonna help him? ZOOM! Basically everything is NUTS and I LOVE IT! Although in the same story, future cops arrest Iris for killing THEIR time and I'm just confused whether they have jurisdiction or not. AH-I'm looking too into it-FLASH WAR!

      Aw man I LOVE the new Raven series, Marv Wolfman KNOWS how to write her for sure! I AL-so hope he writes a new Starfire series in the future, because Ben Percy...could not write dialogue for all. He can write Green Arrow and his subsequent side characters, but not Starfire. On the subject, he's in charge of Nightwing and IT...does not look good. The story has a guy's cellphone exploding like a grenade killing him-AND NO-it wasn't some dark multiverse infected Lithium, but NORMAL Lithium. You can only make up stuff in science fiction if it DOESN'T exist, that's the iron rule.

      Yeah I think BBRAE is gonna be the next ship as well, especially if my theory that EVERYONE will soon remember their past New-Earth lives sooner or later, including how BB and Raven ALMOST had a full on relationship in their past lives but it was cut short because a naked blue Captain Atom messed with everything to give a proper explanation as to why the changes in the New 52 were WAY too specific! And crap, she MAY develop feelings for Wally Prime, as a side-effect of awakened memories from ALL the way back in her Earth-1 Pre-Crisis days! MILLIONS of ways this can go yo!

      EH-I'm not too worried, it looks like Damian is getting a PROPER team this time, with his crush Emiko, his...WEIRDLY best Titan-friend Wally...whom he fired(to be FAIR Wally did almost kill the multiverse, so maybe Wally respects him for calling him out) and CRUSH-daughter of Lobo! Because Slowbo is still stuck on Brainiac's ship after being brainwashed for years into thinking he was the real Lobo and YES THAT IS MY HEADCANON!

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    • Haven't read it, but really? I always thought Lobo was only into "the ladies". Especially with all his comments about all the freaking kids he's got by different alien chicks. Sounds like now they're taking the Deadpool comparison even farther.

      YES! Anytime people remember their history from the New Earth continuity, I squee with joy. I'm with you, I hope everyone remembers. We already kind of crossed over with it with the Titans of Tomorrow storyline, and Tim Drake's vision of the multiverse. ALSO glad to hear they're bringing back a Wally West villain. And jeez, that sound pretty freakin' insane. How many more times is Thawne going to die lol? And yeah, I don't think they should have jurisdiction for an action taken in the past. Although if you could stop a murder before it happens, I guess it makes sense. Plus, killing a speedster especially could have like, COSMIC consequences. But haven't they learned anything from Flashpoint? Time travel should be a federal crime in itself.

      Well he did create her after all, so he really must know what he's doing with her. I like how he showed the human side of Raven's heritage. I think he's writing a Cyborg series now too, so that Starfire series might not be that far away. I've actually been hoping for a Beast Boy solo series ever since the "Beast Boys and Girls" (I think that's what it's called), and I hope both Madame Rouge and Gemini make a comeback. Even though Marv didn't create him, he could probably do good with solo BB.

      True, at this point everything is on the table. But at this point in point, both the writers and fan are too used to tying him to Linda Park for Wally/Rae to happen, especially if Wally's remembering his kids now and Wally's feeling toward Raven started with her manipulating him emotions. Though I do think they might subtly reference it. Yeah, I agree BBRAE is most likely the next ship, and I REALLY hope it is so they can finally solidify their relationship. I wanna see what their dates would be like. See some BBRae centric plots and stuff. I would totally buy BBRae duo series if they had one lol, they just work together imo.

      True this team does feel more proper for Damien. I just wish it wasn't called Teen Titans. I know they're all teens, but it's such a wild contrast to what defined them. It makes more sense to me to put Jon on the team and call the comic and the team Young Justice Rebirth.

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    • Its a PRETTY readable sub-text with Ryan and Lobo, lemme tell ya! BISEXUAL LOBO FOR THE WIN!

      Yeah, so you'd THINK they should've just arrested Thawne or Zolomon but no.

      ALSO-speeeeeeeeeaking of Wally West villains, GUES WHO SHOWED UP in the Flash/Speed Buggy crossover?! SAVITAR BABY! I know this was a non-canon cross over but AWESOME!

      DEEEEEEF-initely, BB needs like...SEVERAL arcs! ALSO-I know he and Damian are now on different teams...but they need closure, like fifty billion YEARS of closure. It was easy to blame Damian for EVERYTHING wrong that happened but that was clearly not the case, Gar undermined Damian any chance he could get, one time even betraying the team when scary future Tim told him to kidnap Superboy. And even WEIRDER...all throughout that series...BB thought HE was the only vegetarian! Because, its not like there's anyone ELSE on the team whose a famous vegeta-DAMIAN! GRAH-pure ridiculousness!

      Yeah if Raven redevelops feelings for Wally-Prime out of psychic memory elevation, I hope it'll be a one-sided infatuation as well as LindaXWally for-EVER! AND LET THEM HAVE THEIR BABIES-nooooooooooooo one cares how they work them into the timeline, JUST bring them back! 

      YOSH-Beast Boy and Raven series! It'd be like "Superman/WonderWoman" only NOT terrible because Superwonder is a dark sin that should never be done unless in VERY rare circumstances such as in Kingdom Come.

      Conflicted on Young Justice Rebirth, not because I don't want Jon to be on a team with Damian as...well that should just happen and every explanation they give makes no sense-AS WELL-as Maya Ducard, Suren Darga, and Collin Wilkes joining in! Personally I hope Kon-El brings back Young Justice when he escapes whatever prison in Comic Book limbo he's in.

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    • Choi better watch out then if that's the case, then. 'Cause everyone knows Lobo always takes what he wants.

      YO, Savitar!?! In one Speed Buggy crossover. My, how the mighty have fallen.

