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The Lesson: A Tale of the Triceraton Marines is a Mirage TMNT short story originally published on November 1987 in Grunts by Mirage Studios.

Pages: 10




In the Triceraton Marine barracks on Zogneb in the Arzak System, an overzealous marine Zad is told a story by his Sergeant Zule, who's missing one of his horns. He had been dropped on an enemy Ursid planet, and encountered a single soldier from the other side, who threw down his gun and instead reached for his knife. During the brutal fight, the Ursid rushed toward the Triceraton, only to be impaled on one of his horn, which broke off by the force. The Triceraton managed to recover after some time, and discovered that his entire platoon had been killed, along with the opposing side. He finished the story by telling how he turned his broken horn into the handle of his knife, as a lesson never to underestimate the enemy.


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