This is a transcript for The Way of Invisibility, the seventh episode of season one of TMNT (2003 series). (Note: in the voice-over intro, bold words in brackets indicate words that are said in the shot.)

Raphael [Fade up to a close up of Raphael waking up in an unknown room] Ever see one of those old movies where the private eye wakes up after being knocked out cold? He always says the same thing. [Cut to further away from Raph to show him strapped to an operating table] [Ugh. Where am I?] Okay, so it's not exactly original, but it's true. I have no idea where I am. [Cut to further away] Is this an operating room? [Cut to a nearby control room with a silhouette of a man] Torture chamber? TV game show? [Cut back to Raph] Last thing I remember, I was battling a bunch of street thugs with Casey. [Hey. Where is Casey?] [A bright light shines onto Raph's face] Okay, definitely not the game show. [Cut to show the light as a buzz-saw and two needles appear in front of it]
The episode opens at the Foot palace. Oroku Saki is sitting by his table while Hun looks at a thermal image of the turtles, which is in front of various other papers.
Hun Gecko warriors. Karate frogs. Turtle costumed freaks. [Crumples up the image]
Stockman [Appears behind Hun, now with a missing eye, and grabs the image] Hehehe. Is this a field report or a fantasy novel? [Saki slaps the image out of his hand]
Oroku Saki [Angrily] Fool! Was it fantasy that destroyed your mouser robots, Doctor Stockman!? [To Hun, who backs up as Saki approaches him] Was it fantasy that took back the Sword of Tengu from your Foot soldiers!? These green skinned ninjas are too skilled to be mere street thugs.
Hun Maybe they're working for your old enemies.
Stockman [After picking up the papers] More likely a top-secret government experiment.
Oroku Saki [Lifts Stockman up] I am not interested in theories! [Throws Stockman to Hun's feet] I want answers. [Sits back down] You two will work together. Find these creatures. Learn their secrets. Destroy them, if necessary.
Meanwhile, at the lair, Splinter lights a candle and turns to face the turtles. They are shown to be standing on posts.
Splinter My sons, tonight our training shall focus on combining two essential disciplines: The way of balance, [Claps, turning off the lights] and the way of invisibility.
Michelangelo [To Donatello] Dude, you put in the clapper? [Splinter goes up to Michelangelo and whacks him in the hand with his stick] Ow!
Splinter Michelangelo, the way of invisibility also includes the way of silence. I suggest you employ both if you wish to avoid my walking stick. [Turns and flips to another post]
Splinter lands near Leonardo. He tries to hit Leo, but Leo flips it and lands his feet on the post he was on and a post near it. Donnie tries attacking Splinter. Splinter ducks it, and Donnie lands on another post. Raphael does the same thing. Mikey flips around and lands. He looks around and claps, turning on the lights. Splinter is right in front of him.
Michelangelo Peekaboo, I see you. [He grabs Splinter's stick as he attacks, but Splinter uses that to throw him off balance as he nearly falls all the way off] Hey, don't I at least get points for creativity?
Splinter A creative mind must be balanced by a disciplined body. [Claps to turn off the lights off] We must learn stillness and alertness, for they are the only defense against the unexpected.
Casey gets off the elevator in his mask and looks around, unable to see.
Casey Hey, guys? [Stumbles into the posts, knocking them, and the turtles and Splinter, down] Uh oh.
Splinter angrily turns around. He leaps up and knocks Casey down. The turtles turn the lights back on and run up to Splinter.
Leonardo Master Splinter, no! He's okay!
Donatello Sensei, this is Casey. The nutca-uh the guy we told you about.
Michelangelo You remember. The igilant-vay?
Raphael We figured it'd be okay to give him access to the lair. You know, for emergencies and stuff.
Splinter [Gets up and bows in respect] Please forgive my rash action. [The turtles help Casey up]
Casey [Takes off his mask] No problemo.
Splinter Although next time, [Points his stick at Casey's head] you would be wise to heed the ancient Japanese proverb, [Walks away] phone first.