      I know, right?! Gar is too often glossed over and just though of as being defined by his teams. But I saw from that one mini series that the dude can hold his own story and at the moment it could give him much needed character development. I feel like Rouge would be important though. She's one of the few characters that really pushed Gar's boundaries and tested morals as a hero. Plus, she was never truly evil until the Brain tinkered with hers. She was actually a loving and caring person. It just bothers me how Rouge was just killed off like that and never brought back to this. She was like the BEST member! I just really hope she gets a big push soon like Black Lightning did now that we have a Doom Patrol TV show coming. Gemini would be awesome to have too.

      And that's true, Gar screwed the pooch pretty hard with this "N3vrland" BS he was doing. To be fair though, in the Future Tim arc Jon had just accidentally blown up the tower and nearly killed them (granted, because of Tim) and it was probably smarter to find a way to contain him rather than let Damien whisk him off to some other location unknown location to blow up. Plus, it wasn't just him. Raven thought it made sense too. She's the one who hypnotized everyone to escape and teleported them everywhere. Plus, they both made clear to Tim that there will be no killing if they work with him.

      Ugh, I cringe every time someone reminds me of Superwonder. Let's just hope it's never addressed again unless it's some weird dream they shared. But yes, BBRae series all the way. I feel like at least interacting with each others families (Rae with Doom Patrol and BB with her aunt and cousins) could also lead to some new interesting dynamics like what we're getting in No Justice. Plus, maybe bring a bunch of NTT villains back. This is all (well, some) possible now that Gar and Raven are back with Nightwing on the Titans team.

      Ah- get your point. But I dunno, ever since Geoff Johns' 2003 Teen Titans run, even though he was a kind of apprentice character to the Titans, I think he and the others have matured enough to be a better fit with them. But I'm all for Kon bringing back YJ too. I'll take any excuse to get him, Cassie, and Bart back in the comics. Hopefully we get Static back too. They said Milestone is coming back this year so WHAT'S TAKING THEM SO LONG!!!

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    • Ain't it the truth.


      Very true, also I need to read that mini-series some time, sounds really good!

      Yeah Raven too, honestly I feel their immediate trusting of Savior shows one of MANY reasons picking them for this team was a bad idea:They were still grieving. Raven more healthily of course, she has friends, family, an interest in museums, Beast Boy on the other hand...was gonna drink himself into a coma if Damian didn't kidnap him. The ONE time kidnapping is okay. I bring up grief, because as "Supersons of Tomorrow" shows, Damian wanting his own team wasn't the REAL reason he reformed the Titans, it was because he missed his brother and wanted to continue his legacy(of course that was written by Peter Tomasi who remembers Damian is a human being, unlike Percy who wrote him continuously like a psycho). Honestly I'm a little mad they never had Gar, Raven, and Damian bond over their grief...and in the case of BB and Robin:Vegetarianism. 

      Love ALL of that! I wander if BB or Raven will flash back to remembering being friends with Nightwing...and the reality that they are adults in teenage bodies. Raven will be all "Oh man, NOT again!"

      NO idea, they have this weird plan going on in DC that is taking a GOOD old time it is!

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    • Trust me dude, it is. I had a blast and I'm pretty sure you will. Shame it only lasted four issues.

      That's... very true. Guess in his own weird way, Damkien kinda helped Gar out of his rut. But I'm pretty sure it goes without saying that you don't electrocute someone in a pool unless you're trying to kill them. So Damien gets zero props for that, it was just a convenient consequence. But I gotcha, the TT members who just lost their leader was definitely the wrong choice. He should have just made a fresh team. Why didn't he try Rose? They met, kind of, and she's not doing anything right now. It could be he was ashamed of getting beaten by her (or afraid she'll do it again if he tries anything) and didn't want. Also, I'm not convince Tim's death would have hit him THAT hard. I mean didn't he watch the Doom Patrol, the family who raised him, die right in front of him and he was still a functional member of the Titans? But I guess who knows if that even happened in this.

      lol that would be hilarious. Total mind frag, especially for Raven.

      Well hopefully it's ort the wait, because it's annoy how DC keeps dancing around Milestone. They keep saying it comes out at a specific time and always end up just pushing it back.

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    • Rockin, I'll check it out!

      Didn't say it was the HEALTHIEST way of helping Beast Boy, just saying SOMETHING had to happen! On the subject though...ONE angle I feel Percy shoudl've gone on is how when Tim "died", Damian spent months formulating the perfect plan, while Garfield...partied his life away, at least to Damian's knowledge. Could you imagine how hypothetically MAD Damian was at the concept of that? While he worked to prolong his brother's legacy, his brothers FRIEND just partied it out! Maybe he RELISHED kidnapping Gar, out of a form of dark depression feuled revenge for his brother. Either way, the two have WAY too much beef and they gotta work it OUT yo.

      As with Tim's death effecting Gar, the ONE good thing Ben put in that stupid N3vrland story was how much Gar hurt inside for losing his family, and I think when Tim died and the Prime Earth Teen Titans split up, he lost another one. People have breaking points and I can't blame him for having them. I just wish it was addressed more in the Percy run, but part of me feels that was always meant to be a filler run.

      Agreed. I also theorize Kon-El might come back during the "Man of Steel" event, as it looks like there's gonna be a LOT of time travel nonsense!

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    • Lol true. And that actually would have been a nice character beat for Damien, perhaps might have even given him a little more depth in the Titans run. And tbh I think Percy for the most part is doing a crap job with the Teen Titans books, so I'm glad Scott Snyder in kinda taking control of most stories rolling out of No Justice, which I just happened to finish reading as I'm typing this. But you're right, I will give him props for hitting home that Beast Boy loses people close to him a lot, like, more than your typical comic book superhero, or they turn out to be psychopaths working for and banging your worst enemy. Either way, percy he brought his parents back to show it, and he didn't have to. He could have left them forever forgotten but he didn't. And I thought that was pretty telling because they were the first meaningful people that he lost. I guess what I'm saying is, I'm just longing for a story where Beast Boy FINALLY grows stronger from his grief rather than just sadly mope over it for a while and then go back to class clown. I mean heck, the goddamn Batman exists his parents were gunned down in an ally one night. DC has always SHOWN that Beast Boy was hurting over his losses, but they just never go anywhere with it from there. Gar's loss was never really used as anything more than a sad backstory or exhibition for him. Their deaths never really drove Gar to be a hero, to be anything really. He never even really tried honor their memory somehow. It just seems like he was brought into this life at a young age and wants people to fill the void of his family, and it's less about doing the right thing and being a hero, even though he still holds those values because that's how he was raised. This is another reason I think he needs his own mini-series to finally make all of this clear and show Gar accepting his grief and growing stronger from it in an organic way. He definitely wouldn't handle his grief the way Batman would, but I imagine he has to handle it at some point.

