• Many say Karai is ungrateful to Saki since he looked after her and he cared about her but she thanks him by AVENGING him! ,although,others say SHE should have kill him and no Leo since Shredder is an evil and cold villian who lies to himself and he NEVER loved her!

    But .... ¿What you guys think?
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    • Tbh, Splinter is not that good of a dad, either.

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    • They're not replying because they're being mean, cruel, vicious and evil to you on purpose because they hate you.

      ...would be my sarcastic answer. A more honest answer is:

      Saki killed two people and raised a kidnapped child on lies, hatred and spite, and opportunistically used her as an instrument of violence when it suited him. To say that's child abuse is an understatement.

      Miwa and Yoshi is better, hands down. ...At least when it was still written well. Really their best moments happened early in the series. Everything since season 3 was just too vapid.

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    • You damn imbecile of the devil...!!!

      ¡I told you I'm easy to get mad, I could have told you a myriad of swearwords (more)! (Though, you made me smile, jerk) I must say that a joke on your part is something special for me ... but you chose the worst one. 

      Yes, they began to get awful since the third season (not to say that everything) And I understand all the courage, confusion and anger that Karai may have felt, but It doesn't seem to me that it's simply possible that completely rejecting the man who brought you up is easy.

      (although, don't pay any attention to me, I almost always support the "bad guys", but I remain firm in this topic.)

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    • Karai doesn't need Saki. She needs therapy.

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    • Wish they would take care to make the characters more realistic in fiction

      ... I'd like It.

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    • I like when good guys go bad. Karai should go with Splinter, Then something happens to where she becomes evil. And maybe drags Leo along too.

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    • While what Saki did was evil and awful...I really hate how Karai went from, "Shredder is my father!" to "Shredder is NOT my real dad and I hate him!" upon learning the truth.

      For all that Saki did wrong, he did raise Karai.  He was as much of a father to her as Splinter was to the Turtles.  It doesn't excuse or mitigate the kidnapping and murder, but for 15 years of her life, he was her father, trained her not only to protect herself but to run his empire.

      I would have liked it if Karai had been ambivalent, then Shredder actually turned against her, saying she was too much like her real father, and that she come to terms that she could not save him. Or, if Karai had been ambivalent, and Shredder still have been possessive and controlling of her and she come to the understanding that she was as much of Sherdder's child as Splinter's and acted as a bridge between the two.  But for her to completely and permanently reject Shredder and side with the Turtles was just a reversal of what Shredder did when he found out the truth about his heritage; and unlike him she never did reveal the truth and still tried to lead the Foot as Karai, not Miwa.  Basically, she out-villained the villain.  But it's okay because she got mutated (although Shredder did what he could to try to restore her, if for all the wrong reasons) and because she's a "good girl" now.

      No, Karai shouldn't worship the ground Shredder walks on, but for her to show absolutely no attachment for a man who raised her is not just unrealistic, but it's a cheap easy reaction to change a character's allegiance without doing the actual work.

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    •  Nangbaby :

      OH, WOW, no doubt, that's all I wanted to say, just that my English makes me take longer to write and it makes me lazy. (XD)

      I simply say that to forget who took care of you and... LOVED you (at least, in any moment) so fast, isn't possible. I agree with "bridge between the two." 

      That is why I prefer 2003 Karai, It was more realistic in that sense.

      Jason Bourne Hamato 

      Well, in fact, something like that happened; Karai was thinking of "joining the good side" when they put those worms in her head and she "go bad". But yes, it would have been interesting to drag Leo along, or someone else ...

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