• Hello, Queenbean, it's come to my attention that alot of people upload images that are already on the wiki. Not only that but, people also upload images without any intent on using them on an article. Like a few recently uploaded images of the 2012 turtles, they are already on the wiki AND they are not being used on any page. I think that is very stupid and, to me, shows a lack of control here. I think it'd be best if there was a policy that prevents people from uploading duplicate images. Thoughts?

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    • Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. You're right, there are a lot of repeated and unused images on this wiki, and I've deleted as many as I could today. We should probably bring this up with the other Admins to talk about a policy, though. I'm still new at this and it's hard to manage thousands of files by myself.

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