      Oh boy. WELP- like I said, I'll take any excuse as long as we get him back. I imagine we will anyway because YJ is coming back and lately TV and movies have been influencing a lot of comic book decisions. But anyway, I'm suspiciously interested in seeing Bendis' take on Superman.

      Also, sorry about all these typos. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to proofread. But I could have sworn I didn't make most of those grammar and spelling mistakes. Maybe it's just my keyboard lol.

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    • Yeah they REALLY gotta show Beast Boy growing as a person from his grief, as well as...being more empathetic to others WITH grief. During "Gotham Resistance" a distraught Damian goes solo to look for Batman, which Garfield replies with(paraphrased) "I lost my parents to, but you don't see ME broken up about it!" HYOO BOY...that was a HUMONGOUS lie right there. And if it WAS true, it'd make him kind of look like a dick for being able to be better at emotional growth than someone else. It was also SUPER weird, because THAT comic was the first time in the Prime Earth continuity where Beast Boy talked about his parents. With that, I REALLY feel Percy was rushed with this story, a billion elements added that didn't really work together. I mean let's get real here, Aqualad was introduced WAY too soon, they should've focused on everyone else before him. What I want is Damian and Beast Boy to be stuck on an ISLAND, where they are straight up mother-flipping FORCED to address their in this case, as they are both vegetarian.

      Agreed on both YJ fronts . I'm betting that through all this time travle nonsense, Kon-El breaks through like Jay Garrick to remind Superman about his family or something.

      And its cool. Say I've been meaning to ask, what's your name? We've been internet penpals for a while, I feel I should know.

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    • Boy, you REALLY want them to address this vegetarian thing lol. Well, true. Even though nobody really liked Damien that much, Gar and Wally 2 rebelled against him the most, Gar even moreso. Wally kind of got closure with him, but Gar never did (probably won't either), but it would be nice to have them put in a situation where their forced to work out their resentment. Well, what he actually said was all them have family issues, and being there for each other is why he likes the idea of the Titans. And then he goes on to imply Damien's actions are doing more to divide the team than unite them (despite him regathering the in the first place). And yes it was weird that he FINALLY acknowledged his parents' existence this far into the PE continuity, but they should have addressed this MUCH earlier on.. I'd say it's better rushed than just never addressed.

      Sounds like that would be a pretty rushed comeback but I'll take it. Just like BB's parents, better rushed than forgotten about.

      Sure. It's funny because I have a lot of nicknames irl. I guess you can call me Corey. It's my middle name, but it's what most of my friends call me. What's yours?

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    • What we can agree on is that its a MASSIVE mess storywise and continuity wise, all with unresolved plots that will not be addressed...DC COMICS IN A NUT SHELL YO!


      I am...MICK! Also Mike, Mikey, and Michael, LOTS of names. Mostly use Mick though! EITHER WAY-nice to know your name Corey!

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    • Couldn't have said it better myself.

      Nice to know your name too, Mick!

      WELP- with the TV season done, me being caught up on my comics, and having a small commercial break of free time, guess I'll get back to workin' on my wikis, especially Titans wiki. So I'll probably be around... somewhere.

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    • DEEP in the shadows, I getcha.

      ON THE SUBJECT-you got Discord?

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    • Had to look it up lol. No I don't have Discord. I try to avoid most of the 3rd party software and apps. I don't even Skype, really. I just prefer to stick with good ol’ social media.

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    • Arright, just figured I'd ask!

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    • Nah it’s all good, dude. Just a personal preference thing I’ve had for quite a while now.

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    • By the way. I actually just finished reading Raven's series' latest issue, when this happened.

      Mischief Mentor

      Raven never uses terms of endearment for ANYONE! And Gar is the one Titan she mentioned in her series that she said something positive about, even crediting him with teaching her a quality that's come to help her now. They're DEFINITELY teasing BBRae. It might even happen sooner than we think.

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    • YOSH-that is awesome! You could also see some cute Tsundere moments in Marve Wolfman's Starfire issue of Teen Titans Rebirth, when BB asked Raven for advice on his dating profile. LET ME REPEAT-he asked RAVEN for advice on how to date! As in, asking her what things RAVEN likes in a guy! Marve knows what's up. ALSO-I THINK I missed that issue! EITHER WEITHER-getting it on Wednesday!

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    • With a cover like this for that EXACT same issue... looks like the cover artists know what's up too.

      RCO002 1516798370

      Plus, Beast Boy asking Raven for dating advice gave me immediate flashbacks to the Trouble in Tokyo movie, where Raven strangely felt compelled to pause the fight against paint Godzilla to list Beast Boys "features" to him after he complained about his shirt stain making it harder to get girls. LOL classic.

      Also, that issue is 16 as indicated by the cover if you're wondering.

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    • Huh, nice cover but I'm a LITTLE confused why Starfire isn't a different animal as well.

      GAH-love that movie! Raven was TOTALLY jelly of Beast Boy's potential prospects.

      ON THE SUBJECT-I...REALLY hope the TTG movie does well, otherwise we won't get season 6 supposedly. I'm nervous, because the stinking Powerpuff Girls movie only made SIXTEEN million worldwide, and that was GOOD!

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    • I dunno. Maybe because her species evolved from cats or something.

