The Wrath of Tiger Claw
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series) episode
Title screen
Season Code: 219
Episode: 45
Original airdate June 8, 2014
Written by Christopher Yost
Supervising Producer Ant Ward
Producers: Vladimir Radev
Directed by Michael Chang
Voice Direction Andrea Romano
Supervising Director  Ciro Nieli
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"Newtralized!" "Pizza Face"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 2
October 12, 2013 - September 27, 2014
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"The Wrath of Tiger Claw" is the nineteenth episode of the second season of the 2012 TV series, and the forty-fifth episode overall in the series.

Production-wise, it is the eighteenth episode of Season 2, and the forty-fourth episode overall. It first aired on June 8th, 2014.


When Karai begins to question her past, Tiger Claw returns and he intends to destroy the Turtles at any cost.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


The episode begins inside Shredder's hideout as a nighttime thunderstorm rages on outside. Karai briefly overlooks the city skyline and is then seen looking at a torn photograph of her mother. She has a flashback of Leo genuinely informing her that Splinter is her true birth father. Despite still being skeptical of him, Karai is nonetheless intrigued by his claim and wonders if it's true. Shredder enters the room and asks what troubles her. Karai asks him to tell her the truth about her mother's past. Shredder tells her that Splinter is responsible for the death of her mother just as Tiger Claw enters the room. Tiger Claw explains how he crossed different dimensions to return so he could have his revenge against all those who have wronged him. Shredder tells Tiger Claw to go after the turtles and despite Karai's objections, orders her to go with him.

The Turtles playfully duke it out for pizza gyoza, made by Murakami, when Leo jumps in and gets it. Raph recalls that he was too busy sulking about Karai to join in but Leo comments that the gyoza is that good. Murakami backs up Leo's words by adding that his business is more popular than ever because of it and giving the turtles more. As the other three turtles enjoy eating the pizza gyozas, Leo sits on a stool next to a large window overlooking the city streets, and continues sulking over Karai's predicament, Mikey tells him to believe, Donnie tells him that she'll come around and Raph reveals that he doesn't trust her, before beating up Mikey for stealing a gyoza.

Karai and Tiger Claw banter as they search for the turtles before Tiger Claw reminds Karai that she knows them well enough to understand where they would go and who they hang out with. They corner Murakami in the restaurant after closing and interrogate him for information on the turtles. Karai relents, stating that there is no honor in this while Tiger Claw steps in.

Mikey remembers that he left his pizza gyoza doggy bag back at the restaurant and everyone returns to find the place wrecked and Murakami hiding underneath the counter. Murakami tells them that they were looking for the lair and that he told them nothing as he does not know where they live, but he told them where to find April and Casey. The turtles realize that it was Tiger Claw and Karai and try to contact April and Casey but cannot.

April, Casey and Irma exit the movie theater, April gushing over the movie while Casey complains that Irma tagged along. April then senses trouble and warns her friends that someone's watching them. April and Casey ditch Irma and split up, April being chased by Karai while Casey changes into his gear than gets ambushed by Tiger Claw. Karai finally catches up with April but tells her she wants to talk, not to fight.

While April chats with Karai, Donnie and Kirby try calling her, but don't get a response so Donnie and Leo head to the theater to start their search. Casey continues trying to fight off Tiger Claw while Tiger Claw continues to attack him, eventually throwing him off of a building. Casey calls the turtles before passing out. Mikey and Raph get the call while hanging out at the ice rink. Mikey suggest triangulating the signal from a satellite to locate Casey to which a surprised Raph agrees.

Donnie and Leo find April with Karai but April stops them from attacking. Karai deceives Leo by pretending to trust him about Splinter. April informs the two Turtles that Karai means well, and Donnie trusts her. Ecstatic, Leo takes her back to the lair to see Splinter. Unbeknownst to them, Karai harbors sinister intentions in mind.Donnie points out that Raph isn't going to like this. Back at the lair, Raphael states his displeasure of having Karai in the lair. As Leo and Donnie try to reassure him that the kunoichi means well, Raphael suspiciously confronts Karai and suspects that she is up to no good again (this is later confirmed when, during the argument Karai slyly activates a tracking device for Tiger Claw follow, preparing an attack). The falling between the turtles is stopped when Splinter comes in and tells Karai to come with him. She follows him, and Raph angrily punches Leo on the shoulder.

