The Manhattan Project
2012 TV series episode
Season Code:
Episode: 39–40
Original airdate March 14, 2014
Written by Brandon Auman (Part 1)
John Shirley (Part 2)
Episode chronology
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"Of Rats and Men" "Mazes & Mutants"
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"The Manhattan Project", or "Wormquake!" in promotional advertising, is a double episode of the 2012 TV series. It consists of two parts, The Manhattan Project, Part 1 and The Manhattan Project, Part 2. It originally aired over Nickelodeon on March 14th, 2014.[1]


Shredder returns to New York City from Japan with a new henchman, Tiger Claw.

Meanwhile, the Turtles attempt to uncover a Kraang plot involving the Kraathatrogon worm species to generate Earthquake-like vibrations on Manhattan.

When Tiger Claw and Karai capture Splinter, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael head out to save him, while Donatello discovers a way to slow down the Kraathatgrogon worms with salt, and close down the vortex that brought them to Earth.


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