      Right? lol She was comedically slapping him around and looking over his shoulder the whole movie. And we all know what it means when girls pick on boys (in most cases). Trouble in Tokyo was a PERFECT example of David Slack's "married couple" BBRae dynamic. Perhaps even displayed it much better than most of the actual show.

      I KNOW!!! I feel so bad for the PPG movie. It was AMAZING and I feel like today it would have been received much better. And it's funny because TTG will be the first CN theatrical release since TPPGM.

      ON THE SUBJECT- OMG I hope it does well too. At first I thought Tara Strong was just trolling the fans of the OG Teen Titans, because I'm used to that with anything TTG related. But even Greg Cipes is capitalizing on this and I REALLY don't see the benefit in trolling the fans this hard again especially when they're supposed to be using their time to promote their movie, unless... this is literally just an orchestrated stunt to ONLY make more TTG money at the box office, in which case I... I just lose all respect for them. But I don't think it's the case. As for IF they'll be a success, I'm not TOO worried about it. This movie is going to be much different from the PPG one, that basically had Man of Steel's 3rd act (or vice versa because it pre-dates it). It looks like they're going the more Lego Batman route or... the TTG route. Doing what TTG and Lego Batman does best. Being meta, poking fun at DC, Marvel, their former (and hopefully future) selves, the superhero genre in general, and plucking in all those EASTER, EASTER, EASTER EGGS (I even spotted one about Superstashe lol)! They even mentioned Deadpool, who is KNOWN for doing all of those things. As long as they have a LEGIT story (which it looks like they do) and keep fart jokes out of their promotional material from here on out, I think they have a good chance. Because kids movies are in the rarity nowadays and there are still plenty of kids. I'm definitely going to check it go see it, maybe 5 times because... well, it actually looks like it might be pretty good. And I'm EXTREMELY surprised to find that most of the internet (youtube at least) agree with me even the many people who hate TTG. That's definitely a positive, and if watching the TTG movie will give us a season 6, I'm sure those people will do it.

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    • Let's just hope for the best on it, all we can do. Also while I feel a LITTLE annoyed they didn't reprise Ron Perlman as Slade, I do TOTALLY LOVE that they have a Deathstroke whose salty about Deadpool ripping him off-GLORIOUS!

      ON THE TOPIC OF THE TEEN TITANS-I'm honestly looking forward to the new run, EVEN if I find it weird how Damian's stance for the new team is that fighting crime doesn't necessarily mean taking the moral highground. EITHER WAY-the preview gets mad props for THIS scene-


      HA-thank you Red Arrow! Seriously Wally-STOP TAKING SELFIES ON MISSIONS! Only done it twice but god DAMN keep your head in the game. Especially since there was NO way he had an eye or hair filter, sooner or later SOMEONE is gonna make him.

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    • SAME-on both fronts. I think the Pearlman definitely still had it and had proved he could be funny, so I’m a bit upset they gave Slade to LEGO Batman instead, but it is what it is. And yes, I’m so happy that Slade FINALLY gets the opportunity to vent about Deadpool (in a Deadpool-sequel way even) and how popular he’s gotten at his expense. Something tells me the Deadpool comparisons are going to be a running joke throughout the movie.

      YES! I hate that growing trope of young/teen superheros having to constantly post about it on social media. It’s spread the Powerpuff Girls and even the new Sideways comic, plus much more. WE GET IT! Kids are socially active. EVERYONE IS! But stop using this dumb trope. It’s just annoying they exaggerate it to a point where it just takes me out of the story. Sideways kind of gets a pass because at least he has a remodeled Spider-Man mask covering his face, but in Wally’s case, yeah he ain’t concealing much, so it’s even dummer for him. Dammit I hate Wally 2 and all the STUPID decisions he keeps making.

      BUT- yeah I’m looking forward to it too. With a completely great new team, especially with Lobo’s daughter included, I’m interested to see where it goes. I find it REALLY annoying that they decided to NOW use Brother Blood, a classic New Teen Titans villain the second Raven and Beast Boy leaves the team (Raven especially though). Anyway, I’m more looking forward to the new Titans issues and the new JL runs. I’m just happy to see a lot of my favorite characters reunited to face new threats and new JL teams being formed to adapt to a changed universe/multiverse.

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    • Prob.Ab.LY! ALSO-if they get Will for the show, I feel he should make a team of Terror Titans and recruit them in a way similar to how Deadpool made X-force in Deadpool 2, that'd be HILARIOUS!

      Plus Sideways is a rookie hero and doesn't answer to anyone yet, WALLY TWO on the other hand has both the Flash Family AND the Titans so you'd think either team would've drilled into his brain not to bring a cellphone on a mission. I'm just glad Red Arrow was there to shoot that trop RIGHT through the screen, killing it. What I think would be funny though, is if a blogger were to figure out his secret identity and not a supervillain, that'd spring into reality.

      Speaking of, you read the new Justice League? I'm LOVING what Snyder's doing with Lex, totally works for this version of the character!

        Loading editor
    • That would be pretty hilarious. I hope they do it at some point.

      That would be gold lol.

      Just finished it actually and those were my thoughts exactly. Lex is the MVP of the issue. He's giving the term "hero" a twisted new definition lol. I agree, it just works with him.

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    • And maybe have them like-NOT EVEN-blackmail him, have them be a fan, possibly give him notes on a new costume! DAMMIT-I want this fan-idea of mine to be canon. 

      And its like PART of me wishes he and Supes could stay frenemies but...yeah no THIS is the definite logical conclusion as the dude could only fight his true nature for SO long. Even cooler since his version of "Doom" is more tied to the classical meaning being "fate", making it similar to Young Justice how The Light opposed the Justice League as they felt them constantly averting natural disasters actually HINDERED man's progress.

        Loading editor
    • HA! They've already basically done the same type of thing with the Wally-T episode so WHY NOT?! And maybe have his main motivation be making Rose admit he's cool, and she mocks him at each failed attempt to beat the Titans while the fans keep telling him what to do next. I mean, fan ideas have made it into TTG before so you just might get your wish. Heck I want to see that now.