Casey Whoa! Raph, your crib's even more awesome than you said. [Accidentally kicks a post, to Splinter's annoyance]
Raphael You didn't come all the way down here for the nickel tour. What's the 411 street-side?
Casey Graffiti. It's everywhere. All over town.
Michelangelo And I think I speak for everyone in the room when I say, duh.
Donatello We're New Yorkers, Casey. We've seen graffiti before.
Casey Uh uh. Not this kind. [Holds up a picture] I thinks somebody's trying to send you a message.
The turtles look at the picture. It's of a tag someone did of a sword skewering four turtles.
Michelangelo Blech! Talk about getting the point!
Leonardo Do all the tags look like this?
Casey Some are a little more graphic. [Sees the Sword of Tengu] Hey, cool sword. Looks just like the one in the graffiti. [Runs up to it]
Donatello Casey, no! [Casey tries grabbing the sword, but gets electrocuted and sent into a bookcase, to Raph] Remind me, who's idea was it to invite him down here?
The turtles and Splinter help him up.
Splinter I thank you for this information, Mr. Jones, but now we must return to our training.
Casey Wait, don't you guys wanna put the smack-down on the scum who did this?
Michelangelo Well, yeah. But it smells way too much like a set-up.
Donatello Someones just trying to get under our shells. Why should we stoop to their level?
Casey [Pulls out a bat] But this is a matter of honor! What about all that bushidoodoo stuff you guys always talk about?
Leonardo That's Bushido, which has nothing to do payback for a bunch of nasty wall doodles.
Raphael Sorry, Case. I gotta go with my bros on this one.
Casey [Puts his bat away] Oh man! [Sees the TV] Say... [Sits on the couch and starts eating a pizza] So what's on the tune? [The turtles look on bewildered]
Cuts to the Foot Headquarters. Hun, Stockman, and Oroku Saki are speaking.
Stockman [To Saki] While your oversized lackey wastes time and effort with the pointless scribblings of street thugs, I have created something useful to intercept your amphibious pests. [Gestures behind him to two ninjas in cyber armor] I give you, The Foot Tech Ninjas!
The foot tech ninjas bow to the trio and jump away from each other.
Stockman My brilliantly designed cyber armor enhances their physical abilities, giving them increased strength, speed, and stealth capabilities. [As he speaks, the ninjas fight. eventually one ninja activates a cloaking device. The visible ninja looks around and gets hit from behind. He quickly turns and punches the invisible ninja into a torch, knocking it over. Stockman walks up to the corpse] And all thanks to the technology I was able to glean from a tiny sample of this unusual artifact you dragged up from the East River. If you had any sense, you'd allow me to study the entire thing. [Hun grabs him and carries him by the shoulder to Saki] Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.
Oroku Saki First thing's first, Dr. Stockman. Bring me the creatures.
Stockman [Hun lets him down] Just keep this behemoth out of my way, and my foot tech ninjas will deliver the goods. I guarantee it.
Oroku Saki You already paid the price for failing me once. Do not fail me a second time. [Stockman places a hand on his face near where he lost an eye]
Back at the lair, Mikey reaches for the last slice of pizza, but Casey quickly grabs it, much to his displeasure. Casey sits down and goes through a box of DVDs. Leo approaches them and turns off the TV.
Leonardo [Yawns] Woo, sure is getting, uh, late.
Casey [Angrily] These the only DVDs you got?
Michelangelo Yeah. In fact, why don't you borrow some and bring them back?
Casey [Walks up to a DVD player] That's okay. I'll just watch them here. [While hitting the "Stop" button] Come on, eject, eject. [Angrily] You useless piece of- [Kicks the player and breaks it, much to Leo and Mikey's horror; Nervously] Uh, think your player's broken.
Donatello Uh no problem, I'll fix it. In the morning?
Casey [Walks up to him] Whatcha working on?
Donatello [Covers his work with his body] Boring stuff. Really really boring stuff. [Casey turns to see Raph training]
Casey Hey Raph! Let's wrestle! [Runs up to Raph and knocks him over; They wrestle and trash talk each other until Splinter places his walking stick in front of them]
