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"This is our war."

"Despite what our enemies may claim, we didn't start this conflict. We want to live in peace, but they do not. And so we must respond. To the mutants. To the monsters."



"And to their collaborators."

"Tonight may go down in history as the first great battle in humanity's war. So fight. But as you fight, remember your mission. Remember your purpose."

"Do not back down. Do not show mercy. Do not betray the human race through feeble weakness or foolish compassion."

John Bishop "But most of all... Win."

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Donatello "Thanks, Stockman."

Leonardo "He bought us a little time. But that's it."

(Michelangelo) "A little time is all we need."

Mikey "April's gonna come through."

Mikey "I know she—"


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Donnie "Those guys are between us and the exit. Aren't they?"

Zodi "Yes. But don't worry, turtles. My sting is delightfully lethal."

Donnie "Lethal? You—You don't need to kill anyone! What is wrong with you?"

Zodi "Ask me again when I'm the sole survivor of this mess."

Donnie "So... When I'm dead? Like, you want me to come back and haunt you?"

Mikey "That's a special kinda lonely, she-bro."

Zodi "Fine."

Zodi "If I can't kill—"

Zodi "—I'll just have to improvise."

Mikey "Hey!"

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Zodi "In here!"

Raphael "What was that?"

Raph "You used my brother as a shield?"

Zodi "A survival tactic. Do the unexpected. Startle your enemy."

Zodi "And get out before they have time to adjust and react."

Mikey "And it worked, Raph."

Mikey "I'm okay. We're all okay."


Leo "If we keep moving."

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Donnie >Hey, Stockman! A little help here?<

Baxter Stockman "It's only right. They belong to me."

Baxter "So just lock the door they came in through. Secure them in the lab. Check and mate."

Baxter "{Sigh}"

Baxter "But this is a different kind of game, isn't it?"

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Kara Lewis "It's a stalemate. That's what it is."

Kara "And it's time to admit you've—"

Bishop "I'm sure it looks that way, Detective Lewis. To an untrained eye."

Wesley Knight "Sir? We're ready."

Bishop "The mutants have reached Doctor Stockman, Detective. As we knew they would."

Bishop "And our soldiers have blasted through every security defense between them. Patiently. Methodically."

"And now..."

"These desperate freaks get to see how a real strategy pays off."

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Mikey "Raph!"

Raph "Duck!"

Mikey "See? We work together. And we survive. Just like always."

Mikey "Got it, bro?"

Raph "Yeah."

Raph "It's not the worst plan I've ever heard."

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Mikey "Did we win? Is it over?"

Leo "No."

Leo "So get ready, everyone."

Leo "Because it's time for round—"

Soldier "Hrrrk!"

(Raph) "What's happening?"

(Leo) "Zodi's plan. The mission we sent April on—to reach out, and send the cavalry."

(Leo) "She did it."

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(Leo) "She saved us."

Kara "What... Is going... On?"

Kara "In one night we've gone from tactical mission to armed battle to some kind of robot insurgency! What's next? Literal hell on—"

Kara "Oh."

Knight "Sir, this is—this is that organization we've heard about. The secret cabal behind the Null Corp Front. Led by—"

Bishop "We can't show weakness."

Knight "And we can't win if we're all dead."

Knight "And like you always say: This is going to be a very long war."

Bishop "Order the retreat."

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Kara "Bishop! Fine, we're at war! I get it. Now just—"

Kara "Unless you want someone else handling the cleanup on this? Someone a little less inclined to spin things your—"

Bishop "Cut her loose."

Knight "So, you're a believer now, Detective?"

Kara "No. But this little war of yours is happening with or without me."

"And I think humanity could use a non-believer keeping an eye on it."

Null "See you soon?"

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Donnie "They're leaving."

Raph "We're letting them leave."

Donnie "Do you have a better idea, Raph?"

Raph "...No."

Baxter "Not bad."

Baxter "They're no Mousers, but... Not bad at—"

Baxter "—Gha!"

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Leo "Stockman!"

