Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Page 1

"Hive... Hear me now."

Malignoid "Queen Maligna speaks."

Malignoid "Hear her."

Malignoid "Hear her now."

Maligna "Heed my command."

Malignoid "Heed her command."

Maligna "Swarm!"

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"Here they come..."

Page 3

Trokk "...And it appears Maligna's releasing all her bugs this time—"

Trokk "—Even with the reinforcements King Zenter's sending, we're completely outnumbered, Commander."

Zom "Agreed, Lieutenant Trokk. Which means one thing—"

Zom "—More bugs for us to swat."

Zom "Listen up, all Triceratons—this is Commander Zom."

Zom "It appears our little holiday is over. I don't need to remind you that we're once again the vanguard against an impossible enemy, because that's nothing new for us."

Zom "But this will be the last time we fight for a cause that's not our own."

Zom >King Zenter has sworn to award us our own world—our very own home—if we help the Neutrinos squash these insects.<

Zom >Make no mistake—today we fight for more than honor.<

Zom >Today, we fight for our future.<

Zom >Today, we fight for freedom!<

Zom "Charge!"

Page 4 & 5

Zak "Looks like the party started without us, Kala—"

Zak "—But I guess someone's gotta be fashionably late, right?"

Kala "You ask me, the way those Triceratons are outgunned, we can't be soon enough."

Ace Duck >Besides, I doubt Zak would know fashion even if it smacked him square in the face.<

Zak >Ace?<

Ace "The one and only."

Zak "But how'd you—"

Ace "Your commander loaned me a ship. No way I was gonna skip out on all the fun."

Ace "And I brought some friends, too."

Zak "Well, if you think you can handle it, the more the merrier."

Ace >Handle it? C'mon, kid—if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, am I right?<

Zak "What the heck's that supposed to mean?"

Ace >It means...<

Ace "...I was hatched for this!"

"Our guys and the Triceratons are giving it all they've got..."

Page 6

Dask "...But there's no way they can hold off all of Maligna's horde."

Dask "That's where we come in."

Dask "Our job is to stop any bugs that get through and protect the city at any cost."

Dask "Is that understood?!"


Dask "Good. Now man your battle stations—you know what to do."

Leonardo "Commander Dask, can I talk to you for a sec?"

Dask "Of course, Leo."

Dask "Did my guys get you and your brothers geared up okay?"

Leo "Yeah, we're good to go. I'm just wondering—what exactly is Maligna after?"

Leo "Why's she attacking Planet Neutrino?"

Dask "Because that's what they do, my friend."

Dask "The Malignoid Swarm is parasitic—it exists solely to infest and consume anything in its path. It's really no more complex than that, sadly."

Dask "There was a time when the combined might of the Utrom Empire held back Maligna's destructive advance. But those days are long gone, and now it's up to us to find a way to stop them."

Page 7

Zak >Commander, this is Zak! You've got bogeys inbound! Say again—bogeys inbound!<

Dask "Copy that."

Dask "Time to find out if we've got what it takes."

Soldier "There they are!"

Dask "Fire at will!"

"Well, this ain't too crazy..."

Page 8

Raphael "...Come for the squishy alien trial, stay for the slimy bug war."

Michelangelo "I know. It's so us."

Leo "We're gonna be all right, guys."

Leo "We just gotta stick together, watch each other's backs, and remember our training."

Raph "That's funny..."

Malignoid "Kill all!"

Raph "...'Cause I don't remember ever trainin' for this!"

Malignoid "Raaagh!"

Raph "One down. Eight zillion to go."

Mikey "Look on the bright side, Raph..."

Mikey "...'Least we get to be where the aciton is, with tricked-out weapons and jet packs and everything—not stuck in some stuffy old courtroom."

Page 9

(Mikey) "Donnie's gonna be totally jealous when he finds out."

Donatello "Gah! I feel so useless just standing around doing nothing like this."

Zayton Honeycutt "Please, Donatello, you must control your frustration."

Donnie "But, Professor, I—"

Honeycutt "You are doing exactly what you need to be doing, my friend."

