Things Change
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) episode
Things Change.PNG
Season Code: S01E01
Episode: 1
Original airdate February 8, 2003
Written by Michael Ryan
Supervising Producer Lloyd Goldfine
Producers: Gary Richardson
Frederick U. Fierst
Al Kahn
Norman Grossfeld
Thomas Kenney
Directed by Chuck Patton
Story Editor: Lloyd Goldfine
Episode chronology
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"A Better Mousetrap"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 1
February 8, 2003 - November 1, 2003
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  16. The King
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  25. The Search for Splinter, Part 1
  26. The Search for Splinter, Part 2

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"Things Change" is the first episode of the 2003 TV series. It first aired on February 8th, 2003. It had 1.39 million views as of 2007 on the 4kids website.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

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Voice-Over Introduction

Leonardo: My name is Leonardo. And right now, my brothers and I are in a mess of trouble. Our backs are up against the wall in some trash strewn alley, cornered by the toughest street gang on the East Side.

Purple Dragon Member #1: "Look at the freaks."
Two Ton: "What's with the dweeby costumes?"
Purple Dragon Member #3: "This ain't Halloween."
John: "You're going down, freaks. Nobody messes with the Purple Dragons, especially wearing stupid turtle costumes."

Leonardo: "He's wrong. We're not wearing costumes."

Plot Synopsis

This series opens with the TMNT enduring another one of Splinter’s training sessions in their lair, in which Leonardo is the only one to succeed. Raphael and Leonardo nearly get into a skirmish, but Splinter interrupts and gives his sons a lecture on the nature of ninjutsu and what they must learn.

Then the lair starts to shake and crumble. Suddenly, a horde of small robots burst through a wall, chewing their way through solid concrete and brick. A battle ensues between the mechanical menaces and the Turtles, who smash them to bits. Just after the Turtles and Splinter have defeated their robotic foes, the wall that the Mousers entered through collapses.

Leonardo is initially fearful that Splinter has been killed by the rubble, but Donatello successfully contacts Splinter via Shell-Cell. The fallen wall has only separated them, and all are unhurt. They agree to rendezvous in another part of the sewer system, but on their way, the Turtles find that another wall has collapsed, cutting them off. To get to the rendezvous point, the TMNT are forced to go above ground, and in doing so, they stumble upon a robbery taking place by the Purple Dragons street gang. During the course of this side adventure, Raph is unintentionally locked inside the Dragons' armored truck. The rest of the guys can only watch and follow as Raphael gets hauled off, along with the stolen loot - forcing them to go after their brother.

Meanwhile, Splinter is attacked a second time by the Mousers, this time at the rendezvous area. He ends up falling into a different level of the sewers, and finds a mysterious glowing doorway.

By taking rooftop shortcuts, the other three turtles are able to see where the truck stops to unload. Michelangelo drops down, dispatches a thug named Two Ton, and Don frees Raph by disabling the truck's electronic lock. But, just as they are about to make their exit, the Turtles are cornered by a large number of Purple Dragons—who waste no time in mocking the appearance of the "freaks". The Turtles easily defeat the Purple Dragons and send them running away, but soon after their victory over the street thugs, numerous numerous ninjas show up, surround our heroes, and face them in combat. The Turtles fare well against these mysterious ninjas at first, but they begin to get outmatched after awhile, mainly due to the sheer number of ninjas that keep coming. Therefore, the mutants decide to "borrow" the Purple Dragons' armored truck and get the shell out of there...

After ditching the truck (and leaving the stolen money with the police) in an abandoned sewer tunnel, the Turtles finally rendezvous with Splinter, who has a discovery to share with them. The Sensei has stumbled across an old abandoned chamber in the sewer system, and has decided that this will be their new home and headquarters. After inspecting the cavernous space, the turtles couldn’t agree more, and we leave them as they are beginning to make things tidy for living.

Meanwhile, inside an unknown dojo, John, the leader of the Purple Dragons, is apologizing to his mysterious "boss", and swears to him that he won't fail again. The "boss" acknowledges this and says that John won't fail him again... ever, before approaching John and mercilessly killing him (off-screen). Outside the dojo, we hear John scream, and the "boss" laughing maniacally. It also turns out the dojo's on top of a tower of some sort, and the tower has a large red "Foot" logo in the middle of it. What is this all about? That will be revealed in due time...


Raph and Leo argue

Splinter (after Leo extinguishes the flame): Well done Leonardo.
Raph: Teacher's pet.
Leo: Ninja dropout.
Mikey and Donny: Oooooo!

(Donny calls Splinter on the ShellCell)
Splinter: Hmm, which button do you press to answer this thing? (presses buttons) Hello?
Leo: Master Splinter, are you alright?
Splinter: (continues to press buttons) Hello?
Leo: Master Splinter –
Splinter: (presses more buttons) Stupid device.
Leo: You don't have to press every button. It's already on.

(A Purple Dragon van is parked right over a manhole cover)
Raph: Great, just great. The old Turtle luck true to form. Errrg! (kicks van in anger)
Leo: Way to be stealthy, Raph.
Mikey: Yeah, I don't think they heard you over in Joisy!

Mikey: Hey, this is a no-parking zone. Here's your ticket (holds up paper) and here's your fine! (kicks Two-Ton in the face)
Leo: Nice work, Mikey.
Mikey: Heh, it's a Ninja thing. (grins)

Mikey: Don, are we beating them, or are they beating us? (Donny pulls Mikey into the van and shuts the door just as it gets riddled with shurikens)
Donny: Ask me again when we're winning, Mikey.
Mikey: Yeah, that's what I thought...

(The guys throw bags of stolen money on the hood of a police car)
Leo: Take care of this money, will ya guys?
1st Officer: Did you see that?! Some little green men in an armored car just threw a bunch of money at us!
2nd Officer: Tch, rookie.

Mikey: No offense Master Splinter, but this place doesn't seem so great.
Splinter: Look with your heart Michelangelo, and not your eyes.
Mikey: Um... okay. (scratches head)
Splinter: And walk this way...
(Mikey imitates Master Splinter by hunching over and walking slowly with an invisible cane, only to be hit on the head by Donatello's bo staff)
Mikey: Ow!




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