Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

The X-Files Conspiracy: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 from IDW—a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and X-Files crossover!


A conspiracy theorist and his girlfriend are roaming the woods, looking for vampire cultists, when they see something that shocks them. Later, The Lone Gunmen see what they found: a giant man-shaped Turtle sitting in a forest clearing, which refers to as the "Manphibian of Northampton." Since The Lone Gunmen are currently searching for such creatures in the sewers, they decide to go to Northampton.

Leonardo is moodily practicing his fighting when Donatello lets him know that a picture of him has been found on the website's front page. Leonardo has been feeling mopey and caged-in lately - they are hiding from the Foot for unspecified reasons, possibly as part of the Northampton arc - but Donatello assures him that nobody will actually believe what they read on that site.

Meanwhile, the Gunmen discover that Northampton has been plagued by mysterious exsanguinations in recent months, which they believe could be related to an alien virus spreading through the populace. Furthermore, the victims all ordered pizza from Golden Pizza hours before dying, and their shoes were all missing.

As it happens, April and Casey are heading into Golden Pizza, not noticing that the cook's eyes are glowing green. Outside, the Turtles are watching the pizzeria just in case something happens, since Leonardo is worried about the Foot pursuing his human friends. And in the alley opposite, the Lone Gunmen are waiting for the "vampire lizard men" to show up.

A chair is thrown through the window, and both groups rush over. They find the cook untying April's shoes, while she and Casey are barely able to move. The Turtles begin fighting, only to be confronted by a horde of other vampires outside, who give them a hard time. Langley calls Mulder about the vampires, and gets a confirmation that the shoe-removing vampire is Ronnie Strickland, and he and his brood of vampires move from town to town, leaving victims behind. He tells them to throw small things, since vampires will be compelled to pick them up. Byers finds some chili flakes, and flings them over the floor, forcing the vampires to stop and clean them up.

The other vampires drag Ronnie away, and the sheriff explains that they're leaving and that the Turtles and Lone Gunmen won't see them again. Before the Turtles can pursue, the Gunmen declare that they need some of their blood, in order to stop a virus that will kill millions, which they know about through an article from the future. The Turtles, unsurprisingly, don't believe them.

Leonardo, however, stops them on the road out of town and demands proof that people will die from this virus. They explain that a cure is being reverse-engineered, but it can only be done with samples of the blood used to create the virus originally. Mutant blood might be a help. They show Leonardo news releases about people dying of a virus, and he reluctantly agrees to give them a blood sample, but warns them that if they are lying, he and his brothers will find them.


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