Honeycutt "Yes, there is a battle taking place outside--but there is still a trial happening down here as well. While we pray for a successful outcome of the former, we must maintain the integrity of the latter."

Honeycutt "The witnesses are our responsibility."

B'een Go "I'm scared."

Anemon & Eymo "This will be over soon, little one."

Poly-95480 "Yeah, it's going to be okay, B'een."

Honeycutt "It is our sworn duty to keep them safe, Donatello."

Donnie "I know, Professor. I'm sorry."

Donnie "It's just... I'm worried my brothers are in—"

B'een "Danger!"

Page 10


Hakk-R "Well, seems you're all here."

Donnie "{Koff} {koff}"

Hakk-R "How convenient."

Hakk-R "First rule of an ambush--"

Hakk-R "--Take out the big guns!"


Leatherhead "Unff!"

Hakk-R "And a symbiotic eye or two whenever you can!"


Eymo "Hey!"

Anemon "Eymo!"

Page 11

Donnie "Hiyah!"


Hakk-R "Nice form... Poor aim."


Donnie "Guh!"

Hakk-R "Like your sumo friend, you lack vision."

Honeycutt "Hakk-R... I'm going to..."


Hakk-R "You're going to stay down, robot."

Hakk-R "For good this time."

Page 12

Hakk-R "Okay. Big guns eliminated? Check."

Hakk-R "Second rule of an ambush--"

Hakk-R "--Don't forget the leftovers."

Hakk-R "Hello, leftovers."

Stump "Um, hey... Can we talk about this? I mean, c'mon... No need for violence here."

Stump "I'm a promoter, not a fighter."

Hakk-R "Really? And here I thought you were a talking tree."


Stump "Hrrgk!"

Hakk-R "And what about you two pipsqueaks?"

Hakk-R "No fight in you, either?"


Hakk-R "Gyah!"

Hakk-R "Burns!"

Hakk-R "It burns!"

Polly "That was for Totus, you big ugly weed!"

Page 13

Leo "Whoa! Watch where you're going, Raph!"

Raph "Tell that... To this spazmoid... Leo."

Raph "Plus, it ain't like any of us are experts with these jetpacks."


Mikey "Speak for yourself, bro!"

Mikey "And you dudes said all those hours playing video games was a waste. Ha!"

Leo "Mikey, don't get cocky. This battle's far from o—"


Leo "—veeerrr!"

Raph & Mikey "Leo!"

Raph "You better be right about those video games, runt."

"He went down this way..."

Page 14

Polly "...After I sprayed him with my pollen."

Honeycutt "That was very brave of you, Polly."

Anemon & Eymo "Yes it was, little one."

Anemon & Eymo "Now you two stay behind me. That creature won't surprise me again."

Stump "Behind you? That sounds like a great plan, Anemon."

Anemon & Eymo "I wasn't talking to you, Stump."

Stump "Still a great plan."

Honeycutt "I'm afraid Hakk-R's terrible surprises are far from over, my friends."

Donnie "Oh, no... Judge Gorath."

Hakk-R "Oh, yes. Permanently recessed."

Hakk-R "Third rule of an ambush--leave no survivors."

Hakk-R "Starting with that damn plant."


Page 15

Raph "Leo, we're comin'!"

Leo "Hurry up!"

Mikey "We're hurr—whoa! Donnie?"

Donnie "Mikey?"

Mikey "What up, bro?"

Donnie "Where the heck did you get those sweet jetpacks?"

Raph "Less geeking, more fighting!"

Malignoid "Kill!"

Leatherhead "Very well, monster..."

Malignoid "Gllrgk!"


Leatherhead "If you insist."

Page 16

Leo "Uh... Thanks, Leatherhead."

Leatherhead "Of course."

Anemon & Eymo "What about this beast?"

Anemon & Eymo "Want me to put him through a wall, too?"

Polly "One move and I'll spray you again."

Hakk-R "No... Nrggk... No more spraying!"

Raph "Hakk-R? Great. That's all we need right now."

Leo "We've got zero time to waste on him—the swarm's not letting up."

Leo "We've gotta get back in the fight."

Mikey "But... We can't just hurt him, either, guys. I mean it looks like he's giving up."

