• Why are you moving all of these articles to "Title + Name"? They're supposed to just be at "Name"

    Zak and not Captain Zak

    Xeinos and not Dr. Xeinos

    et cetera.

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    • It's pretty common in comic wikis to use a characters rank or title if their full name isn't known.

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    • And?

      What of cases of title/rank being changed or revoked? That's specifically the reason why not to do so and reflects why real names are preferred.

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    • I thought I was agreed upon to emulate the way character titles are structured on other comic Wikis for a global conformity. Also a character like April's father from the 2014 film we don't know his first name and we can't call him Dr. O'Neil so we are just supposed to call his article O'Neil (Paramount)? That seems really awkward.

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    • Personally I'd just call him "April O'Neil's father (Paramount)". As an observer, I'd have to say The S is right—Turtlepedia over the past couple of years or so seems to have moved away from affixing titles to character article names unless doing otherwise would be too impractical. Hence (no longer "Dr.") Victor Oban Feral, and (no longer "Officer") Longer, and so forth. I have no argument against it.

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    • The conformity is only when it serves a purpose. The reason for the "real name" thing was, because (well, mostly, obviously there's outliers) we know a character's real name first, and also, for cases in which a character's active identity changes more than once, like Chris Bradford to Dogpound to Rahzar, we wouldn't have to keep renaming the article. Same thing with titles: If we didn't know Bishop's first name in 2003, what would he be: Agent or President? Or like Mozar, who in 2012 had been demoted. The less we'd have to go back and do this, the better, I feel, for everyone. But yeah, conformity isn't 100% possible because not all things apply across the board, so I think it only makes sense to do what would work for us.

      Which Wikis are doing this btw? I can't find any indication of this being used on DC and Marvel outside of when it's part of their "super" name (like General Immortus, because Yoshi knows his name isn't actually Immortus).

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    • Gilgameshkun wrote:

      Personally I'd just call him "April O'Neil's father (Paramount)".

      How exactly is that better than an article called "Mr. O'Neil"? Wouldn't a partial real name be more official than a generic term?

      The S wrote: Which Wikis are doing this btw? I can't find any indication of this being used on DC and Marvel outside of when it's part of their "super" name (like General Immortus, because Yoshi knows his name isn't actually Immortus).

      *If only the surname part of the real name is known:
        • If the character doesn't have a recognizable codename, but has a specific rank, title or degree, the name of the article consists of the rank followed by the surname. The list of ranks includes, but is not limited to: "Agent, Captain, Doctor, General, Professor, Senator..."
          • Example: General Meade
        • If the character is referred to by an honorific title, the name of the article consists of the honorific "Mr.", "Mrs.", or "Ms." (depending on gender and marital status) followed by the surname.
          • Example: Mrs. Jones

      ***No degrees or titles (unless the full name is unknown or is too generic.
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    • Well, I, speaking strictly as one editor, have never been much of a "comic book guy," and I mainly only read TMNT comics as a niche interest. Marvel? DC? Superhero comics in general? I generally can't be bothered with those comics or their wikis or questions of conformity between them and this wiki. Most of the comics I do read are slice-of-life adult comics, of which Mirage TMNT was one of my favorites. The closest I get to superhero comic interest are stuff like wuxia-type stories with a supernatural element, which is why I've also been reading the most recent Legend of Korra comics.

      That said, over at the Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden Wiki which I manage, I do generally use titles like "Mr." or "Mrs." before names of characters only known by their last names. But if their first-and-last-name form is known, I just name them that and dispense with any titles. Hence Mr. Carlson and Mrs. Wallace, and yet Maxwell Amherst, Tony Howard, Hamato Splinter, and also single-named characters like Karai and Sadao who are never addressed by title. I use original real names in preference to secondary names, even if their secondary names have become more common, like Augustus Amherst instead of Renoir, Captain Longer instead of Nobody, and Oroku Saki instead of the Shredder. But since the MNTG Wiki has no written manual of style, even that may be subject to change in the future. Even some article names may be too conjectural, as we met a woman who appeared to be Davianna Wallace's adoptive mother whom we unofficially called "Mrs. Wallace," but we don't know if she and Mr. Wallace are married, or if even the woman seen was the original woman who adopted her—Mr. Wallace could have divorced and married someone else, or cohabitating with someone else, or whatever. Hell, it's vaguely possible that isn't even Mr. Wallace either, but these were likely assumptions. I suppose things like this is why we started using Template:conjtitle for some articles here at Turtlepedia.

      To be honest, I rather like Turtlepedia's system of excluding "Mr.", "Dr.", etc. I mean, I originally wrote the article for Dr. Victor Oban Feral, but am satisfied with the article title now being Victor Oban Feral. And later when I wrote the article for Buscheyev, I was satisfied with that title rather than "Mr. Buscheyev." Titles like "Mr." are often what you address people in real life whose fuller names you don't know, but if you were maintaining their names in a database, titles like "Mr." are often irrelevant until you get to descriptive article paragraphs written in English. So, no "Mr." in the title, but "Mr." in the article body text.

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    • Well because no one has come up with a better solution, I'll guess I'll just leave the conflicting articles with the titles.

      What about characters who are marred? Like for example is Mirage April's " "real name" April Jones? Is Tang Shen's "real name" Hamato Shen?

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    • Personally, I would always use their maiden names if they are known.

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    • Yeah especially since I've never heard anybody use April Jones or Tang Shen. Honestly I think married names only apply if we don't know the maiden names (Gabrielle Jones, for example)

      So I don't think I caught the main point here: Why do you feel like adding titles is beneficial? Is there anything to be gained by having say, Commander Zom vs. just Zom as article titles? That's the reason I have ever changed/introduced anything here... not just because other Wikis did it, but because they did it and it made sense for this place as well. The uniformity was always secondary.

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    • I think it is beneficial when you have characters who have the same name.

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    • A FANDOM user
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