Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Calvin Banks "Dun-dun-dee-dun... Dee-dun-dee-dun-dee-dun..."

Calvin "I don't know what's sadder, that I'm singing to myself or that I don't notice the stink of this place anymore."

Calvin "Nope... Wait... There it is. I hate the sewers..."

Calvin "...But hey, at least I've got company."

Calvin "What's the deal with these worm things?! They're everywhere!"

Calvin "Disgusting. Can feel them crawling all over me."

Calvin "Heh heh... Only a few seconds more to live, you little creeps!"


Wyrm "Exsscussse usss, missster..."

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Wyrm "Sssquisssh... Sssquisssh... Sssquissshing... Ssso easssy."

Wyrm "How do you think that feelsss?"

Calvin "N-No... No!"


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Michelangelo "Ah, this is the life. Back down in the sewers, chillin' with my bros, sharing a box of Rupert's tasty kaiju corn cob pizza."

Mikey "Mmmm!"

Mikey "Aw, geez... It's been cut into ten slices! That doesn't split four ways."

Mikey "Guess I'm gonna have to take these extra two slices all to myself, huh?"


Mikey "Uuuh... Just time for one slice, then?"

sniff sniff sniff

Maureen Lin "Pizza?"

Page 4

Lin "And there's a slice missing."

Mikey (I better keep following her, see where she goes.)

Mikey (Is she looking for us like those government creeps?)

Mikey (It's not enough we can't go out on the streets?)

Mikey (They want to hound us down here in this one safe place that's ours?)


Mikey (But she's by herself and doesn't look like one of those secret agent types, so... Wait, what's...)


Mikey "Look out!"

Lin "Aaah!"

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Lin "Wh-What are you?!"

Mikey "What am I? I'm a New Yorker like you, lady."

Mikey "Sorry, ma'am, I'm not gonna hurt you. See?"

Mikey "I'm Michelangelo, but my friends call me Mikey. What's your name?"

Lin "Uuh... Maureen. Officer Lin. I'm a cop. What... What are you..."

Mikey "...Doing here? Taking some "me" time."

Mikey "What I wanna know is, what are you doing here?"

Lin "I... The police are looking for a city utility worked... Calvin Banks."

Lin "He's been missing three days, and was last seen headed to an assignment in the sewers."

Lin "You didn't hurt him, did you?"

Mikey "What? No!"

Mikey "But if you promise not to tell anyone about me, I'll help you look for him."

Mikey "I know these sewers like the back of my hand..."

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"How bad can it be?"

Mikey "So, if police are looking for this missing dude, why isn't there, like, a big search party?"

Mikey "It can't just be you."

Lin "It is, now. Division called off the search down here, but I couldn't give up."

Lin "Calvin's my sister's husband."

Lin "How am I supposed to tell her we don't have the resources to bring him home safe?"

Mikey "That's not on you. You can't put all that on your shoulders."

Lin "I can't stop until I find him... Or find out what happened to him."

Mikey "Look... I get why you're down here. There's nothing more important than family."

Mikey "I promise I'll do all I can to help you find your family."

Lin "Thanks. Just one thing I need to be clear on..."

Lin "You are a giant talking turtle, right?"

Mikey "You'll make detective in no time, Officer Lin..."


Lin "Eeaaaaahh!"

Page 7

Mikey "Officer Lin!"

Mikey "Hold on, I'm coming!"


Wyrm "Ssstop there... Little turtle..."

Mikey "What the...?"

Wyrm "Oursss now."

Wyrm "Do you jussst think usss harmlessss little wormsss?"

Wyrm "Nobody touchesss our thingssss oursss oursss oursss!"

Wyrm "We may be sssmall, but we are many."

Wyrm "And united aszzz one, we grow quite fearsssome."

Mikey "Uh-oh."

Page 8

Wyrm "We are Wyrm!"

Wyrm "And theeezzzze sssewers belong to usss!"

Mikey "Duuude!"

Mikey "That goldfish in your eye-hole is totally gross!"

Mikey "You should flush that thing down the toilet, and the rest of you along with it."

Mikey "I guess I better teach you that these sewers don't belong to you, and neither do the people in them."

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Mikey "Huh? That's not good."

Wyrm "What wasss that about teaching usss a lesssson, little turtle? We are waiting."

Mikey "Urk!"

Wyrm "Here isss a lesssson for you..."

Wyrm "You are not sssafe here. We have been watching."

Mikey "Yaaah!"

Wyrm "Our turn."


Mikey "Unng!"

Page 10

Wyrm "Miii-kuuu-laaan-gee-looo. That'sss what they call you."


"Ssso long we have been watching... Waiting..."

"...We have ssseen your joysss... Your ssstrugglesss..."

"...Your quietesssst, weakessst momentsss."

Wyrm "The other turtlesss will be wondering what'sss happened to you."

Wyrm "And here you are, all alone... Sssuch a ssshame they never got to..."

Wyrm "...Sssay goodbye!"


Page 11

Mikey "Hyuuuk!"

Wyrm "We can ssstill sssee you, little turtle..."