      Well, at least that's how Savage saw it, not sure about everyone else. And I find it quite ironic that Savage was the one Lex brutally bludgeoned to death trying to STOP him. But every villain (good villain at least) is the hero of their own story. And it's funny because it seems like Lex really tried to go legit and do it like Superman, but it was only a matter of time before Lex ran out of f**ks to give and No Justice really convinced him that "Justice" ain't really gonna cut it in the long run in this post source-wall-break world. Man, I feel bad for saying this, but I'm glad he gave into his instincts, and is turning them up to 11! This dude just might be the best villain in this whole series of comics.

      And we get the Legion of Doom back. I'm telling you man, this New Justice generation of comics, I've just got to read like, ALL of it!

        Loading editor
    • YES-so many ways this could work!

      Stopped him quite EFFORTLESSLY even, secretly buying out his super base and designing it, jampacking it with all sorts of gadgets Savage didn't even know were THERE! He's methodical, sinister, and has a sense of purpose supposedly for the good of man kind but POWERED by entropy itself, he is: LEX LUTHOR!

      And hell YEAH to New Justice, getting all of them MYSEFL! Especially Dark Justice, which will have Detective Chimp AND Wonder Woman! Neat that she's two-teaming this time around and not Batman, good to mix it up.

      I also love how the designs of the Hall of Justice and the Doom-shroom are also their team's respective logos, done in Martian I'm assuming!

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    • Truly Lex Luthor at his finest. THIS is what I look for in each iteration of him and what I wish we got in BvS. But, he's still Luthor Jr. so there's still a chance to get that Luthor.

      And it might actually be cheaper than ever to do so now. Because the person in charge of the DC Universe streaming service said they'll have comics (and pretty much the entire Bat-legacy) . And we're getting it as soon as AUGUST! TWO MONTH!! DC is winning comic con for sure this year. Never really was a JLD fan (I know people LOVE Constantine and Swamp-Thing), but Wonder Woman, Chimp and Man-Bat are what's going to draw me in. Can't wait to see Wonder Woman delve into her connection to magic in a WAAAAY different way than she has before. Plus, I'd like to see how this compares to Batman's Outsiders lol. And Chimp gets a sword! Awesome.

      Same. That was a nice touch. Love the extra symbolism they throw in.

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    • Yeah there's hope...although I still can't imagine Jesse Eisenberg in the Warsuit if I'm honest.

      AGREED-honestly Wonder Woman getting into her own magical potential makes MAD sense for her as a creation of the god's she's always been innately magical. But even more so, I love me some Detective CHIMP, he's just so freaking COOL!

        Loading editor
    • Me neither lol. Part of still thinks Eisenberg is the REAL Lex's kid who wants be a better villain than his dad (because Lex Jr. DOES exist In the comics with basically the same motivation), so he cashed in on his dad's fortune and tries using it to trump him by killing Superman. And maybe When Justice League 2 rolls around and Lex Jr. forms the Legion, Lex Sr. reveals he's alive and been planning the whole time and Jr. did all of his work for him, allowing Sr to instantly overthrow him and become the Legion's benefactor/leader.

      I know. I always found it weird that she uses SO many enchanted weapons and only made use of her melee prowess. If she taps her full potential and actually makes use of the abilities her god family commonly use, she can be a full god and not even Supes holds a candle to her. He can barely hold his own against her NOW. Agreed on Chimp. Glad he's finally going to get his due in Rebirth. I'm also interested to see how his scientific take on the world intertwines with the many weird magic stuff the JLD are used too.

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    • GOD-yes, I want him to be overthrown...SO much!

      And even MORE than her magic arsenal...she should use her KANGAROO arsenal! BRING BACK THE SKY-KANG YOU COWARDS!

      Bobo will be the BAD ASS brains of the outfit, because he is amazing and I love him.

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    • Just give it 'till JL2. I'm like 95 percent sure this is the route they're going.

      It's funny, 'cause they might actually do it. In a recent Batman issue, Batman said he missed Ace and Diana said she missed her kangaroo. An Batman was like "you have a kangaroo", and she said "I don't talk about her much, but yeah. Her name's Jumpa." Plus Jumpa started appearing in those DC Super Her Girls Shorts, so they might give her a more significant role in the comics, especially with Chimp to complement her.

      Agreed. And it all starts next month. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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    • Either Lex Senior-OR-in a crazy twist, have an Earth TWO Lex replace him after he kills him, and then say "We don't have room for TWO Luthors" like in Crisis on Infinite Earths!

      LOVE that issue, and if it leads to Wondey leading a BAD ASS kangaroo into battle at least ONCE I will love Tom King all the more. You know his run might go for FIVE years?

      NEITHER CAN I! NEW JUSTICE RULES! Scott Snyder is doing his A-GAME!

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    • I would take that over Eisenberg, but I really want them to show Luthor's personal angst and philosophical opposition to someone like Superman. And I don't think they can make it believable if they use a Luthor from another earth. Unless that Luther just goes Superboy-prime and tries to wipe out all the Supermen in the multiverse, maybe because he saw himself die in the injustice universe idk. But honestly, I would think the movies probably want to wait a bit before introducing other earths (if they do at all), especially when the Arrowverse milks that concept like non-stop. SPEAKIN' OF- what do you think of Batwoman joining the Arrowverse, and the fact that we'll see Gotham City in both the Arrowverse and Titans? Honestly, I'm kind of glad they didn't pick someone bigger like Barbara or Tim, because I want those characters to appear show up in and be defined Titans first, because I have a feeling that show (like most of the DC service shows) will go places the Arrowverse won't. We're already getting Jason Todd in season 1 so... we'll see I suppose... Jesus, comic con, get here already. WE NEED SO MANY ANSWERS FROM DC!!!

      Maybe even Kung-Phooey can get in on that action too lol. And really?! Heck, that even makes me more excited to read this.

