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The Ratt Pak is a crime syndicate composed of mutant animals that were created via drug testing by Frederick Pordelain and the SoloChem gangsters. The Ratt Pak, assisted the narcotics cartel into developing an addictive and dangerous drug known as "Blue Ice", which serves as the gang's main source of income. They also created the infamous Subliminal Message Generator (SMG). Despite their name, only their leader is actually a rat. They were created by Daniel Greenberg.

The Ratt Pak first appeared in Turtles Go Hollywood.


While cooking up new designer drugs, Frederick Pordelain and the SoloChem gangsters experimented with unstable mutagenic chemicals, exposing a variety of laboratory animals to the radioactive drugs. They intended to create a new drug that was so addictive that it took only one or two uses to hook an individual. As a surprise bonus, they accidentally created a host of horribly mutated creatures with a keen, but wicked intelligence. These corrupted animals are the Rat Pack: Labb Ratt, Lounge Lizard, White Rabbit, Brain Drain and Space Case.

Lead by the diabolical Labb Ratt, the Ratt Pak assisted the narcotics cartel into developing "Blue Ice" and quickly rose in the SoloChem as secret operatives. Soon they were given the freedom to develop their own projects. This lead to an invention far worse than any drug. They created the Subliminal Message Generator (SMG), capable of psionically addicting it's viewers and ultimately subverting their wills. The device works only when the subjects stare at the SMG encoded images for at least an hour. These messages need to be encoded into a delivery system like film or can be broadcast digitally over the Internet, cell phones, etc.

When a group of heroes attacked SoloChem, the Ratt Pack used the opportunity to steal their SMG and flee to L.A. where they set up a base at the Monolithic Movie Studio (one of the top six largest studios in the country). They set up an alliance with unscrupulous movie mogul Lambert Bullwark to encode new movies made by the studio with the powerful subliminal messages. The audience will believe anything. No matter how bad made a movie, the audience will love it, and keep coming back to watch them. If their plan works, they could sell any form of advertising, political candidates, anything is possible.

The Ratt Pack is vulnerable in one particular manner. They need a constant supply of the mutagenic drugs that created them to stay mutated. The drugs are rare, expensive, and illegal. The only source of the drugs is the Magaldi Cartel in Colombia, South America. The Ratt Pack has paid the Cartel a small fortune for a steady supply of drugs. The Cartel has no idea why Labb Ratt wants the drugs. Once a week a ship arrives from the Cartel and the Ratt Pack sends White Rabbit to pick them up.

The Ratt Pack's ultimate goal is complete domination over humans, turning people into cattle, beasts of burden, and house hold pets.


  • Labb Ratt - A mutant rat who is the crime lord of the Ratt Pak.
  • Space Case - A mutant cat who is Ratt Pak's girlfriend.
  • Lounge Lizard - A mutant lizard who has a talent of playing lounge music.
  • White Rabbit - A mutant rabbit.
  • Brain Drain - A mutant guinea pig brain in a robot body who serves as the Ratt Pak's scientist.
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