Wyrm "...Our eyesss are everywhere."

Wyrm "Have you heard of ssshell rot? It'sss a condition that affectsss turtlesss."

Wyrm "The ssshell is damaged, and bacteria getsss in. An ulcssser... An abssscessss..."

Wyrm "If allowed to grow, it penetratesss the ssshell, carries infectsssion down deep inssside... Bye-bye turtle."

Wyrm "You thought thessse sssewersss sssafe... Your sssanctuary... A nicssse, protective sssshell for the little turtlesss."

Wyrm "But we got in through the cracksss... And now we have ssspread, no room for you anymore. Don't you sssee?"

Wyrm "We are the rot in the ssshell."

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Mikey "Dude, that metaphor is stretched pretty thin. You really gotta stop talking."

Wyrm "Ssstep right up, ssstep right up... Sssee what delightsss await!"

Mikey "Whoa! Creepy carnival feng shui!"

Wyrm "We have ssspent ssso long assssembling thisss home of ours. We have... Memoriesss of a placssse like this... From before."

Wyrm "Sssome partsss borrowed, othersss dissscarded. Nobody noticsssed they were gone, either way."

Wyrm "That'sss what the humansss do. Throw thingsss away, abandon them, or ssstep on them like they're nothing."

Wyrm "We are not nothing. Wyrm will never be stepped on again!"

Mikey "What's your deal, anyway? Why does a big pile of worms start whacking people with a big mallet?"

"We... We are not quite sssure... How we came to be..."

"Our firssst true memory isss of the mutagen."

"Then came the need... Our dessire to grow, to absssorb more and more wormsss and make ourselvesss bigger..."

"...All that isss not usss will be oursss or will be crussshed."

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Mikey "Is that what all this hoarding is for? Making yourself bigger?"

Mikey "It doesn't have to be like that."

Mikey "Their leader is a creep, but the Mutanimals are a group of mutants like you, like us."


Wyrm "Like usss?"

Mikey "Yeah. You could have a family..."

Wyrm "Pah! Wyrm needsss no family. We are our own family!"

Page 14




Wyrm "We keep our own company, we have all we oculd ever want here."

Wyrm "We know what it isss to be tiny, alone, insssignificant. Ssso we collect the thingsss. All of them, disssregarded and abandoned. But we want them. We can love them."

Wyrm "Ssso you sssee... We need our thingsss, and you can't have them! Only without them are we alone."

Wyrm "Pleassse don't leave usss all alone..."

Page 15

Mikey "C'mon, let's get out of here."

Mikey "We'll come back to look for Calvin once we have some backup..."

Lin "No. We were too late."

Lin "I promised I would bring him home safe. I promised..."

Lin "I let him down."

Mikey "I'm so sorry. It's not your..."



Page 16

Wyrm "You cannot beat usss, little turtle. We can sssee the pain and fear in your eyesss."

Wyrm "Thisss time we will not let you crawl away."

Mikey "Heh. How many lessons from Master Splinter did you snoop on, bro? And you didn't learn a thing."

Mikey "Mind over matter. Bring it, slimeball!"

Mikey "You talked about being the rot in my shell because you've been hanging in the sewers?"

Mikey "You got it all wrong, buddy."

Wyrm "Rah! Hold ssstill!"

Page 17

Mikey "These sewers were never my shell. My family are."

Mikey "My brothers, my dad, my friends..."

Wyrm "Oof!"

Mikey "They support me, protect me..."



Mikey "Teach me stuff that makes me stronger!"


Page 18

Mikey "And no matter how much of these sewers you gobble up all to yourself... You'll never have that."

Wyrm "Enough!"

Mikey "Ugh!"

Wyrm "You have proven to be a real nuisssance to usss."

Wyrm "Now we might jussst go find the onesss you love ssso much and sssquisssh them too..."

Page 19



Lin "You're not killing anyone ever again."

Wyrm "Raaargh!"

Lin "Mikey, some help?"

Mikey "Nng! Working on it..."

Mikey "Unff!"


Page 20

Mikey "I think that just made him mad. Any other ideas?"

Lin "One."




Wyrm "Noooo!"

Page 21

Mikey "Wyrm, stop! We have to get out of here!"

Wyrm "Not without our pretty thingsss! Thisss isss usss!"

Wyrm "All of it isss usss..."


Wyrm "...Rreeeee!"


Page 22

Lin "You going to be okay?"

Mikey "Oh, I'm fine. I just need to walk this off."

Mikey "More important, are you going to be okay? I'm so sorry we couldn't help your brother-in-law."

Lin "We did help Calvin."

Lin "We found out what happened to him, stopped it from happening to anyone else."

Lin "I don't know what that'll do for my sister... But it's something."

Lin "None of this gets reported, you have my word."

Mikey "Thanks. Only a few people know about us, friends we can trust. You're one of them."

Mikey "Now, let's get out of this sewer and see some sky!"

"Jussst when you peek your head out, gasssping for air..."

"Thinking you're rid of usss..."

"Thinking you're sssafe..."

"That'sss when you learn there isss no essscape."

"The rot isss everywhere."

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