Donnie "Actually, I don't think we have to do either of those things."

Donnie "Polly, your concentrated pollen—why did it burn Hakk-R when it only made Mikey hallucinate on your planet?*"

Polly "Because the effects change depending on how much I release. The more I spray, the more it hurts... And the longer it lasts."

Donnie "And if you released all of it?"

Polly "Then somebody's going to have a really, really bad day. Pain, confusion... The works."

Polly "Only problem is, losing all my pollen would send me into a deep, dormant state."

Donnie "Permanently?"

Polly "No—not if I'm on my home planet."

Polly "Totus is the only place with all the minerals and nourishment I'd need to wake up and get better."

Donnie "Hm."

Page 17

Donnie "Stump, we need to talk."

Stump "Uh... Okay."

Stump "What?!"

Stump "Okay... Fine!"

Stump "Of all the idiotic, lame-brained ideas..."

Stump "Um... Mr. R?"

Hakk-R "Y-Yes?"

Stump "I hear you're a bit of a businessman."

Hakk-R "I've been... Hrgk... Known to dabble."

Stump "Well, then..."

Page 18

"...How'd you like to make a deal?"

Maligna >Hive warriors...<

Maligna "...Report to your queen."

Malignoid Swarm >We fight on, Your Majesty—we destroy all.<

Swarm >We will prevail.<


Maligna "Excellent."

Hakk-R "Where, where, where--ah!"

Hakk-R "There!"

Hakk-R "One nasty virus, coming up."

Maligna "Son, Planet Neutrino will be—"

Maligna "—Eh?"

Page 19

Maligna "Who—?"

Hakk-R "Just a little ventilation upgrade."

Maligna "Intruder."

Malignoid "Intruder."

Malignoid "Destroy."

Malignoid "Eliminate."

Hakk-R "I'd really rather not have to shoot in such tight quarters. Just a few more seconds..."

Malignoid "Destroy."

Malignoid "Eliminate."

Hakk-R "And... Done."

Hakk-R "Time to bug out."


Page 20


Malignoid "Burns!"

Malignoid "It burns!"

Malignoid "Like fire!"

Maligna "My mind—it spins!"

Maligna "So much pain! So much... Confusion!"

Maligna "My hive, the intruder has poisoned us!"

"We must flee!"

Page 21

Zak "Wait a sec—"

Zak "What the hell's going on?"

Ace >Guys, this is Ace...<

Ace "...Are you seein' what I'm seein'?"

>Affirmative, duck-man...<

>...They're running!<

Zom "This is Commander Zom. I'm seeing the same thing over here."

Zom "Commander Dask, are you—"

Dask >Way ahead of you, Zom...<

Dask "...The bugs are retreating down here, too."

Dask "I have no clue how or why..."

Page 22

Dask >...But it looks like we've won.<

Leo "Guys... It worked!"

Raph "Sweet plan, bro. Nice goin'."

Donnie "Thanks, Raph. I'm just glad I could help against Maligna."

Mikey "But, dudes... I don't get what happened. What the heck scared all those bugs away?"

Donnie "Honestly, it's not too complicated, Mikey."

Donnie "Professor Honeycutt had told me that the Malignoids function as a hive-mind, completely dependent upon their queen for everything—the actions they take, their well-being... Even their emotions."

Donnie "So I figured, if we could get directly to Maligna somehow—mess with her mind and throw her off her game—we'd be able to knock out the entire swarm in the process."

Donnie "And after Polly explained how potent a full blast of her pollen is, I knew we had the perfect weapon to do it."

Donnie "We just needed a delivery method, which is where Hakk-R came into play."

"By downloading Polly's pollen into his cybernetics, Hakk-R became like a living flash-drive, except instead of data, he was carrying a nasty hallucinogen."

Donnie "After that, it was just a matter of convincing Hakk-R it was worth his while to teleport to Maligna's ship and download the pollen into its ventilation system. And thanks to Stump, we found a way."

Stump "Feh, save your thanks. Sling's gonna kill me when he finds out we owe Hakk-R twice what Krang was paying him and lifetime box-seats to Grappleganza."

