The Kraang Conspiracy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV Series) episode
Title screen
Season Code: 208
Episode: 35
Original airdate February 9, 2014
Written by Brandon Auman
Producers: Ciro Nieli
Ant Ward
MacGregor Middleton
Directed by Alan Wan
Voice Direction Andrea Romano
Supervising Director  Ciro Nieli
Episode chronology
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"Slash and Destroy" "The Good, The Bad and Casey Jones"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 2
October 12, 2013 - September 27, 2014
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"The Kraang Conspiracy" is the ninth episode of the second season of the 2012 TV series,, and is the thirty-fifth episode overall in the series.

Production-wise, it is the eighth episode of Season 2, and the thirty-fourth episode overall. It first aired on February 9th, 2014.


Feeling left out of the action, April insists on joining the Turtles on a mission to TCRI, where they learn a shocking secret about April's past.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


The episode opens with the Turtles on one of their typical training exercises, jumping from rooftop to rooftop throughout the city - However, this time they are being accompanied by April, who is finding it quite difficult to keep up with them....They all begin debating whether or not they should bring April on more missions, as she could be learning more than a thing or two from them. Unbeknownst to them all, however, someone is taking several pictures of them from afar. After a little while, April comes to sense the photographer's presence, and the four Turtles then spot him as well.

The man is able to escape into his own apartment (which is located nearby), but the Turtles, using their speed, manage to spot him doing so, and they easily follow him into the apartment. Upon entering, tons of pictures situated everywhere (most of which are of the Kraang and even the Turtles themselves!!) catch their attention. They begin to wonder how the man could know of their existence....Then, Raph manages to hear the man from behind a wall, and quickly grabs him and lifts him up, putting a sai to the front of his throat. The man informs him that he is not an enemy, which eventually prompts Raph to let him go. The man then reveals that his name is Jack Kurtzman, an investigative journalist who was making his very own investigation into the case of the missing scientists the prior year, until he recently discovered The Kraang. He then informs them that The Kraang have been been plotting to use their Mutagen to terraform the Earth for well over a millennium. However, their wicked plan could not be put into motion without a 'specific chain of Human DNA' for them to utilize. He then shows them a picture of April as a baby, which greatly surprises/confuses her. He then remarks that, before April was born, her mother was one of the few [idiosyncratic] people that the Kraang were experimenting on. April is appalled by this - but before she can display her true emotions, coincidentally, a squad of Kraang Droids show up on the spot (as they have somehow realized that Kurtzman is onto them), intending to capture April.

The Kraang begin firing their weapons at the Turtles, April, and Kurtzman. April is nearly abducted twice - but both Leo and Donnie are able to save her; miraculously, though, afterwards, she makes a debatable claim, which is that she could've easily saved herself. In a quite short amount of time, all of the robots are defeated. Kurtzman does fall out of a window and nearly to his death due to one of The Kraang's blasts, but Mikey narrowly saves him with his Nunchuck. Outside, a Kraang's van is parked - and a Kraang (walking on several new metal appendages) steps out of it and opens fire on them once again. They all quickly jump into The Shellraiser, which is activated to come to the scene, and they escape. Inside, Kurtzman tells them that they must infiltrate the TCRI building (yet again) to erase everything that is on The Kraang's computers pertaining to April (for her sake, primarily).

April thinks that the Turtles had recently destroyed the TCRI building, only to find out that the building was fully repaired and rebuilt somehow. Kurtzman then tells the Turtles that they must find the code for April’s DNA, and erase it at all costs. He then hands them a TCRI key card, which he managed to steal from one of their vans earlier. Leo then tells April to stay behind with Kurtzman, but she refuses to play a role as nothing but a stupid sidekick, and chooses to come along with them.

When they enter the building, they come face to face with an android staring at them - but they then soon deduce that all of the androids there in the area are charging. The five begin making their way through all of the inactive robots, when, suddenly, they finish charging and stand up. The Turtles and April narrowly avoid being seen as they silently make their way to the nearest elevator through the walkways. The elevator opens at the last possible second, and they enter. When the elevator reaches the very top floor and they all exit, it is revealed that Kraang Prime (who is seen through a screen) and a ton of other Kraang are "meditating" in midair there. April is actually able to telepathically read their thoughts - but The Kraang soon hear both her and the Turtles. They all then begin fighting, and our heroes are able to give The Kraang a good run for their money. Unfortunately, April is captured amidst the ruckus and is seemingly dragged out of a nearby doorway by a lone Kraang droid.

