The Pig and The Rhino
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series) episode
Season Code: 311
Episode: 63
Original airdate March 8, 2015
Written by Brandon Auman
Producers: Vladimir Radev
Directed by Alan Wan
Voice Direction Andrea Romano
Supervising Director  Ciro Nieli
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"Serpent Hunt" "Battle for New York, Part 1"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 3
October 3, 2014 - September 27,2015
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"The Pig and The Rhino" is the eleventh episode of the third season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series), and is the sixty-third episode overall in the series. It first aired on March 8th, 2015.


Donatello finishes a new batch of retro-mutagen, hoping to save Karai, but the Turtles find themselves hunted by Shredder's new vengeful henchmen: Bebop and Rocksteady!


Major Characters

Minor Characters


The episode begins at the Shredder’s lair, where Anton Zeck and Ivan Steranko are enraged of being turned into freaks, so they attack the Shredder, but the Foot leader easily dodges their attacks and defeats them. The Shredder then offers a deal that they serve him or fall at his hand. While Zeck takes the first option since being a warthog has limited employment issues, Steranko states that they will work for him for now. The Shredder wants them to capture Karai as they have done it before and threatens to have them experience more pain if they fail.

Meanwhile at their hideout after watching an episode of Crognard The Barbarian, Michelangelo was watching Crognard until Leonardo turns it off for a meeting on searching for Karai. Leo stated that the clue she gave him was “comet.” Casey Jones suspects it being a meteor heading towards earth, while April O'Neil suggests a name for her hideout, Donatello uses his computer and comes up with 3 possible locations: a dry cleaner, a movie theater, and a roller coaster at Coney Island. They decided to spilt divide into 2 to look. Donnie and April will investigate the dry cleaner. Raph and Casey will check the movie theater. Leo and Mikey will head over to Coney Island. Donnie hands everyone Retromutagen containers just in case they see Karai.

Meanwhile, Zeck and Steranko are searching for Karai, Steranko now suggest forgetting about Karai and getting revenge on the turtles for interfering with their attempt to escape the city. Zeck agrees with this idea. Steranko suggest splitting up to capture more ground. Zeck senses April and Donnie not too far and uses his cloaking ability to creep up on them. Over at the dry cleaners Donnie and April discovered that Karai is not there. Zeck, still being invisible, manages to catch Donnie off guard, but April managed to score a hit on him effectively turning it off, however, Zeck manages to trap April and stun Donnie. He then finds the Retro Mutagen and Donnie's T-phone, and discovers where the others are. Zeck tells Steranko to check out the movie theater while he heads to Coney Island with Donnie and April in a towtruck. At the movie theater, Raph and Casey were bumbed out cause there's no sign of Karai. But Steranko, who was waiting outside, jumps out and surprised them. Both Raph and Casey tried to fend him off but Steranko's tough skin was resistant to their hits. Steranko knocked out Raph, and when Casey tried to wake him up the Rhino creeped behind him before the scene turned to black.

At Coney Island Leo and Mikey are searching for Karai, when they have no avail finding her she is hiding from them before giving her position away. Karai rushes to the spook house. The stuff that pops out freaks out Mikey and even Leo. They spot her and chase her to the hall of mirrors. Leo managed to convince Karai to calm down, she complies until Zeck and Steranko arrive where she is scared off. Zeck managed to spot them. He and Steranko threaten to kill the others if they don't comply. Leo tells Mikey to stall them so he can pick the lock. Mikey suggest giving them Mutant names and after three tries, he finally comes up with "Bebop and Rocksteady". Steranko liked the name “Rocksteady” while Zeck does not like the name “Bebop.” Zeck then catches Leo trying to pick the lock but Mikey intercepts him. Steranko then declares that no-one can stand against Bebop and Rocksteady, which angers Zeck. Mikey blurts out about the retro mutagen that Bebop is holding and he then aims it at Mikey, preparing to demutate him.

Just then, Rocksteady tells Bebop to stop because they can uses it to go back to normal, but then they start fighting on who gets to use it. Leo suggests they need a distraction and Karai comes to their aid, but makes Rocksteady crush the vial. They split up and fight the mutants. Rocksteady managed to hold his own while Bebop used his cloaking device to cloak himself. Bebop is defeated when Donnie throws a smoke bomb at him, revealing himself and allowing Donnie and Casey to score a hit. Rocksteady is defeated when a roller coaster hits him, sending him in the air and landing on Bebop. With the villains defeated, Leo calls out for Karai. Leo tries to change her back, but it does not work with Donnie reminding him of how special Karai is. Leo asks her to come with them, but Karai says no, because she is losing her mind and is becoming more dangerous. Leo ask why did she want them to find her, she explains that she wanted to say goodbye to all of them and she jumps into the sea much to Leo's despair. The gang heads back home, feeling sad because of their loss, but Leo promises to find a way to help Karai.

Unknown to everyone else, Karai had secretly gone back to the city. While trying to eat a rat, a cage falls on her. The scene switches over to the Shredder’s lair where it was revealed that Bebop and Rocksteady have actually captured Karai. The Shredder is pleased and promises to cure her mutation, and soon they will have their revenge, but Karai hisses in anger at him.


Anton Zeck - "Look at me! You turned me into a dang pig! I don't wanna be a pig! Ladies don't love pigs! Can't you turn me something cool, like a mongoose?"
Ivan Steranko - "Oh! You mutates me into giant talking rhino?! You will pay for me, Shredder!"

Shredder - Ivan Steranko! Anton Zeck! You will either serve me or fall by my hand!

Anton Zeck - (Groans) Being a pig does have limited employment options. The bacon's in.

Ivan Steranko - Da. We serve you, Shredder. For now. What is you want us to do?

Shredder - You found my daughter once. You will find her again. Fail me and I will introduce you to new forms of pain.

Anton Zeck - (meeting Donnie and April) Oh, what's-his-name, that fly guy, Baxter Bughead. He fixed my invisibility tech. Wow to the wow to the wow to the wee--Oh! Aw man! How did you find me?

April O'Neil - Because you don't shut up! Who is this guy, Donnie?

Donatello - He was a thief named Zeck. It looks like he got a little mutated.

Ivan Steranko - (meeting Raph and Casey) Well, well, well. Comrade Zeck made good on info. Turtle here... and strange human friend.
Casey Jones - Whoa! Another mutant? Dude, he's kinda rad.
Ivan Steranko - Rad... AND STRONG!!!


  • Crognard raises his sword shouting "For the powers of Lognard, I have the energy!" as an homage to He-Man's famous "By the powers of Grayskull, I have the power!",[1] even Crognard's movements were based on He-Man's.
  • The Shredder fights Bebop and Rocksteady to make them respect him, the same way that the Shredder said he would do to Tokka and Rahzar in the 1991 film.
  • When threatening Leo and Mikey with the retro-mutagen gun, Bebop says "It's time for the Next Mutation." A clear reference to the live action series with the same name.
  • When taunting Leonardo and Michelangelo to reveal themselves in Coney Island Bebop says "Turtles come out and play!" This is a reference to the film The Warriors.[2]
  • Rocksteady steps on one of Donatello's retro-mutagen samples but is unaffected by it.
  • An image of the Super-Robot from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! can be briefly seen in the background of the amusement park.
Super Robot



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