Mikey "But... What about Polly? Is she gonna be okay?"

"—She's only sleeping. We'll get her back home as soon as the trial is over. She'll be fine."

Anemon & Eymo "Rest easy, little hero."

Anemon & Eymo "You've earned it."

B'een "Not so bad for a "leftover," huh?"

Page 23

[The next day.]

Donnie "I still can't believe you were able to get the trial back on track so quickly, Professor. I thought we were looking at a week's delay at least."

Honeycutt "Yes, well, as they say on your planet, time and tide wait for no man, Donatello... And neither should the scales of justice."

Honeycutt "Maligna's swarm is is gone and Krang's judgment awaits. So it's back to work for us."

Donnie "Sounds good to me."

Donnie "By the way, Krang's not looking so pleased with himself anymore, huh?"

"Something tells me he found out about Hakk-R dumping him for the highest bidder."

Krang "Blasted, two-faced, back-stabbing bounty hunter..."

Donnie "You could say he looks a little "stumped.""

Donnie "Get it, Professor? Stumped!"

Honeycutt "What I get is that you might want to leave tha trocious puns to Michelangelo, my friend."

Donnie "Yeah. Good idea."

Donnie "In all seriousness, who's going to preside over the trial after Judge Gorath's death?"

Honeycutt "I believe we're about to find out."

Dask "Order in the court!"

Dask "Department One of the Smada City Inter-planetary Court is now back in session for the case of Dimension X versus General Krang of Utrominon."

Dask "All rise for..."

Page 24

Dask "...His Royal Majesty, King Zenter of Planet Neutrino!"

Krang "What?!"

Krang "He's part of the war crimes tribunal. This can't be legal!"

Vin-Bini "On the contrary, it's both legal and established protocol."

Vin-Bini "Planet Neutrino law states that the king may step in to see the proceedings through to completion."

Krang "But... We'll lose."

Vin-Bini "If we do, we'll have whichever fool hired that cybernetic assassin to murder Judge Gorath to thank, won't we?"

Vin-Bini "I wonder who that could have been, hm?"

Krang "Just... Just do your damned job and get me out of here."

"Check out Krang, dudes..."

Mikey "...He looks like more of a sourpuss than normal."

Raph "Yeah—but I'm still ticked we let Hakk-R go. Talk about a scumbag that needs to be on trial."

Gizzla "Hakk-R will answer for his crimes eventually. Planet Neutrino is by no means beholden to his deal with Stump."

Trib "I've no doubts my father will have him directly in his sights as soon as General Krang's trial has concluded."

Raph "Well, at least we know Krang goin' down's a lock now with the king bein' the judge."

Gizzla "Don't be so certain, Raphael. It is true that my husband holds no affections for General Krang. But in all matters..."

Page 25

"...Zenter is guided by Neutrino laws and traditions."

Zenter "Please, be seated."

Zenter "Prosecution, you may call your next witness."

Honeycutt "Thank you, Your Majesty."

Honeycutt "The prosecution once again calls..."

Honeycutt "...Leatherhead of Planet Earth."


Honeycutt "I would like to start by thanking you for your patience while other matters were attended to, sir."

Honeycutt "We apologize for any inconvenience the delay may have caused you."

Leatherhead "I appreciate the sentiment, Professor, though it's unnecessary."

Leatherhead "I've waited centuries to see my jailer brought to justice. Really, what's a few more days?"

Honeycutt "Understood. And, frankly, that is why we've asked you here today."

Honeycutt "You referred to the defendant as your "jailer" just now. Could you please elaborate on that description?"

Leatherhead "Certainly, Professor..."

Leatherhead "...I can think of very few things that would give me more pleasure."

Page 26

Leatherhead "There was a time when, as a true child of mother nature, my existence was one of blissful ignorance, living moment to moment, with survival as my one and only concern... Just as nature intended."

Leatherhead "Sadly, that all changed when I was inadvertently exposed to Krang's mutagen and transformed into the monster you see before you today."

Leatherhead "No—Krang was not directly responsible for my mutation. However, it was his poison that changed me."

