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In the IDW continuity, places known as thin places (or liminal spaces or sub-dimensional realities) are associated with members of the Pantheon. They are places that do not occupy normal space in reality but may still be connected to it, like a kind of "pocket dimension." Their configurations and contents may also change at their master's will.

In Monsters, Misfits, and Madmen, part 4, as Leonardo and Splinter explored the deepest reaches of their new lair under the church, they were targeted for amusement by the Rat King, who temporarily spirited the two to his own lair, which he described as a thin place.

In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Casey & April miniseries, Casey Jones and April O'Neil were on a road trip in April's van to California's Mojave Desert in search of clues written on the Pantheon scroll April had received from the recently-assassinated Professor Patrick Miller. Their true destination proved to be Aka's trailer, a mobile home and Zen garden located in the deep desert, with the trailer's door being an entrance to Aka's liminal space.

The most portrayed thin place in the story by far has been Toad Baron's Den of Delights, which is the setting of both the Toad Baron's Ball and Pantheon Family Reunion story arcs. In this arc, Baxter Stockman, who is trying to monitor the Turtles from Harold Lilja's laboratory, describes the Den of Delights as "some kind of sub-dimensional reality" which makes it causes communications frequencies to constantly shift and makes it difficult to lock teleportation coordinates.

Tang Shen, though not a goddess, has a recurring garden dimension that bears many of the same properties as a thin place.

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