Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Raphael "Mikey..."

Raph "You're gonna want to look away."

Donatello "What?"


Michelangelo "No, Raph! You don't want to do this!"

Raph "Yeah, Mikey. I really do."

Baxter Stockman "Don't get involved, Stockman."

Baxter "Just bring the security system back online and wait for your moment to strike."

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Raph "For all we know she's behind everything that's happening."

Mikey "She's not! I saw those soldiers attack her."

Raph "She's still dangerous. Her hands are bound, but she can kill just as easily with her tail."

Mikey "So you're going to, what? Execute her?"

Raph "Of course not."

Raph "It'll be a fair fight."

Raph "I'll even give this thing the first punch."

Zodi "This thing's name is Zodi."

Zodi "And I can crack your shell in two with no fists and no tail."

Page 3

Raph "Not falling for that!"

Zodi "You just did."

Zodi "Ghaaa!"

Page 4

Leonardo "Raph! That's enough. Now—"

Donatello "Hey!"

Donnie "Does someone want to tell me what's going on here?"

Mikey "Donnie!"

Page 5

Mikey "What's going on is, Raph decided he wanted a boxing match in the middle of—"

Raph "That's not... That's... I..."

Raph "...That's kind of what's going on. Yes."

Zodi "Aah!"

Zodi "Does that mean we're done already?"

Leo "Guys. We can't do this. We have to work together."

Leo "I know things have been difficult, for a long time now. But—"

Zodi "They care so much, it makes them weak. And predictable. They disapproved of the fight, but notice how long it took for them to intervene. Much beter to settle disputes this way. With words and love."

Zodi "Within two minutes, one of them will say, "We're a family!" as though genetic overlap ensures a deeper emotional bond."

Raph "Do you think we can't hear you?"

Zodi "Oh, no. I'm quite certain you can."

Donnie "Everyone stop bickering! Last thing I know, we were under attack. I'm sure you've learned more since then. So, please..."

Donnie "Tell me everything I missed."

Page 6

Alex Winter "Knight. When are those reinforcements going to arrive?"

Wesley Knight "Soon. It takes a while to mobilize that many—"

Winter "Right."

Winter "This is... This is going bad really fast. Much faster than—"

Knight "I know. But we're not the generals, man. All we can do is—"

Winter "Go where they point us. Yeah, I know the drill."

"My few uninjured men are working on the next wave. I all but begged Bishop to just let us wait for reinforcements, but..."

"Bishop pointed."

"This is supposed to be the next world war and the main advantage we have—maybe the only advantage we have—is that we know more about them than they know about us."

Winter "And we're throwing that away."

Knight "Ahem!"

Page 7

Donnie "You're right. It has the same technology markers as the probe we fought downstairs."

Zodi "But from what I saw before, these ones pack a much bigger—"

Zodi "Ahh!"

Zodi "The same as last time. But they flew right past the soldiers."

Zodi "So, your turn, human."

Leo "April, you really don't have to—"

April O'Neil "Yes, I do. We need to know. The only way this crazy idea will work is if they don't attack humans. So..."

Donnie "Huh."

Zodi "Okay... Now let's talk about my plan."

Page 8

Mikey "So what does this thing—"

Baxter "Don't touch that."

Baxter "Or that."

Baxter "Or anything!"

Baxter "I'm trying to get this building's security systems back online. And the more you bother me—"

Baxter "Where's April? And the smart turtle? The one that does your machines?"

Raph "On the roof. And do you still not know our names, Stockman?"

Baxter "I know your test subject numbers. And that's all I'll need to know, once you're back in my lab, where you belong."

Mikey "Come on, bro. Just—"


Page 9

Raph "The elevators!"

Baxter "This is why you should have let me work in peace!"


Mikey "Okay. They have to come out of this door, right? So we stay here, and attack them as they—"

Raph "No. You stay safe. And don't take your eyes off Stockman."


Mikey "Raph, wait!"

Page 10


Soldier "Uh, guys?"

Soldier "Oof!"

Page 11


Soldier "Stop firing at us!"