      True! Snyder is DC's saving grace for comics right now. Hope he's in charge for the next TEN years. Probably longer if he can maintain the quality. His work at the moment is just LIT!

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    • Yeah an Alt-U Lex WOULD be a bit complicated WOULD be satisfying seeing a better version of Lex show up Jesse Luthor ultimately replacing him. EITHER WAY-Lex Senior is probably the way to go.

      TOTALLY down for Katherine Kane, she can always use more exposure! The bad-ass MODERN version of her I mean, not the classical version who fought crime with crap out of her purse.

      He is the man with the PLAN right now! And his rise to power is ALL thanks to Grant Morrison's Multiversity, which all DC fans should have a copy of and cherish like a BIBLE!

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    • Agreed.

      I'm curious if this will just be a one time crossover thing like it was with the Ray or they'll actually do something her afterwards. If there's one show based on a Bat-character that I think would fit the best in the Berlanti-verse, it's a Batwoman show.

      THANK YOU Grant Morrison.

      Shifting gears a little bit, but have you been keeping up with the Titans news lately? We've got Donna Troy, Jason Todd, Cyborg on Doom Patrol, possibly Superboy. I mean, it's GREAT to hear that we're getting all these characters, but I'm starting to get a little worried that they may be overloading their cast in this first season. I think the Arrowverse has an issue with that, but Titans is only getting 13 episodes, so I don't know if it an handle it. Unless maybe they give a full episode to each member and the team doesn't form until the end of the season, but that defeats the point of a Titans show. I guess it would be sort of a Titans prologue.

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    • I'm betting a crossover on Arrow, but hoping for a Batwoman show. ALSO-how crazy would it be if BATWOMAN was the creep up north who gave Olly trouble when he went to Bludhaven? ALSO-maybe Bruce Wayne is HER ward in this version? And is ROBIN-like in the original Earth-1 Pre-Crisis continuity(look it up).

      Praise be to the scottish chaos wizard, whose simple mini-series/multiverse guid begat many oppurtunities, breathing life into the DC multiverse. PRAISE HIM!

      With Titans I hope it'll be the main group interacting with various characters on various missions. Like one mission they get Red Hood, another they get Superboy, another they get Hawk and Dove if Hawk isn't busy trying to shorten the birthrate of Mexico only for it to actually be a poison that would kill everyone. Yes, that IS canon, it was in a Booster Gold issue and while its not murder, trying to shorten the birthrate is...NOT a normal superhero activity. Its not evil necessarily, but still WEIRD.

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    • YO! That WOULD be crazy. That second idea though... I'll be honest. In any other context, that would just piss me off IMMENSELY, but I've already accepted a long time ago that the Arrowverse takes place in some weird alt universe from normal DC continuity. It's evident from the way they kinda dance around some key elements of comic book stories they adapt, the fact that Flash needs a team that keeps growing every season for some reason, the fact that THIS many superheroes have united without a single member of the trinity ever having been involved, and everyone has a leather fetish. The Arrowverse shows are great for what they are, but I'm more hoping/relying the Titans universe gives me a little more of a complete DC universe feel I crave so much, with more actual appearances and relevance of certain characters and less references and easter eggs that are glossed over afterwards.

      Now THAT idea, I can get behind. Can't believe I didn't think of that before actually. Makes a lot of sense. It's kind of like Teen Titans season 1 and 5. I hope that's the route they're going. The only series regulars they've revealed so far are Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven. The rest are recurring, maybe they'll team up with Cyborg once and rotate his cast slot until they circle back to Cyborg as a main character, but it seems like we'll get Donna before then. Guess that only leaves ginger Wally West and we the New Teen Titans lineup.

      And... wow. That uh... yeah that's definitely weird. I mean, when I think of Hawk I think angry bruiser, the Raphael type. But that just sounds way too specific and thought out for that to be the case in this instance. Like, was he a closet racist or something? What was even his motivation for that?

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    • The way I'd make it work in all honesty, is in the Arrowverse at least have it so that the Anti-Monitor was manipulating events so that Diana,Bruce, and Clark never became heroes. 

      I'm betting season will be them experimenting with actor chemistry, and seeing whose good for recurring roles.

      AH-you forget, Hawk and Dove were originally based on the stereotypical Left and Right wing politicos! Basically it was some really over the top republican reason.

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    • I suppose that could work, but they'll never do the Anti-Monitor. Though it would be pretty awesome if they did, especially because Barry made one of the most memorable and important moments in comic book history last time he encountered him.

      Makes sense. Probably explains why so many of the casting calls say "Recurring with an option to be a series regular in subsequent seasons. Considering how much Teagan Croft and Ryan Potter silly Instagram posts with each other and the writers saying they're pleased with them, I feel they'll emphasize the BBRae contrast chemistry like most modern versions of them do. But chemistry between Hawk and Dove, and Dick and Kory are a MUST!

      That figures lol. Gives their color scheme all the more meaning.

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    • You think they won't? I figured they would, what with all that talk of "Flash dissapears in Crisis". Hell, maybe make it so he warped Hal Jordan away from the main heroes as well, KNOWING his strong friendship with the Flash helped them as heroes!

      Damn straight, we do NOT want another Laurel/Olly situation. Seriously, did you know they cast her as Black Canary WITHOUT doing a screen test? A lot of people think Olly ending up with Felicity was out of pandering, but it was simply because their onscreen chemistry worked a LOT better.

      YUP-Ditko loved his metaphors.

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    • ALSO-you read the new Titans special? Beast Boy has gone...BEAST up in this! Man, source wall be screwing with ALL sorts of stuff these days.

        Loading editor
    • OH- I actually forgot about that. Yeah that DOES leave the possibility open for the future. I guess I'm just doubtful because the Monitor has had one appearance outside the comics. ONE! in the 33 years of this VERY important character's existence, even in stories where it made a lot of sense for him to show up.. It almost seems like a rule to use him extremely sparingly. But I could see your theory happening. Of course, they'd have to properly introduce Hal Jordan and have him develop a believable friendship with Barry.