Leatherhead "And it was he, upon discovering my new form, who captured me, imprisoned me, and subsequently tortured me for countless years as part of his twisted scheme to build a mutant army to conquer Earth.*"

[*See TMNT #58 - B.C.]

Leatherhead "Understand—had I been in my natural state-of-ignorance—perhaps then the torture would have been more bearable as I would not have known any better what was happening to me."

"But I was mutated, changed... Fully cognizant of each and every second of pain and agony inflicted against my body and my rapidly evolving mind."

"It was an unending horror beyond description..."

Leatherhead "...And it was all Krang's doing."

Leatherhead "Unfortunately, I'm not alone in this. There are others—many others—who have fallen victim to Krang's foul machinations."

"Earth creatures, who predate even myself, were stolen from their rightful home, transported to this strange dimension, mutated into freaks of nature, and forced to fight their captors' wars for them..."

Leatherhead "...Even to this very day."

Page 27

Leatherhead "Ultimately, I realize that is what this trial is about—war. Crimes of war, specifically. And it seems almost comical to me that such a thing is even necessary. Who here doesn't believe Krang egregiously guilty of the attempted murders of millions of innocent lives?"

Leatherhead "Farce of the century indeed&mdash'more so, because destruction was not his greatest crime."

Leatherhead "Creation was."

Leatherhead "Krang played at being a god, creating monstrosities that were never meant to be part of mother nature's grand plan."

Leatherhead "If Krang is to face his just punishment then, above all else, he must pay dearly for his crimes against nature."

Donnie "Wow."

Honeycutt "I believe that's what you Earthlings call a homerun."

Honeycutt "No further questions, Your Majesty."

Zenter "Councilor Vin-Bini?"

Vin-Bini "I... I have nothing for this witness, Sire."

Vin-Bini "I wouldn't eve begin to know where to start."

Zenter "Very well."


Zenter "Professor Honeycutt, I realize you yet intend to call witnesses Ace Duck and Polygot to the stand, but their active participation on behalf of Planet Neutrino in the recent skirmish against the Malignoid Swarm creates an unavoidable conflict of interest."

Zenter "Therefore, it is my sworn duty as acting judge in this case to withdraw both witnesses from the prosecution roster."

Honeycutt "We understand, Your Highness."

Zenter "Defense, you may proceed with your witnesses."

Vin-Bini "Thank you, King Zenter. We have only one witness to call—"

Page 28

[—General Krang, formerly of Utrominon.]

Krang "Let's get this fool's business over with, shall we?"

"Man, Krang really is crazy—"

Mikey "—Everyone knows the defendant's not supposed to testify at their own trial. That's like Law and Order 101!"

Raph "More stupid than crazy, you ask me."

Gizzla "Or perhaps neither, Raphael."

Gizzla "If there is one thing we Neutrinos have learned about General Krang over the years..."

"...It is to never underestimate his cruel cunning."

Vin-Bini "General Krang, we have all heard the testimonies of the witnesses."

Vin-Bini "Each, in their own way, has a history with you—some better than others—that much is indisputable."

Vin-Bini "History or not, however, the fundamental question before this court is—"

Vini-Bini "—Are you, General Krang, a war criminal?"

Krang "Well, if being a dedicated warrior for my people is a crime, then, yes, I suppose I'm guilty as charged."

Krang "Let's get something straight right from the start—my father, Emperor Quanin, was a great Utrom."

Krang "In his lifetime, he single-handedly turned Utrominon from some backwater mud-ball into the ruling seat of the mightiest empire this dimension has ever known."

Krang "There was no fight he would shirk, no enemy he would flee. But make no mistake—"

"—My father was also a greedy fool, with no strategic foresight, who didn't know when to admit enough was enough, and who drove our planet—and nearly our entire race—to utter ruin."

Krang "Upon his ignominious demise, my father, the once great emperor of the Utrom Empire, let his only son—me—a desperate situation in dire need of desperate measures."

Vin-Bini "And what did you do, General?"

Krang "I acted swiftly and decisively—to save my people."

Vin-Bini "And how did you do that?"

Krang "By any means I deemed necessary."

Page 29

Krang "Which is exactly why I deem this trial unnecessary."

