• I guess this is the only place I can say it without looking like a complete weirdo. 

    I want to acknowledge the best fictional father in the world, Master Splinter. We should all appreciate how he selflessly raised our heroes and trained them to become the awesome ninjas they are today. 

    Take time today to appreciate the father figure in your life. Even if that father figure isn't biologically your father. ;)

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    • Fathers, uncles and grandfathers, too.

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    • Those two gifs are perfect! (^-^)

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    • Yeah, I crafted both of them. :D I also considered others, but they lack context unless you remember the episodes themselves.

      For that matter, I should have remembered this one:

      By the way, what did you think of the various comics excerpts I posted? :)

      • Splinter finding preteen Mikey's drawings of him.
      • Splinter comforting Mikey after he awakens from a nightmare.
      • Casey and Uncle Raph proud of Shadow on her first day of school.
      • Leo being a good father to Yumi.
      • Uncle Raph experiencing how difficult it can be to discipline teenage Shadow, which Splinter can readily relate to.
      • Grandpa Splinter fretting about Shadow's safety before she goes out on her motorcycle.
      • Renoir appreciating just how much Master Raphael really cares about him.
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    • All excellent choices! 

      The one with Master Splinter reassuring Mikey after a bad dream was the best! Made me smile. I need to smile on this tragic day.

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    • Have some more smiles. :)

      Tragic day? :(

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    • I am a huge Trekkie, so to have Anton Yelchin die on Sunday was a huge blow to me.

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    • Ahh, yes, I remember. That was very sad. :(

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    • Yeah but he will live long and prosper in our hearts and fandom.

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