Zodi "RR-X voice pattern command."

Zodi "Stoker protocol."

Zodi "They were programmed to attack all humans."

Zodi "I think your armor may have thrown them off, until you got too—"

Baxter "I don't care."

Baxter "It's been a very long night. The threat is over. Now can you all please just get out of my building."

Leo "All right. But first we really should discuss how we move forward from here. How we work together, to—"

Baxter "I said leave!"

Leo "Fine."

Leo "We'll talk later."

Zodi "Oh, by the way—there's half a dozen dead guards in laboratory three."

Zodi "Sorry."

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Zodi "Madame Null, these are the karate turtles. Michael, Donald, Leopold and—"

Null "I don't care."

Leo "Yeah, let's skip the small talk. I would thank you for saving us, but I think handing over your murderer is thanks enough."

Null "Along with Stockman's tech? That is the deal your girl proposed."

Zodi "I hate it, Madam Null. And a lot more I picked up along the way."

Leo "We honor our deals. But the next time we see you—"

Null "Yes, yes, very dramatic. Thank you, amphibians."

Zodi "Reptiles, actually."

Donnie "I know we had to do it. But if Stockman ever finds out we brokened this deal—that April—"

Leo "He won't. He bought our cover story—that the robots were sent out after Zodi didn't check in."

Leo "He has no idea. And we're gonna keep it that way."

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Mikey "Hey, Zodi!"

Mikey "I just... I just wanted to say thank you. Even if Leo wouldn't. Things got bad in there. Like, anchovies and pineapple bad. But we got through it—together."

Mikey "And I wanted you to know... Survival isn't everything. There are more important things in life. Like friendship. Like teamwork. Like finding something to believe in. And if you ever want to—"

Zodi "Stop it."

Zodi "Survival is everything. That's why you were willing to work with me. To fight with me. Despite all I believe in."

Zodi "But if I'd had a chance to escape, back in there? And if you were in my way? I would have slit your throat in half a heartbeat."

Zodi "So don't go thinking you can save me, Mikey."

Zodi "I'm not that kind of mutant."

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Bishop "Speak freely."

Winter "That was a disaster, sir. Top to bottom."

Bishop "It was a setback. But we're no worse off than when we started."

Winter "No worse—we lost a lot of good men today, sir. And—"

Bishop "Manpower is a renewable resource. I'm not concerned about that."

Winter "Sir—"

Bishop "Yes, we lost a few men. But we also learned a lot about the enemy. Tactics and strategies, strengths and shortcomings. A digital record of their fighting style for our analysts to pore over and ponder."

Bishop "I know you thought we should wait for backup, but I wanted to throw everything we had at them. I wanted to test them."

Bishop "And those Null robots... Well, that was quite the bonus."

Bishop "Losing this battle may help us win the war."

Knight "Maybe. Or maybe we just took away our element of surprise."

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"And pissed off the wrong people, way sooner than we needed to."

Baxter "Look what they did, April."

Baxter "How did this happen? How could we let this..."

April O'Neil "I don't know. I was—"

Baxter "Hiding during the battle. Yes, the turtles told me."

Baxter "Maybe you were right. Not all that "the good of humanity" Polyanna babble."

Baxter "But, yes. Clearly there are new threats out there. I need to be ready for them."

Baxter "And I'm not sure I can do it alone."

Baxter "Are you still willing to work for me?"

April "With you, Baxter."

Baxter "...With me, then."

Baxter "Look what they did."

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Mikey "Pad, sweet pad."

Leo "I think I need about three days of sleep."

Raph "Me, too. But before that, I have something I want to tell you guys. Something I need to tell you."

Raph "I... I'm sorry. That's not an easy thing for me to say. But it's true."

Raph "I've been acting like... Well, you know what I've been acting like, and you know why because I was angry. And more than that... I was scared."

Raph "But that's no excuse! And I need to do better. I want to do better. I want to make you all as proud of me as I am of you."

Raph "Anyway. I just needed to..."

Raph "Right."

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