Raph "No. Keep firing."

Raph "Don't gimme a reason to make this easy on you."

Mikey "Raph! Stockman says the security system is almost online! Get out of there!"

Raph "Are you sure?"

Mikey "Bro!"

Page 12



Mikey "Hey, Stockman—thanks for waiting until Raph was safe."

Baxter "Yes... I waited."

Baxter "It certainly wasn't just a coincidence."

Page 13

Leo "It's a solid plan. But how are we going to convince Stockman to do it?"

April "Stockman? No way. It has to be me."

Leo "Why would—"

April "Because you can trust me. And because Stockman would never leave this building to you, let alone agree to... To the terms we're offering."

Zodi "This is a dangerous assignment, girl. What makes you think you're tough enough for it?"

April "Because..."

April "I'm April O'Neil."

Zodi "Well. That certainly puts all of my concerns to rest."

Donnie "Your phone should start working as soon as you get away."

Donnie "If you can't reach them, you'll need to get back to Manhattan. There's an abandoned sewer line five blocks east."

Donnie "That will get you out of the area. Getting under the East River is trickier, but—"

April "Yeah, I figured I would just get a cab."

Donnie "Oh... Right."

April "Right."

Page 14


Soldier "Sir! The drone feed—it looks like one of them is getting ready to jump again."

Bishop "Send some men to the alley. The drones will knock them—"

Soldier "No sir. One of the humans."

Winter "I'm on it, sir."

Kara "What?!"


April "Aaaah!"

Page 15

Donnie "April!"

April "No, April. You asked for this. They're counting on you."

April "So keep going."

Page 16

Bishop "Detain her!"

Knight "Are... Are you sure you want to—"

Bishop "Do it!"

Kara "No. No way are you going to—"

Knight "Sorry about this, Detective."

Kara "He was firing at a human. One who didn't exactly look like a threat to—"

Bishop "She was a collaborator. And—"

Kara " "Collaborator." I am getting so tired of all this ridiculous "we're at war" talk. No, we are not. Except in your twisted mind."

Bishop "I don't care what you think of me, Detective. What anyone thinks of me."

Bishop "You'll all thank me once humanity is safe."

Page 17

Raph "What do you mean shot? She—why would you let her do that? That was stupid, and irresponsible, and—"

Leo "No, it wasn't. Zodi's plan—"

Raph "Zodi's plan?"

Leo "—Was a good one. And April is smart. And resourceful. She'll be okay."

Raph "You don't know that."

Mikey "Yeah but, like... We never know if any of us are gonna be okay. How is this any different?"

Raph "That's exactly my point!"

Mikey "What's your point, Raph? What?"

Donnie "Mikey. We shouldn't—"

Mikey "No. We need to get this out, bro."

Mikey "What was the point of going after Zodi while we were under attack? Or almost doing the same with Stockman? Or diving into that elevator?"

Mikey "Or this... This crappy attitude you've been carrying around for weeks now? Huh?"

Mikey "Tell me."

Page 18

Raph "I was alone."

Mikey "What?"

Raph "When we first mutated. When we left the lab. You guys had each other, but I was alone."

Raph "Do you know what that was like? I... I don't think I realized just how lonely and confused I was until after you found me."

Raph "And then Donnie almost died. And... And we haven't really slowed down since then. You know?"

Raph "If we keep going like this, one of us is going to die. No matter how good we are, it's going to happen. And I can't... I can't lose any of you. I won't let that happen again."

Raph "Especially if it's for nothing. Look what we're doing here."

Raph "We're not attacking the enemy. We're not saving anyone's life. We're just fighting to survive."

Page 19

Mikey "But what choice do we have, Raph?"

Mikey "We're family, bro. We're gonna get through this."

Mikey "And we'll get Alopex back, too."

Raph "I... That's..."

Raph "...Thank you, Mikey."

Zodi "Uhm... Reptiles... You might want to look at this!"

Bishop "So, Detective Lewis..."

Page 20

Bishop "You were saying something about this not being a war?"

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