Splinter Raphael, normally I discourage excursions to the surface, but I think it wise to take our "guest" for a breath of fresh air. [They get up]
Raphael Topside? I'm all over it.
Casey Booya!
Raphael [They start running.] Come on, you maniac.
Casey Maniac? Who are you calling a maniac?
Michelangelo And that's how they defeated "The Thing That Wouldn't Leave."
On the surface, Raph and Casey are flipping across rooftops.
Raphael Nimrod!
Casey Lightweight!
Raphael Gak-face!
Casey [Stops and hears a nearby sound] Spray paint?
Raphael Spray paint? What kind of lame trash-talk is that?
Casey No, listen.
They look down from the roof they're on and see two thugs making a purple tag of a dragon devouring four turtles while a third thug keeps watch. Raph and Casey drop down in between them.
Raphael Hi. We're the Neighborhood Clean and Green. Doing our part to stamp out taggers.
A thug comes at Raph with a chain. Raph dodges it and kicks the thug aside.
Casey [To another thug that's holding two baseball bats] Dude, you're totally stealing my act.
As they're fighting, the third thug ducks behind a dumpster and calls someone on his phone.
Thug We got one. [Raph grabs him and throws him against the wall]
Raph and Casey easily defeat the other two thugs and throw all three into a pile together.
Casey Piece of cake.
Raphael Don't be so sure. Phone boy called for backup. [Sees two Foot Tech Ninjas drop down from rooftops] And here it comes.
Casey Whoa! Those things aren't human.
Raphael [Spinning a sai in his hand] In case you haven't noticed, neither am I.
They charge at the ninjas, but the ninjas turn invisible.
Casy Where'd they go? [They get knocked back by the invisible ninjas]
Raphael They must have some kind of, what do you call it, cloaking device.
Casey Cloaking device? What are they, Klingons?
Raph sees one of the ninjas walking through a puddle of water and jumps at them, but the ninja catches him. Casey takes the spray paint and covers the ninja with it. He then hits the ninja with his hockey stick, causing him to drop Raph and one of his orange eye devices to fall off. Casey tries hitting the ninja with his hockey stick again, but it breaks as the ninja blocks it.
Casey Uh-oh. [They tossed into some scaffolding, knocking them both out.]
The ninjas turn visible again and drag the Raph and Casey.
Ninja 1 [About Raph] Target apprehended.
Ninja 2 [About Casey] What about him?
Thug [Standing with the other two thugs] Just leave him to us. [The ninjas leave Casey and walk away with Raph] It's payback time. [They surround Casey and get ready to hit him with their weapons]
Casey [Suddenly wakes up] Psych!
Casey sprays paint into their eyes, blinding them. He then runs away, but quickly grabs the orange eye from one of the ninjas. Meanwhile, Raph wakes strapped to a table with a bright light on him.
Raphael Ugh. Where am I? [A machine with spikes is poking him numerous times] Hey! Watch where you're poking those things! When I get outta here, I'm gonna-
Hun [Appears next to him holding one of Raph's sai] This is some nice steel. How about telling me who gave them to you?
Raph Yo momma. [Hun throws both sai at each side of his head]
Hun [Pulls out both sai] I'm sorry. I didn't quite hear you. [Throws them onto a table and picks up Raph's shell cell] You know, I get a little clumsy when people don't answer my questions. [Crushes the shell cell with just two fingers and puts it down]
Raph [Notices Hun's Purple Dragon tattoo] Hey, nice tat. Purple Dragon or just some big ugly chicken?
Hun [Grabs Raph's head and pulls the light closer to him] Let's start with "Just exactly what kind of freak are you anyway?"
Back in the lair, the lights are back out and Splinter watches as Mikey, Leo, and Don train on the posts. Casey stumbles in, still dazed. He accidently knocks over all the posts, and, as a result, knocks down the other three turtles and Splinter. Someone claps and turns on the lights.
Michelangelo You can almost set your watch by this guy.
Leonardo [Helping Casey up] Casey, what happened?
Splinter Where is Raphael?
Casey The invisible ninjas took him.
Michelangelo [He and Don look at each other] Invisible ninjas, huh? This story wouldn't involve Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, by any chance?