Krang "When faced with the total annihilation of my people, I did what I had to do to ensure our survival. The odds were against me and I should have failed, but I did not. Why?"

Krang "Because I let nothing stand in my way. I used who I had to use. I killed who I had to kill... I did what I had to do."

Krang "We can debate the ethics of my methods until the end of time, but the final result speaks for itself—the Utrom race survived."

Krang "And had I been allowed to continue, they would have thrived."

Krang "I know you understand, Zenter. Let's face it, you have the gall to accuse me of so-called war crimes and sit in judgment of me no less, when the truth is, you and I aren't so different."

Krang "I'm no fool—when push came to shove against Maligna, you didn't hesitate to cajole and coerce in order to build the force you needed to save your planet, did you?"

Krang "I wonder..."

Krang "...How many innocent Triceratons died saving your people, hm?"

Krang "But, unlike you, I don't pretend to have the right to judge what you've done, Zenter. On the contrary, I respect your actions."

Krang "You saved your people—no matter the cost... And no matter who had to pay it."

Krang "You did what you had to do."

Krang "So to reiterate, counselor, if saving my people from a terrible death is a criminal offense, then I'm as guilty as they come."

Krang "But I'm not the only one in this courtroom."

Vin-Bini "Thank you, General. No more questions."

Zenter "Prosecution? Your witness."

Honeycutt "I... I have no questions for this witness, Sire."

Donnie "But, Professor..."

Honeycutt "I wouldn't even know where to begin, Donatello."

Page 30

Zenter "Very well—proceed with your closing arguments."

Honeycutt "My true name is Zayton Honeycutt. I am a Neutrino scientist and professor. For a time, I was called Chet Allen, masquerading as a human scientist on Planet Earth."

Honeycutt "And now, standing before you, I am a robotic construct known simply to many as the Fugitoid."

Honeycutt "I share this personal infromation because, in full disclosure, the case against General Krang is a very personal one for me."

Honeycutt "You see, under this artificial exterior still exists the very real soul of the man Honeycutt, a widower and mourning father, whose beloved family was brutally murdered at the behest of the defendant."

Honeycutt "Yes, I am but one person with a tragic story."

Honeycutt "But I am not alone."

Honeycutt "There are millions just like me, in two dimension, who share my fate. Many of the witnesses in this very case are proof of that."

Honeycutt "And had the defendant not been stopped when he was, there would have been millions--perhaps millions--more."

Honeycutt "General Krang fashions himself a victim of circumstances beyond his control, forced to be a rescue of his people. That is only a half-truth."

Honeycutt "He did rescue his people by any means he deemed necessary. But what kind of savior finds the annihilation of millions of innocent souls as one of those acceptable means?"

Honeycutt "The answer is none, because mass murder is a method only of a genocidal maniac."

Honeycutt "General Krang's guilt is beyond question. And speaking from personal experience, the suffering he has caused goes on and on... And on."

Honeycutt "Thank you."

Page 31

Vin-Bini "Sire, you have heard General Krang described by many derogatory terms during this trial—a mass murderer, a monster, a criminal against nature, and so on."

Vin-Bini "But there is one term the esteemed prosecutor used just now that I believe is the most insulting of all—"victim." "

Vin-Bini "My client may be many things to many people, including himself, but what he most certainly is not, is a victim."

Vin-Bini "That he found himself in a difficult situation not of his own making, none can argue—but to think this made him helpless in any way is utterly ridiculous."

Vin-Bini "General Krang, by his own admission, was—and is—a dedicated warrior in service of the Utrom race."

Vin-Bini "And when all seemed lost, he stepped up to prove his dedication by defying both his father and the colossal odds against him to save his kind."

Vin-Bini "Were his methods unorthodox? Certainly. But it was war, and when is war ever orthodox?"

Vin-Bini "Never. It is always unpredictable with the only constant being kill or be killed."

Vin-Bini "General Krang chose the former for his people, and in doing so, they survived."

Vin-Bini "Which brings us to the question of genocide—either it exists or it does not."

Vin-Bini "My client admits to killing others—an expected reality of war. However, when all is accounted for, he did not destroy whole planets or entire peoples."