      That explains a lot lol. They kinda ruined what should have been one of the best comic book pairings. Also, I'm extremely disappointed with how they've treated Black Canary in this show. She's suppose to be one of the best fighters in the DC universe, on par with Batman even, and this one went on the street fighting criminals in a cheap leather suit with like two-three months max fight training experience and a glorified megaphone she barely ever uses anyway. Of course she'd get killed, and they're REALLY just pouring salt in the wound by adding all these alternate Laurels and other people going by Black Canary. Also, I'm one of the people who kind of hate the Olicity relationship. I can't deny, their chemistry is... better. But WAAAAY to much of the show revolves around her, and I think she's a pretty weak character as it is to be frank. Hopefully in Titans, they make everyone (especially Dick and Kory) pretty freakin' great characters in their own right before prioritizing them as a couple, because I see too many shows crumble for making the mistake of prioritizing the couple aspect.

      And... Titans what-now? They're making specials now? I had no idea. I usually get my comic updates via DC All Access. Guess I'll have to pick it up this week. No spoilers please, I've been waiting too long for this lol.

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    • I feel that's always been the rule with the Monitors, hell Superjudge Nix Uotan barely shows up these be fair neither does Justice Incarnate that much-BUT STILL! And true, maybe pull a buddy cop thing where they hate each other at first? I would be down for a Barry/Hal buddy cop arc.

      They even admit Laurel going out as a vigilante didn't make sense in season 6, she was a freaking LAWYER for god's sake with just a few self-defense classes under her belt! PURE madness I say. And true, romance needs to be dealt with VERY carefully in superhero stories.

      It takes place right after No Justice, where Dick is making a new team after his old team...KINDA crumbled under all the insanity that happened with Donna. Its kind of the prologue before the new Titans run of Dick's team with Raven, Beast Boy, Donna, Steel and INTRODUCING Miss Martian, who was seriously hired because she was Martian Manhunter's mentee....FRIGGIN' serious. Never appeared ONCE in the Prime Earth canon, and yet somehow she's technically above Dick in being the team monitor.

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    • Agreed, even though they kinda' already did that with Ralph this season. I DO feel it would work better with Barry and Hal.

      That's the definition of a rushed storyline, my dude. And it ended quite badly for the character in just about every context. Hopefully one day we'll get a live action Black Canary that's true to form and has some decent fighting experience under her belt. Or at the very least develop that experience over the course of a few seasons.

      Wow, this is why I don't like the League in Titans stories. It seems almost every writer portrays them as stuck up, hypocritical, pompous bastards who think they run everything and show them minimal to no respect or acknowledgement of their proteges' achievements, even though they are GROWN ADULTS! The league was getting their asses handed to them and when Donna offered to help, all that comes to mind is "just go to your room!" And just a couple of issues ago, the Titans beat the bad guys and saved the world, but it's somehow the Titans' fault that an evil future version of Donna Troy showed up? By that logic, it's Batman's fault an evil Tim Drake showed up to kill Jon Kent... TWICE! Plus the fact that 7 evil versions of himself showed up and nearly killed the entire multiverse, which actually kind of was his fault. Batman's the worst. The only league members that treats the his protégé and the team like other human beings is Barry. The Flashes are always the humble ones. In any case, still glad we got Miss M back. Not how I would have brought her back, but at least we got her.

      ANYWAY- don't see how the team crumbled after that last issue. The team appeared PRETTY united when they stopped Brain, and apparently resolved all the personal tension between them. If the split up after THAT it is clearly just immediately get the Snyder's interpretation.

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    • Topic of Elongated Man, REALLY sad Wally's actor is leaving as I wanted the two Flash sidekicks to bond.

      Or if not the classic Dinah Laurel Lance, just...give Dinah Drake better lines in Arrow. Like a LOT of better lines.

      Yeah that bugs me a lot too, its messed up that the team of adults has more regulation than the Teen Titans whom as Raven even said "Went Rogue". Damian is leading a straight up ROGUE team now, HOW MESSED UP WAS HE AFTER THE LOSS OF COLU?! EITHER WAY-I think we're agreed in wanting someone to PROPERLY call out Batman for once, instead of letting him give condescending speeches because he's Batman.

      Honestly I was going by the context of the issue, as Donna was just...REALLY upset as DC has gone back to her New Earth roots in giving her the most complicated origin story EVER! Like...oh my god so complicated. Either way, Dick broke up the old Titans team and is making a new one, LETS SEE how this one gets screwed up!

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    • Same, I don't like it when the Flash family is separated, ESPECIALLY when they're just replaced with more metas like Ralph. Plus, they've really done Wally dirty these last couple of seasons. And they ADMIT it's because of budgetary reasons. They've given him nothing to do. No major storyline, minimal relevance, until they finally decided to just remove him altogether.In the episode when they first fought Killg%re, Wally just got hit by a little mini blast from Barry's suit and he was out for the ENTIRE FIGHT! And that's for one of the THREE episodes he appeared in this season.

      Yeah, and maybe stop talking through her teeth every time she gets mad when trying to deliver them.

      EXACTLY my point! Titans save the world "you all acted recklessly, DISBAND!", Teen Titans go rogue "Damien's makes his own decisions, he's just figuring things out". Batman respects DAMIEN of all people more than Dick, and Damien doesn't deserve a single shred of it while Dick deserves ALL of it! ANY other Robin deserves more Batman respect than Damien (well, except maybe Jason, and that's STILL a big maybe). Like you said about Miss Martian, the League is clearly just giving passes to their family REGARDLESS of their competence, experience, or history as a hero or otherwise. And going "screw you" to the now ADULT heroes who have fought by their side since they were CHILDREN and EARNED their respect and recognition. The League in Titans stories are just corporate asses.

      Kinda hoping it doesn’t, ‘cause this is the closest we’ve gotten to my favorite NTT lineup. Which was my favorite.

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    • His actor probably got sick of all the budgetary shake-arounds to, most likely why he left. I get it, he's gotta do him. 