In the dojo, Splinter hands Karai his copy of the photograph of himself with Tang Shen. Karai then sees the family portrait on the shelf and reveals that she now knows the truth (for real this time). When the confused Turtles (sans Raph) come in, Karai confesses a shockingly horrible secret about her true intentions: Until now, she was deceiving them all this time so she could lead Tiger Claw to the lair and plot an ambush, apologizing to her real father and the Turtles for the deception, much to Raphael's ire. As Tiger Claw nears, Karai desperately tries to make amends and volunteers to lure Tiger Claw away to which Splinter tells the turtles to go with her while he and April take care of Casey. He then tells Karai that she is who she chooses to be, not who others tell her to be. Raphael throws shade at Karai (who ignores him) for her misdeeds, but Leo angrily orders him to go.

The turtles and Karai lead Tiger Claw to a frozen meat shop where they begin to fight and lose. Karai then takes on Tiger Claw only to be knocked out and used as a hostage to keep the turtles at bay. Tiger Claw escapes with Karai. Leo wants to go after them but Mikey is too injured to continue so they let them go. Raphael still distrusts Karai, despite the fact that she genuinely knows the truth and how she saved them.

Tiger Claw brings Karai before Shredder, telling him of her betrayal. Karai demands that he tell her the truth about Splinter to which Shredder finally admits that she is Hamato Yoshi's daughter. Shredder then tells Tiger Claw to take her away, locking her away in a cell.


  • The Triceratons and the 80's Turtles make cameo appearances in Tiger Claw's flashback.
  • While fighting Tiger Claw, Casey Jones calls him Katmandude this is a reference to Katmandu, who like Tiger Claw is a tiger.
  • This is the final episode with Jason Biggs as the voice of Leonardo. Beginning from the next episode, Leo is voiced by Dominic Catrambone for the rest of season two.
  • According to Kirby's phone, the date this episode took place was May 19th.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Mr. Murakami.


Leonardo: (in a flashback of The Manhattan Project, Part 1) Karai, Karai, don't do this. Splinter, he's your father. Your true father! (back to the present) Hamato Yoshi.

Shredder: What is it that troubles you, my daughter?

Karai: I want to know the truth: the truth about my mother... and Splinter.

Shredder: You know the truth, my daughter. Hamato Yoshi took your mother away. (Tiger Claw arrives in with an eye patch on his left eye and a torn right ear)

Tiger Claw: I have returned…

Shredder: Tiger Claw.

Karai: How?! You were eaten by a giant alien worm!

Tiger Claw: And you believe that such a thing could contain my hate? My hate is what kept me going. As I tore my way out of the belly of the Kraathatrogon. As I battled through the armies of the Kraang. Across alien worlds that would drive lesser men mad! Finally, back here. Back to my enemies. I would have my revenge against Splinter. Against his hideous reptiles. And against those who trapped me in that wretched worm's belly.

Donatello: He's still brooding.

Raphael: He's thinking about her. About Karai.

Leonardo: Master Splinter is her father. How could she still want to be with the Shredder?

Michelangelo: -mouth full- You have to have faith, Leo. Her entire relationship would be a lie. It would change everything she knows. The truth will set her free. Just give her the time she needs to accept who she is!

Donatello: Right… Look, Leo, she'll come around.

Tiger Claw: To destroy warriors such as these, you don't strike at their limbs. You go for their heart.

Karai: And what does an overgrown cat know of heart?

Tiger Claw: Why do you think the Shredder sent you with me?

Karai: -sudden comprehension- Because I know them… I know the places they go, I know their weakness. Their friends… April O'Neil and Casey Jones.

Karai: The turtles.

Murakami: I don't know what you're talking about.

Karai: Lying will only make this worse! Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello! Where do they live?