Casey I got proof! [Shows them the orange eye]
Donatello [Takes the eye and studies it] Oh, some kind of optical device. Heavy duty hardware.
Leonardo [Trying to use his Shell Cell] Raph's not answering his Shell Cell.
Casey Aah! [Throws a stool in frustration] This is all my fault!
Donatello Don't worry. I installed tracking chips in all the Shell Cells. Just in case [Doesn't get a signal] Interesting. Not picking up a signal.
Casey Aah, [Kicks the sofa away] we'll never find him!
Donatello I may be able to calibrate the scanner to trace the comms signal from your "invisible ninjas."
Michelangelo [Casey breaks a chair] Better make it fast. We're running out of furniture.
Back to Hun and Raph, Dr. Stockman watches from a booth.
Hun We've been over this again and again, freak. I'm only gonna ask you this one more time. Who do you work for? How long have you been on this planet? What is the level of your technology?
Raphael Planet? Technology? Boy, are you barking up the wrong shell.
Hun [Smacks the table, causing it to rock] Answer me!
Raphael [As he speaks he makes motions with his right hand] Uh, come to think of it, who do you work for? I mean, you look way too dumb to be in charge of all this.
Hun [Grabs a buzz-saw] Your choice. You can talk, or you can let your DNA do the talking for you. Now is there something you want to tell me?
Raphael [Gets his right hand free] Just this! [Punches Hun in the gut, grabs a gas mask and puts it over his mouth] Sweet dreams, lard butt! [Hun runs back dazed. Raph grabs the buzz-saw and cuts himself free.] Don'll kill me if I leave this. [Grabs his sai and broken Shell Cell. He runs out the door and sees that he's on a boat.] Good thing turtles are amphibious. [Jumps into the water and swims away]
Stockman [To a downed Hun] You fool! I was this close to obtaining a DNA sample, and you let him escape!
Hun [Smiles slyly] Precisely. I let him escape. To lead us to the others. Even as we speak, a squad of Foot Tech Ninjas are trailing the creature. [As he speaks, Raph reaches land and runs off. Someone makes invisible footprints behind him, indicating that Foot Tech Ninjas are indeed following him.] So now it's all up to your invisible boys. Better hope they don't blow it. [Stockman touches his eye patch with his hand]
Meanwhile, Don gets a blip on his scanner.
Donatello I'm getting a signal. It's Raph!
Casey Woo-hoo! [Accidently shorts out a light]
Michelangelo This guys bad news even when there's good news.
Donatello It's faint, but at least we got a blip we can follow. [More blips appear on the scanner] Make that several blips.
Leonardo The invisible ninjas' signal?
Splinter Raphael may not even be aware he is being followed.
Leonardo Which means we gotta find him before he brings in some seriously unwanted house guests.
Michelangelo [Looks at Casey] We already got one of those.
Casey So, uh, how do we stop something we can't see?
Donatello Already got that one covered: Turtle vision heat sensor goggles. After all, an invisible body is still a warm body. [Everyone puts on a pair of the goggles]
Leonardo Let's go.
Michelangelo [To Casey, who is wearing his goggles over his mask] That's a good look for you.
On the surface, Mikey and Casey are in the Battle Shell.
Leonardo We're gonna have to split up. Mike and Casey?
Michelangelo [To a drumming Casey] Quit it.
Leonardo You cover above ground. [Cut to the sewer to show he and Don driving across the water] Me and Don will cover below.
Cut to Raph, who is still being followed in the sewer by the ninjas, which he doesn't know. He stops in a large area with a big whirlpool in the middle of it. Leo and Don watch from above with their goggles, spotting the Foot Tech Ninjas.
Donatello I spy with my turtle eye, some goons that need a good bapping. [They pull out their weapons and jump down]
Raphael [Notices Leo and Don] Hey! Huh?
Leo and Don Banzai! [They start fighting off ninjas]
Raphael [Confused] Uh, guys what are you- ?
Donatello Ever hear the one about the invisible ninjas? [The ninjas charge at them and throw them over Raph to the ground]
Casey [By Leo's head] Hey, did I mention that these guys were really strong too?
Leonardo [Groans in pain] Might've been useful info.
