Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Donatello "How is he?"


Raphael "He's breathing, Mikey. And his pulse is steady."

Raph "But none of that matters if we don't keep him safe when those doors—"


Raph "Give in."

Leonardo "That's why we need to split up, Raph. You stay with him. Mikey and I will find April and double back. Fast."

Raph " "Split up." If we'd just given April a comm device, like I—"

Leo "But she didn't want one, Raph. Or anything that might've tipped Stockman off to us. It was her decision, and we supported it."

Raph "Yeah, well..."

Raph "Maybe it's time for me to stop supporting everyone else's stupid decisions."

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Kara Lewis "Need a three-block cordon. No one gets close to this building without the explicit permission of me or these gentlemen behind me."

Cop "What in the world is going on here, Detective?"

Kara "Just a chemical leak."

Kara "These folks are environmental consultants here to—"


Cop "A chemical leak, Detective?"

Kara "Yeah, a chemical leak."

Soldier "The perimeter defense orbs have launched."

Kara "Now shut up and do your jobs or you'll be reassigned to a Staten Island evidence room by morning."

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John Bishop "You're sure you can keep this operation a secret, Detective Lewis?"

Kara "Trust me, Agent Bishop: Anyone walking through this neighborhood this late at night will not head towards the line of police cars."

Bishop "I meant your officers."

Kara "Ah. Don't worry. There'll be rumors, but—"

Bishop "There are always rumors."

Kara "Exactly. And the only people who'll believe them are the same talk-radio nutjobs who think there's a colony of inter-dimensional aliens in the Atlantic Ocean."

Bishop "Ridiculous."

Kara "Definitely, totally, completely glad I accepted this assignment."

Kara "No regrets at all."

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Wesley Knight "Sir, even setting mission confidentiality aside, are you sure you want to do this now? We agreed to a gradual transition from "observe" to "observe and capture." This elevates—"

Bishop "This isn't about a handful of mutants, Colonel Knight. You've read the intelligence briefing on these turtles. You wrote some of them."

Bishop "We take these things out now, and it's a huge tactical victory, right at the beginning of our war. The long-range ramifications..."

Knight "And if we lose? We should have been able to take these creatures down immediately. And—"

Alex Winter "And we would have taken down the one mutant we prepped for. Instead there were five. Plus two humans. We're already out of tranq darts, and—"

Bishop "Humans?"

"Ah. Yes, sir, I was getting to that. On the fourth floor, according to our scans."

Bishop "Can we make contact with them, Colonel Knight?"


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Commander "Sergeant Winter, we're in! I repeat, we are in!"

Commander "Just like before, soldiers. Maintain your distance, and attack from afar. You do not want to get too close to these things."

Raph "Heh..."

Raph "Sorry, fellas. But this time?"


Raph "Distance won't be an option."

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Commander "Don't break formation! This is what we trained—agh!"

Raph "You didn't train for this."

Raph "No one does."

Commander "Aaaaaaagh!"

Raph "What did I... What did I do?"

Zodi "Nothing."

Zodi "The world does not revolve around you, my sweet amphibian."

Page 7

Raph "I'm a reptile."

Zodi "Those aren't the same thing?"

Zodi "Listen—I doubt either of us could escape out the front alone, but if we watch each other's backs—"

Raph "I'm not trying to escape!"

Zodi "...Huh."

Zodi "My mistake."

Raph "Wait!"

Page 8

Baxter Stockman "April? April, where did you..."

Baxter "Well, on the bright side, I've certainly never underestimated her before."


Baxter >What the hell are you doing with my building?<

Bishop "How did you—"

Baxter >Communications are blocked. It's only logical that the same person unblocked my phone.<

Bishop "Your building. Is this the infamous Dr. Stockman?"

Bishop >Dr. Stockman, all we want are the mutants. The turtles and the scorpion currently inside your building. We've already breached the perimeter, but if you take if ott of lockdown—<

Baxter "Fine. I'll do whatever I can to assist."

Page 9

Bishop "Well, that's... That's wonderful news. We'll contact you soon with more details."

Baxter >Wait, why don't we just discuss it n—<


Kara "What... What just happened?"

Bishop "He agreed to help. Immediately. Which means he was going to double-cross us. And we just don't have time for all that false-flag, triple-cross, we-know-you-know-we-know nonsense right now."