Murakami: I don't know…! Please… Please…!

Karai: -backs off- There's no honor in this…

Tiger Claw: I didn't come here for honor.

Leonardo: Tiger Claw is back! And he's going after April and Casey!

Donatello: We have to get to April! And Casey, you know, time permitting.

Casey: -(after watching a movie with April and Irma)- I just don't get why our date had a third wheel attached to it.

Irma: Hello. I'm right here.

Casey: That's the problem!

Casey: Yes! Coast is clear! Casey Jones can't be caught -sees Tiger Claw- Aw, nuts…

April: You wanna do this, Karai? Fine! But I'm warning you, I've been training with Master Splinter big time! And I'm ready to kick your butt!

Karai: I didn't come to fight. I came to talk.

April: Oh… Well, I've been trained in that too.

Casey: If it wasn't for the fact that I'm gonna die, this would be so cool!

Tiger Claw: You will pay for what you did to me. The suffering you caused, the pain I endured!

Casey: You're not still mad about the whole worm thing, are you?

Raphael: -answers his T-Phone- Casey? Casey? Casey, answer me! Something's wrong, Mikey, what're we gonna do?

Michelangelo: I know exactly what to do! We use our phones to triangulate the position of Casey's T-Phone by bouncing the locator signal off the satellite.

Raphael: That's… actually a good idea. It's like we're in some kind of alternate universe, or something.

Michelangelo: You can also track pizza delivery guys that way. Booyakasha.

Karai: I believe you, Leonardo! I believe that Splinter is my true father.

April: I believe that she believes you.

Donatello: I believe... April. (Leo is paused for a moment)

Leonardo: This... this is great! I knew you'd come around. We'll take you to the lair to see Master Splinter. (he pulls Karai to take her to the lair with April following, and Donnie becomes nervous)

Donatello: Whoo, Raph's not gonna believe this. (at the lair, Raph is furious)

Raphael: I DON'T BELIEVE THIS! What have you guys done?!

Raphael: What world do you live in, that it's OK to bring the Princess of the Foot Clan to our secret lair?!

Leonardo: What happened to Casey?

Raphael: Tiger Claw threw him off a building. And you just brought his partner in crime home for dinner!

Karai: Shredder lied to me! I didn't know.

Raphael: Did you *know* that I'm about to stick this sai right up your...

Leonardo: Raph, no! She understands now! (Karai secretly uses a tracking device to signal Tiger Claw)

Donatello: She gets it. She knows the truth, Raph. Everything's gonna be fine.

Leonardo: Will you just listen?!

Raphael: I've heard enough from you and your girlfriend! She's probably leading the Shredder here right now!

Splinter: Enough! (he sees Karai with the Turtles) Miwa.

Karai: (bows) Splinter.

Splinter: Come with me. (Karai follows as Raph punches Leo)

Splinter: I retain very little from my old life, but this I will never let go… (Hands Karai full photograph of her mother) and Splinter- My daughter.

Karai: -(Sees picture of Splinter, Tang Shen, and herself as a baby)- I-I can't believe it. You're telling the truth…! All these years the Shredder has been lying to me…!

Leonardo: Wait, you can't believe it? I thought you DID believe it. If you didn't believe it, why did you come down here?

Karai: -(Turns to Splinter)- Father… What have I done?!

Splinter: -(To Karai)- You are who you choose to be. Not what others make you.

Raphael: Some of us choose to be right all the time.

Leonardo: Will you just GO!

Raphael: Well, Princess? You got us into this. Where to?

Karai: I… I don't know.

Michelangelo: EVERYONE STOP! I know exactly where to go!

Donatello: I feel scared…

Tiger Claw: -defeating Leo- Karai, would you like the honor of finishing him?

Karai: I have no honor… But that's about to change!

Donatello: I think his shell was knocked loose. We have to get him back to Master Splinter.

Leonardo: Karai...

Raphael: I still don't trust her.

Leonardo: Are you kidding?! She saved us!

Raphael: The Shredder raised her. Daddy's probably welcoming her home right now.



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