• Well I've waited so long for an episode like this, and so excited for the Turtles to be fighting the Super Shredder (After seeing how the 1991 film "TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze" executed the fight, I was terribly disappointed). Unfortunantly, I'm still a little disappointed at this episode. The idea of having Shredder mutate into this super-human is fantastic, but the rest of the plot having Karai being kidnapped (what is this the 10th time that happened?) and the turtles and Splinter having to go save her isn't all that new.

    Super Shredder as a character is as Mikey would say: "A buffed cheese grater", but still the same personality as the regular Shredder. Perfect right there, but the problem is that he doesn't really use any of his ninjitsu skills while fighting. He mainly defeats his opponents just by being incredibly strong and almost invincible.

    I think my main problem with this episode is that with something special like a Super Shredder, there not a whole lot of drama. On paper, it's just the same Turtles-go-save-Karai plot we've been seeing for two whole seasons. The fight scenes may be cool, and Super Shredder still feels like the same Shredder we all know and love, but the rest of the episode lacks drama. And in a show like TMNT, especially something special like this, I expect much more from it.


    (Sorry if I might have been too negative there. But there's always the next episode right? Feel free to write your own reviews in the comments if you'd like and I'll keep writing these reviews!)

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    • I probably enjoyed the episode a little more but this was a good review. Keep it up.

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    • Thank you so much. I was afraid people wouldn't like it. Thanks again!

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    • Who was the one who said "Sewer Apples" at the end? I couldn't really tell who's voice that was.

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    • Fishface405 I have seen some of your reviews and I see you don't like any episode. You are not a fan you are a hater. This episode in special is one of the best of the entire series.

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