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Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Chicago Police Department
    • Lt. Frank Darling
    • Officer Alex Wilde
    • Officer Bea O’Problem (debut)
    • Officer Dick Hertz (debut)
    • Officer Gus Turpin (debut)
    • Officer Mike Litoris (debut))
  • Bonnie Harris
  • Jon Day
  • Meggan Hill Corpse
  • Sara Hill Voice Only, No ID


A beautiful costumed woman enters into the precinct of the Chicago Police Department and instantly draws the attention of all of the male officers. Alex Wilde confronts this new arrival and learns that she is Dart, a new super-cop that had been recruited from Detroit where she been fighting crime for years now. Her arrival was kept a secret by Captain Stewart in case anything suspicious was going on. An alarm klaxon sounds and Alex explains that Dragon is out of town so all hell has broken loose.

Dragon has been loaned out to New York City once more and is frustrated by it, knowing that his own city now goes undefended. It seems that elderly women are being abducted by what has been identified as some kind of gargoyle and it needs to be located and destroyed. Dragon stalks the rooftops and finds himself attacked by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who wrongly mistook him for the gargoyle.

The Turtles are held off by their intended victim before they realize their mistake and apologize to Dragon, now recognizing him. They had intended to stalk and defeat the gargoyle themselves and so their assistance is welcomed by Dragon. It is not long before the creature reveals itself and battles against all five of the heroes.

Whilst the Turtles keep the monster occupied, Dragon gets into a position for him to attack. He leaps up and with a single punch he destroys the gargoyle. He questions how such a being could exist and it is suggested by his new allies that magic was involved. This reason is dismissed by Dragon, unaware that the villainess Virago watches on. It had been her mystical abilities that had animated the gargoyle and she now slinks away into the shadows. Dragon has no interest in investigating further as he is eager to head for home.

DeKalb, Illinois. A young delivery boy arrives at the home that contains the corpses of a couple and opens the door when he discovers it to be open. He instantly notices the bodies and runs away screaming, the sound alerting the person whose voice had previously been heard…


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