The Turtles quickly give chase to rescue April, and run through the apparent door that The Kraang had dragged her through. They then find themselves in a hallway, but to their surprise, April suddenly runs out of nowhere and towards them after seemingly escaping from the Kraang droid's grasp. She then leads the four into a detention cell to escape an oncoming Kraang horde; However, the cell doors close shut soon afterward and toxic gas begins to fill the whole room, with April laughing maniacally...The Turtles quickly realize that the "April" with them is some kind of duplicate. It is able to put up a very good fight, though the Turtles are eventually able to defeat the clone by knocking it off-balance and slamming it's face into a nearby control panel, electrocuting it. The fake April then explodes into nothing but black slime, and the elevator doors open for them.

After a few other obstacles, the Turtles soon enter a large room (which Leo has to use the card on the doorway in order to gain entrance to), full of many April clones settling in stasis tubes. In a different room, the Kraang are preparing to extract the real April's DNA to further perfect their clones. To deal with the Turtles, a Kraang opens what is called a "reject bin" and a grotesque, malformed April clone (a big genetic mishap) emerges...Whilst Leo and Mikey fight the rejected April clone (which Mikey manages to nickname "April-Derp", due to it's limited vocabulary, which is comprised of the sole word "Derp"), Raph goes off to rescue the real April by hearing and following one of her screams, and Donnie has already busied himself with hacking into the computers to erase all of April's data.

The struggle soon becomes more and more desperate, as Leo and Mikey are beginning to be outmatched by "April-Derp's" unorthodox fighting methods and Raph is seized by numerous Kraang droids before he is actually able to rescue the real April. Under the pressure, April yells out really loudly and somehow emits a telepathic signal, incapacitating the nearby Kraang, along with "April-Derp". With their enemies severely weakened, Raph is then able to rescue April, "April-Derp" is completely destroyed, and Donnie successfully erases all of the data...However, as they decide to try and escape due to some alarms that are set off, all of the April clones are subsequently released and confront the Turtles, with the real April slipping into the crowd amongst the confusion. As the Turtles begin wondering which is the actual April, the truth is suddenly revealed when April pulls out her tessen fan and starts destroying a few of the clones. The Turtles and the real April then partner up to destroy the entire army of clones and Kurtzman then helps them escape in one of the Kraang's vans parked right outside. Upon dropping them off, he gives the Turtles his card in case they need his help or expertise ever again.

After returning to the sewer lair, Donnie immediately inspects a sample of April's DNA (which he managed to swipe from the clone lab) under a microscope and makes quite a shocking discovery: April's DNA is made up of blend of Human and Kraang DNA, and he makes a conclusion that, because April has demonstrated to have these strange psychic powers, she is none other than a half-human, half-alien Mutant, which obviously appalls both the other Turtles and April herself in many ways...


April: (panting heavily) I… I never understood… how… how turtles… could be so… so fast!
Michelangelo: C'mon, April! This is just the warmup!
Leonardo: That's what ninjas do! Training sometimes lasts four, five hours at a time! Awesome, right? Ha ha ha! Yeah!
April: Ugh, are you kidding me? I'm gonna puke! How 'bout a REAL mission?
Raphael: It took fifteen years of training before Master Splinter allowed us to go on a 'real mission'. You got a long way to go, sister.
Donatello: Not that long! A decade or two'll fly by like that!
April: For a turtle!

Donatello: April! Use my rope!
Raphael: (mocking falsetto) April, use my rope!

Disguised Kraang-droid: Kraang, the human known as 'Kurtzman' has allied himself with the ones called 'the turtles' who are the turtles.
Disguised Kraang-droid: Observed, Kraang. Disintegrate first, capture for interrogation later.

Raphael: April? What are YOU doing here?
April: I told you, I'm sick of sitting on the sidelines!
Leonardo: Fine. Just be quiet, stay close, and DO NOT… let Mikey touch anything.
(Disguised Kraang-droid finishes powering up.)
Michelangelo: It wasn't me!

Disguised Kraang-droid: Kraang, does this human suit make Kraang look fat?

Raphael: What's going on, Donnie?
Donatello: (falsetto) It's a Kraang sweet sixteen birthday party! (normal voice) How'm I supposed to know?!

Michelangelo: Woah, man! You're, like, telepathetic!

Donatello: By Darwin's beard..."

Raphael: You guys take care of the derp. I'll rescue April.
Donatello: Aw, man! I wanted to do that!

April: Oh, great. Saved by Raph. I'm never gonna live this down.

Donatello: You're not… entirely human, April. That's why you have… psychic powers. In fact, you are a half human, half alien… mutant.
April, Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo: A MUTANT?!!
Michelangelo: Aw, YEAH! Welcome to the family!


  • When the Kraang enter Kurtzman's apartment, he recites a line from the film Back To The Future "They found me! I don't know how, but they found me!"
  • Kurtzman's stolen TCRI ID badge reads "Kraangenhoffer, Norman".
  • The design of the circular room storing April clones appears to be largely the same as the circular DNA storage room at the Worldwide Genome Project in The Alien Agenda.



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