Vin-Bini "No—he fought a war and, despite saving his people, ultimately lost."

Vin-Bini "And now he sits in prison awaiting judgment by the very people who reap the benefits of his defeat. Perhaps this trial should really be about war-profiteering."

Vin-Bini "And perhaps General Krang should not be the one who stands accused."

Vin-Bini "Thank you for your time."

Zenter "Thank you both. I will deliver my verdict shortly."

Page 32

Donnie "What happens now, Professor?"

Honeycutt "While the king considers his verdict, the royal family and the witnesses will be allowed into the courtroom--"

Honeycutt "--It is a Planet Neutrino tradition that they all be present when a decision is rendered."

Donnie "Do you think we won?"

Honeycutt "Frankly, I don't know how anyone can be considered a winner in such a travesty as this."

Honeycutt "Whatever the final verdict, this case is about death and destruction, and that is always about horrible loss."

Ace "So, what do you say, my friend? Think Krang's goin' down or what?"

Leatherhead "I say I'm not your friend. And as for Krang's verdict..."

"...It's not what I think that matters."


Dask "Order in the court!"

Dask "All rise for His Royal Majesty, King Zenter of Planet Neutrino!"

Zenter "Please—be seated."

Zenter "I am ready to render my decision."

Page 33

Zenter "I have carefully considered all witness testimony and counselors' arguments in this case."

Zenter "I have studied the evidence and have done my best to sift through the facts, such as they are."

Zenter "I have also witnessed murderous atrocities during this trial—to both the good Counselor Apap and the honorable Judge Gorath—that, though not committed by the defendant, may very well be attributable to him."

Zenter "However, without proof, it is only conjecture on my part."

Zenter "What I do know is the actual deeds were committed by the assassin known as Hakk-R."

Zenter "Furthermore, it was Hakk-R who was responsible for delivering the means to repel the Malignoid attack against Planet Neutrino."

Zenter "And ultimately, that particular act—using a known killer to save my people—is attributable only to me."

Zenter "Understand—I do not believe General Krang to be innocent in a moral sense. No—he has murdered, maimed, and tortured countless innocents in the dark interests of his cause."

Zenter "And yet, I do not think it proper that I pass judgment in this case, either. Since I, too, have made questionable moral decisions affecting innocents for my own cause... And my own people."

Zenter "Therefore, I have come to a final decision in this matter."

Zenter "I have consulted with Advisor Ma'riell of Planet Earth's Burnow Island. She has agreed, in the interest of putting all animosities beween our people behind us, to hold the defendant, General Krang, forthwith an exile of Dimension X, as a permanent prisoner."

Zenter "There, Advisor Ma'riell has assured me, the defendant will serve a lifetime sentence that is both morally just and compassionate. Rendered by the very Utrom people he once saved."

Zenter "Commander Dask..."


"...Please turn custody of the defendant over to Lieutenant Kleve and Corporal Montuoro."

Kleve "General Krang—we've come to take you home, sir."

Page 34

Leo "Wow. I didn't see that coming at all."

Trib "Poor Father—this must have been so difficult for him."

Leatherhead "Difficult?!"

Leatherhead "What does he know of difficult?"

Ace "Whoa, partner, take a deep breath—uff!"

Leatherhead "Where's my compassion?"

Raph "What's he—"

Mikey "Oh, no."

Leatherhead "Where's my justice?!"

Leo "Leatherhead—wait!"

Page 35

Krang "No."



Leatherhead "Justice."

Page 36

Dask "Get him!"

Leatherhead "No!"


Dask "Don't let him esc—"

Kleve "Wait!"

Kleve "We, uh, appreciate your concern but..."

Montuoro "But the general is dead."

Kleve "Um, yes... He's dead and it... It's for the best. Imprisonment would have been a worse curse for General Krang."

Dask "Are you sure?"

Kleve "One hundred percent."

Montuoro "Yeah—the general would've, um... Wanted it this way."

Kleve "We'll inform Advisor Ma'riell and the others about what happened."

"Good bye."

Montuoro "Are we really going to inform Ma'riell, Liuetenant?"