Raphael [His three brothers and Casey watch as he tries to fight the invisible ninjas to no avail] Come on! Show yourself, you lousy- [He becomes dazed]
Michelangelo Uh think we should give him a hand? [The three turtles charge forward]
Casey [Prepping to hit some gray slop with his golf club] Fore! [Hits the slop, which lands on two ninjas next to Raph]
Raphael Ah, much better. [Kicks the two ninjas away]
Michelangelo Now you see 'em, [Hits two ninjas] now you don't.
Donatello Their cloaking controls look to be somewhere around the chest plate.
Leonardo You mean here? [Slashes his swords at two ninjas' chest plates, causing them to become visible, and Don knocks them out]
Donatello Can I call them or what?
Raphael So, I guess that's that? [Pulls out his sai]
Casey shouts as he is seen being hung by a Foot Tech Ninja, who becomes visible, directly above the whirlpool.
Foot Tech Ninja [To Leo, Raph, and Don] Drop your weapons and surrender. [A little later, the turtles get surrounded by ninjas] My grip is loosening. I suggest you drop your weapons. Now.
Casey Don't do it, guys! I'm not worth it!
Donatello You know, he's got a point.
Leonardo You're starting to sound like Mikey, Don. [They drop their weapons]
Raphael Hey, where is Mikey?
Raph looks up and sees Mikey walking above the ninja and Casey on a pipe. The others don't notice him there.
Michelangelo [Imitating Splinter] The way of balance, and the way of invisibility.
Mikey drops down and kicks the ninja holding Casey, causing them both to fall. Don hits a ninja out of the way and grabs his staff. Casey grabs it just in time and gives Don a thumbs up. Don flings him back onto the ground, and Casey pulls out his baseball bat, and he, along with the other four turtles, attack the ninjas, sending them into the whirlpool.
Casey Thanks, guys. I owe you.
Michelangelo We take cash, personal checks and most major credit cards.
Casey Man, I'm beat. Maybe I should just crash at you guys' place tonight. [The turtles look horrified]
Leonardo No! I mean, nothing beats the comfort of sleeping in your own bed.
Donatello We'll give you a ride. Have you home in no time.
Michelangelo We'll carry you upstairs, tuck you in. Heck, we'll even read you a bedtime story. [The turtles walk Casey away]
Back at the Foot Headquarters, Stockman, Hun, and Oroku Saki are speaking. They are in front of a line of Foot Tech Ninjas.
Oroku Saki [Angrily] Another operation marred by the sickening stench of defeat! No doubt you are both well aware of my extremely limited tolerance of failure!
Stockman [Gestures to Hun] It was his fault! This bumbling oaf let the creature escape!
Oroku Saki [Grabs a horrified Stockman] The plan was sound. And yet your creations failed to, as you put it, "Deliver the goods." [Tosses Stockman down and gestures at two Foot Tech Ninjas, who grab him and drag him out of the room]
Stockman Wait, where are you taking me? [Hun smiles slyly] Take your hands off me! I made you! I am your creator [The door closes]
Oroku Saki [To Hun] What did you learn from your interrogation?
Hun I've worked over a lot of tough guys in my day, but I'm telling you, these turtles never even heard of your enemies, let alone worked for them.
Oroku Saki Hmmm. Then perhaps they can be useful to me when the time comes to confront those enemies.
The scene changes to a black room with a white lights. A black circle with a white outline is in the middle of the room, and three purple seats are on one end of it. In the seats are three people with light blue hair. A man in a trenchcoat and sunglasses appears from the opposite end of the room and walks into the circle.
Man Masters. It is true. Our enemy has discovered our presence in this city.
Master 1

Master 2

Master 3

[All with] And what of...

[the same] ... the four...

[voices] ... mutant creatures?

Man Still an unknown factor. We need more information.
Master 1

Master 2

Master 3

Master 1

Master 3

All Masters

Learn all you can about them.

If they pose no threat...

... do not engage them.

But if they are in the employ of our enemy...

... take the necessary steps.

Do neutralize them.

The man bows and walks away. Fade to credits.
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