Kara "What makes you so sure he was going to—"

Bishop "Because he's Baxter Stockman! He's a collaborator. And worse."

Bishop "Believe me, Detective, when this war is over, and a tribunal convenes, Baxter Stockman will be first against the wall."

Bishop "But for now? Tonight?"

Bishop "He's not the priority."

Page 10

Kara "He's nuts. I mean... He's completely nuts! Right?"

Knight "That's... A little complicated."

Kara "War crimes tribunals? Enemy combatants? This is not what I signed up for."

Knight "Of course not! None of us knew what we were getting into. But here we are. And this is the job."

"And make no mistake... These things are dangerous, and we are at war."

"Denying that is the worst thing we could do. Because they're only going to get stronger."

"And more deadly."

Knight "Bishop is a fanatic. But fanaticism in the defense of survival is no vice."

Kara "Fine. So what's next with this..."

Knight "Observe and capture mission? Yeah, we've got 'em trapped and surrounded. It's only a matter of time."

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Zodi "Looks like we had the same idea."

Zodi "Can't go down, with the army in the lobby. Can't stay. That doesn't leave many options."

April O'Neil "That's... I don't think that's your sword."

Zodi "Oh. Right."

Zodi "I took it off a turtle."

Zodi "Right before I ran it through his eye. And out the back of his skull."

Page 12


Zodi "It's possible I was lying about the sword thing."

April "Who was she?"

Mikey "I don't know."

April "And what was—"

Mikey "I don't know anything, April."

"But I'm glad you're okay."

Page 13

Zodi "Ghaaa!"


Page 14

Leo "They're gonna kill her,"

"Ir she's gonna kill them."

Leo "Okay. Priority one is keeping everyone safe. But we also need to stop that scorpion. And find out who these commandos are."

Leo "So, we head back down. As fast as we can. And then—"

Mikey "You've got it, Leo!"

Mikey "Get down there fact, and keep everyone safe!"

Leo "Mikey!"

Page 15

Mikey "I don't want to hurt anyone..."

Mikey "But I'm gonna have to ask you to leave."

Page 16

Zodi "Cut me free, so I can execute them!"

Mikey "You're kind of messed up. You know that?"

Page 17

Soldier "No!"

Mikey "Yeah!"

Raph "Can't they just... Step over the mines?"


Baxter "Not without a place to step from. And blowing up the staircase will take care of that, wouldn't you agree?"

Raph "You look like an idiot, Stockman."

Baxter "And you look like roadkill."

Baxter "Now let's go find my other failed experiments."

Page 18

Mikey "Yeah, a lot of people make that mistake. Especially because we're amphibious. But amphibians lay their eggs in the water. Reptiles on dry land."

Zodi "Hmmm."

Raph "How are your restraints?"

Zodi "They're fine. I know you'll remove them, once you've realized how useful I can be."

Mikey "Oh! And reptiles have scaly skin. And..."

Mikey "Lots of other things. When Donnie wakes up, he can tell you all of them."

Raph "Yes, when Donnie wakes up, we'll have a nic elong chat about amphibians and reptiles. Because we're all such good friends, now."

Mikey "Raph. That's not what I—"

Baxter "Here we are!"

Baxter "Once this room is operational, we'll have a handle on security for the whole building."

Page 19

Raph "Leo... Mikey..."

Raph "This thing has killed at least ten people in the last two hours."

Mikey "I haven't forgotten. But I'm not just gonna kill her, Raph! There are some things we just don't do."

Raph "Fine. But is survival something we still do? Because that's pretty important, too. And a moral code can get you killed."

Zodi "Might I just say that I agree completely with "Raph"? And I do hope "Mikey" eventually comes around."

Zodi "Oh, don't look at me like that. I'm not your biggest enemy. Neither are those sad little commando boys. Do you want to know what your biggest enemy is?"

Zodi "It's your own stupidity."

Zodi "Look at sleeping beauty over there. Donnie, right? That shouldn't have happened."

Raph "Shut up."

Zodi "But instead of focusing on staying alive, Mr. Hothead over here jumped out a window chasing after me. And all of you followed and the weak link broke first."

Raph "I said—"

Zodi "I wonder if Donnie knows that someday you're all gonna get him killed?"

Page 20

Zodi "Whoa! That... That was one hell of a punch!"

Raph "Mikey..."

Raph "You're gonna want to look away."

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