Kleve "Negative, Corporal. Until we find that mutant, consider this incident militarily classified. That turncoat Ma'riell doesn't need to know anything."

Kleve "First we locate the lizard, then we find a way to revive Colonel Ch'rell. And then we finish what General Krang started."

Montuoro "Roger that, sir."

Page 37

Raph "Now that I didn't see comin'."

Zenter "A most stunning turn of events indeed."

Honeycutt "Yes. One might call it karmic."

Mikey "Or one might call it gross because... Gross!"

Dask "Well, it seems you had Leatherhead pegged, Leonardo. He's not to be trusted."

Leo "Maybe. But I can't say I blame him this time, Commander."

Dask "No, neither can I."

Zenter "And now we must big you all farewell, my friends."

Zenter "Although the problems presented by General Krang have now ended in an unexpected fashion, other royal duties await us."

Gizzla "Until next time, friends, we pray the creator's light shines upon you all."

Trib "And we'll miss you so much!"

Mikey "She's so awesome."

Zak "That's the cue for me and Kala to ship out, too, daddy-o's."

Kala "Yeah..."

"...We've got some witnesses that are ready to get home."

Ace "Did I ever tell you peeps about the time I led my skyborne squadron into the frozen tundra of the Dry Ice Planet?"

Stump "Will this never end...?"

Page 38

Mikey "You know, cool as cruising around in that hotrod ship was, I'm kinda glad we're goin' home, too."

Raph "Yeah—I wonder what trouble Pepperoni's gotten into."

Leo "All I know is, after this insanity, Pepperoni's mischief is gonna be a welcome relief."

Donnie "So, what's next for you, Professor?"

Honeycutt "I go back to the business of helping to protect my people, Donatello. General Krang may be gone for good now, but Maligna and her swarm are not."

Honeycutt "We Neutrinos must turn our full attention to stopping that threat now."

Dask "No rest for the weary, hey, Professor?"

Honeycutt "Indeed, Commander. Indeed."

Dask "As for the glorious heroes of the Krang War, I offer a heartfelt salute..."

"...Once again, it has been an honor and a privilege to serve alongside you all."


Page 39


Zom >So, King Zenter, Krang is vanquished and my people's agreement to aid you against the Malignoid Swarm has been met.<

Zom >The only question remaining is...<

Zom "...Have you made your decision?"

Zenter >I have, Commander Zom.<

Zenter "Although General Krang is now gone, the testimony he shared during his trial still reverberates in my heart."

Zenter "His words were harsh and accusatory, and the truth of them has caused me no small amount of distress."

Zenter "He was right to lay blame at my feet for using your people—and I was wrong for doing so."

Zom "What are you saying?"

Zenter >Simply this—<

Zenter "—Your people are owed the apologies of all Neutrinos, but none more than myself."

Zenter "It is true that it was General Krang who stole you away from your home world, but it has been I who have not allowed you the means to return."

Zenter "No longer."

Zenter >You requested a world be given to your people, but the fact is, that world already exists.<

Zenter "You are Earthlings and therefore have the right to return to Planet Earth. And so I have asked my scientists to activate a portal to allow for you to do so."

Zenter "The door has been opened and your home awaits."

Zenter "Good luck to all of you."

Page 40

Trib "Do you think they'll be okay, Father?"

Zenter "The Triceratons are a hearty and resilient lot, Trib."

Zenter "I believe they will find a way to make this new opportunity a successful one."

Gizzla "And what of Earth, Zenter?"

Gizzla "Will the current inhabitants welcome their ancient brethren's return?"

Zenter "That I don't know, Gizzla."

Zenter "I only know that the time has come for our respective planets to cease relying on the sacrifices of others to meet what is truly our own responsibilities."

Zenter "And if our turtle friends are any indication of the kindness Earthlings are capable of..."

"...Then I think Commander Zom and her people will find Earth to be the home they've hoped for all these centuries."

Man "Sir, you've got to see this..."

Man "...Video feed from the far side of the Moon streaming in front Lunar Station 8."

John Bishop "What is it?"

Man "I'm not completely sure, but if I had to guess..."

Man "...I'd say we're about to be invaded, Agent Bishop."

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