Things Change is the first issue of the Dreamwave comics.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


The story retells the Things Change episode of the 2003-2009 animated series[1], but with a focus on the background characters of John, a Purple Dragon, and a police rookie named Frank. As children, the two were incredibly close, with John repeatedly referring to them as best friends. After getting their picture taken in a photo booth, a boy who had purchased four baby turtles dropped them after a man was hit by a truck. While John wishes to retrieve them before they fall into the sewer, while Frank is concerned for the man's safety. A passing Purple Dragon commends John's apathy and encourages him to join the Dragons when he gets older. Fifteen years later, John is on his first day on the job as a policeman. After attempting to return a runaway dog, Frank sees John driving a stolen armored car. The Turtles apprehend the Dragons, as seen in the TV episode, and Frank is given a drug test because of his insistence that little green men had been involved before visiting the alley where the fight had been and seeing the picture of the two as kids left on the ground.



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