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The Kraang
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"Norman Kraangenhoffer" (public identity)


The Mutators (by Zog)
Slime Bot (by Donatello)


Extreme intelligence
Telepathic communication
scientific skills

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about 30 cm



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Red with Green/Yellow eyeball

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The Kraang, are a telepathically enslaved Hive Mind faction of Utroms who were corrupted by and serve Kraang Prime. They are bent on conquering and mutating planets, such as Earth, to use as staging grounds in their ancient war with their archenemies, the Triceratons. They eventually hope to conquer all of Dimension X for themselves and perhaps beyond. They are one of the main antagonists of the 2012 series. Most Kraang characters are voiced by Nolan North. Since Kraang Prime’s demise, the Kraang reverted back into the Utroms.

Known Kraang

  • The Kraang Hive Mind also made a rejected clone of Mrs. O'Neil.
  • Kraang Prime is the leader of the Kraang Hive Mind.
  • Irma/Kraang Sub-Prime is an Utrom who later came to serve the Kraang Hive Mind.
  • Cop 1 and Cop 2 are Kraang Hive Mind spies.
  • Countless Kraang Hive Mind agents.
  • Krang is the cousin of Kraang Sub-Prime who was banished to another dimension for his stupidity.

Kraang-Human Hybrids

  • April O'Neil is a human-Kraang mutant hybrid, the final result of a Kraang Hive Mind multi-generational breeding program to help them stabilize the mutagen in Earth's dimension.
  • Mrs. O'Neil is a human-Kraang mutant hybrid who disappeared from April's life when she was only 6 years old.


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As revealed in "The War for Dimension X" the Utroms were a peaceful race hailing from Dimension X. They seemed to be a species who prized intelligence and knowledge, but their era of peace came to an end when the Utrom scientist Kraang discovered a mutagenic substance derived from a local species of worm: The Kraathatrogon. With this mutagen, he transformed into a giant with incredible psychic abilities. With his new powers, Kraang conquered the Utrom and enslaved them all to his will; transforming them into psychic clones of himself and destroying their individual identities. Kraang renamed himself Kraang Prime and renamed the species after himself and used them to try and conquer Dimension X, and the greater universe as well.

Like the Utroms in the 2003 TV series, the Kraang Hive Mind's history is inextricably intertwined with that of the Turtles. It was their agents who were the ones who attacked Splinter while he was holding his not-yet-mutated future turtle sons, causing them to fall into the ooze. Fifteen years later, the Hive Mind began kidnapping scientists with the help of a human named Snake. Their victims included Kirby O'Neil and his teenage daughter April. This was when the Turtles began to interfere with the Hive Mind's plans. After the Turtles destroyed one of their compounds, mutated Snake into Snakeweed, and escaped with April, the Hive Mind became enemies of the Turtles.

Turtle Temper

The Turtles and April deal with the Kraang Hive Mind for much of the series, trying to uncover their true motives and where they took April's father. Their attempts to thwart Hive Mind operatives from breaking into a lab become complicated when a civilian named Vic catches them on video. Both the Turtles and the Hive Mind want this video for their own reasons, and the conflict results in Vic mutating into Spider Bytez.


Donatello reverse-engineers his robot named Metalhead from a broken Kraangdroid scavenged from an encounter with Kraang Hive Mind agents. Later, April discovers and relates the Hive Mind's plans to dump mutagen in the city's water supply, prompting Donnie's test run of Metalhead. During the following battle, one of the Hive Mind's Kraang agents is able to take over Metalhead and turns him against the Turtles, forcing Donatello to disarm his creation.

Monkey Brains

It is revealed that the Kraang Hive Mind provided Dr. Victor Falco with mutagen and offered him a great deal of money to experiment with it. Falco modified the mutagen to develop a psychic neuro-chemical and tested it on his colleague Dr. Tyler Rockwell. Rockwell became a mutant monkey with psychic powers, and Falco later extracted the chemical from his brain to use on himself. The Turtles eventually saved Rockwell, defeated Falco and took his mutagen, but Falco escaped. Later in I, Monster, Falco rants about "corporate fools" pulling his funding, implying that the Kraang Hive Mind were displeased with him and no longer support his research.