      Man she DOES do that doesn't she?

      Damian needs real PUNISHMENT, the kid gets away with everything and its utterly not fair, all under the premise because he's the "Son of Batman". Especially since its HEAVILY implied his team is DEFINITELY going to crash and burn...again. I mean its got three randos he's NEVER worked with before, a sad-boy speedster, and a girl he's crushing on whom he can't seal the deal with because teenager. Will it be entertaining? PROBABLY-but still having a DASH of frustrating.

      And when they are about to go on a mission Miss Martian has...the GALL to try and give orders! IT IS NIGHTWING'S TEAM YOU IDIOT-you're just the BABY-sitter no-one asked for! A babysitter, whose rank we can agree is UTTERLY unwarranted as she has NEVER appeared in the Prime-Earth continuity before this! For all we know, she secretly brainwashed everyone into thinking she's better than she should be just to hang out with J'onn...actually that'd be a CRAZY good twist, I hope for that. Either way, if anyone should be the chaperone it should be Nightwing as he's friggin' 25 at the youngest by now and everything is ridiculous.

      And neither do I-BUT-from the sub-text I've been reading across the board...there are some TRAITORS in the midst and shit's about to go DOWN! Copy/paste my Miss Martian brainwashing theory here. 

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    • Yeah, I can't blame him.

      YEP! When that happens I kind of chuckle a little and can't take it seriously.

      Agreed. They should make a whole story arc based on Damien's punishment. Maybe send him to the island Oliver Queen was stranded on and maybe he could be the one who helps teach him some discipline and proper values. I'm so fed up with him getting no consequence for his action simply because he's Batman's son. You'd think Batman HIMSELF would be the most hard on Damien, but he just lets him to whatever he damn well pleases with no moderation. Put plainly, Damien has no right and no skill to be leader of ANYTHING, so he shouldn't be one. I just don't see why writers keep pushing him as one. Just write a Son of Batman comic and stop ruining Teen Titans with him.

      Agreed, that's pretty messed up of Miss M. I'm personally hoping for that twist too.

      Traitors? Really? How do you figure that? Unless Miss Martian is that traitor, I really don't see who else it could be. Beast Boy, Raven, and Donna smell clean to me, heck two of them just saved the planet, multiple planets in fact. I don't know much about Natasha Irons, but she seems cool too. Though I do imagine that since Donna's still dwelling on this "Troia" stuff, they'll make her the traitor down the road.

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    • YES-Son of Batman volume 3! And explain where the HELL did Suren Darga dissapear to?! I miss him, little goat-headed demon boy. 

      Not just Teen Titans, but the entire JUSTICE LEAGUE! Its hinted at in two comics: Doomsday Clock and Plastic Man, weirdly enough. In Doomsday Clock Lex states that someone in the JLA caused the MASSIVE metahuman conspiracy going on, and in Plasticman an agent of Spyral tries to recruite Eel O'Brian as Spryal claims that the current leagues have been infiltrated by turncoats. Hell, with the source wall being broken these turncoats could be from BEYOND multiverse 1!

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    • Make it happen DC!

      AH- Doomsday Clock haven't got around to reading that. Never really was a Watchmen fan. Hmm, that's pretty interesting. The league and Titans have so many members now, it's kind hard single anyone out. As far as adult Titans go though, I think they're clean.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, the REAL question is in the Justice League. Its weird, because I'm reading Doomsday Clock which takes place in the future, and everything else is taking place in the present. It makes it very  much like Ulysses in reading the story out of linear order, but with a MYSTERY angle because someone in the JLA might be doing sneaky evil things of evil sneakery!

        Loading editor
    • Yeah. I always find that pretty weird and annoying with DC. But yeah, the mystery angle is definitely a plus. Still haven't read any JLA rebirth yet, but I plan too soon. Maybe then I'll have an idea of who done it!

        Loading editor
    • I also think Lex is gonna be SNEAKY about his villainy for a while, do that thing where he does all sorts of crazy crap, but due to his super intelligence and resources gets off scott free.

        Loading editor
    • Yep! Seems like we’re going back to classic Luthor.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, part of me will always wish he could've stayed good, but judging from Superman, Action Comics, New Superman, and Superwoman, him going bad would be the logical choice.

      But it makes me a little sad, as Ardora is alive in this continuity, and in the Silver Age she was Lex Luthor's wife on the planet Lexor, a planet that worshipped HIM as the hero and saw Superman as the villain. ALL ending in tragedy, when in Lex's insanity lures Superman to Lexor for a final showdown in his WARSUIT, where he accidentally causes Lexor, the planet that worshipped him as a GOD as well as his wife and explode. And considering Prime Earth Luthor can be thought of as an evolved version of Pre-Crisis Earth-1 Luthor, I feel that DEEP in his sub-conscious there's gotta a part of him that feels remorse for that. 

      What I would do, is have someone like the Psycho Pirate cause LOTS of people to unearth their sub-conscious time-changed memories, NOT just from pre-flashpoint but PRE-crisis! Have Lex go through a WHOLE identity crisis where he shifts from serious modern business villain, to silly silver age over the top villain!

        Loading editor
    • Sounds like that would be a fun time. If any Prime Earth character can meld with his Pre-crisis counterpart it's Lex Luthor. But I really hope they play up how Lex just could NOT be prosecuted or get on the public's bad side. They played that up even more in Young Justice, even manipulating the ones who have a grudge against him. The way he got off after chopping off Arsenal's arm and icing him for 8 years, bro. Not only was he one of the very FEW Light members that got away, but he's now running for secretary of the UN! Credited for saving the world from a threat that HE in large part created! YJ Luthor is the epitome of silver age Luthor. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that in the comics.

        Loading editor
    • Young Justice can easily be thought of as the IDEALIZED example of the New Earth continuity, altered JUST slightly but prime examples of all characters involved, Luthor especially...felt...SUPERMAN could've been a bit nicer, but DRAMA!

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