The Gauntlet

More information is revealed about the Kraang Hive Mind. Kirby O'Neil explains that they are aliens from another dimension who brought the mutagen with them when they came to Earth. However, the physical laws of their universe are different from those of the Earth's universe, so the mutagen does not work there as intended. In order to modify mutagen, the Kraang Hive Mind are kidnapping human scientists, but it remains a mystery as to what they want the mutagen to do.

It Came From The Depths

The mutant alligator Leatherhead tells the Turtles about the portal the Kraang Hive Mind use to travel between dimensions and he entrusts them with the Power Cell that fuels it.

The Alien Agenda

It is revealed that the Kraang Hive Mind are behind the Worldwide Genome Project (W.G.P.). When they receive a sample of April's DNA, they send a robotic agent named Ms. Campbell to kidnap her, but the turtles come to April's rescue. The Turtles later infiltrate W.G.P. headquarters, where they find that the Kraang have collected DNA samples from every plant and animal species on Earth. Thanks to Karai's interference, the Turtles are attacked by the Hive Mind's agents and then a super-mutant that Karai's actions create. The battle ends with Justin's retreat and Karai returns to the Shredder with a broken Kraangdroid. From then on, Shredder and the Foot Clan became interested in using Kraang technology in their war against the Turtles.

The Pulverizer

The Kraang Hive Mind are still searching for the power cell to open their dimensional portal. Donatello is keeping it hidden under a lead glass shield and using it to power his latest invention, the Shellraiser. Unfortunately, the shield protecting the power cell is cracked when Donatello rushes to save his brothers from Fishface, allowing the Hive Mind's agents to locate and forcibly retrieve it.


The Kraang Hive Mind use the power cell to reactivate their portal to Dimension X. The Turtles team up with Leatherhead to get it back, and break into their headquarters in the TCRI building. The Hive Mind succeed in bringing Traag through the portal, and the Turtles fight him without success until Leatherhead joins them. However, both Traag and the portal survive the combined forces of Leatherhead and Donatello's homemade explosives. Leatherhead is forced to pull Traag back through the portal and the Turtles are forced to escape TCRI. Upon returning to the Lair, Michelangelo shows off a Kraang data storage device he picked up in the building. Donnie manages to decode it, and discovers some shocking information; the Hide Mind are searching for April.

Cockroach Terminator

The Kraang Hive Mind retrieved a diamond lens for a laser drill to cause a volcanic eruption in the middle of Manhattan.

Enemy of My Enemy

The Kraang Hive Mind used their portal to bring a Kraang Stealth Ship from Dimension X in order to hunt down and destroy the Turtles. After the ship was destroyed, one of the Kraang pilots was captured by the Shredder.

Karai's Vendetta

The Shredder asks the Kraang Hive Mind he captured why he and the other Kraang are hunting the Turtles. At first it doesn't answer because he cannot speak outside of a Kraangdroid suit, but Karai points this out and they insert it into the Kraangdroid that Karai stole during The Alien Agenda. When they put it in the suit, it refuses to answer, but then when Shredder threatens it, it begrudgingly tells him the Turtles are protecting April, whom they need for their plan. The Shredder takes an interest in this and tells Karai she must find April and bring her to them in order to lure out the Turtles. Meanwhile, the Kraang Hive Mind are trying to turn Earth's water into hazardous Kraang water.

The Pulverizer Returns!

Shredder's Kraang hostage warns that the mutagen is unstable in Earth's dimension, and therefore unpredictable, and it later acknowledges to the Shredder that he and the Kraang Hive Mind have a common enemy in the Turtles.

Operation: Break Out

The Kraangs' plan was to keep a mind-controlled Kirby O'Neil hostage to lure the Ninja Turtles in to rescue him and bring him back into their lair to execute their invasion.

Showdown, Part 1

Showdown, Part 2

The Mutation Situation

Target: April O'Neil

The Kraang Conspiracy

Metalhead Rewired

The Manhattan Project, Part 1

The Manhattan Project, Part 2


The Newtralizer says the Kraang are the most insidious aliens in the ten dimensions. The Kraang Hive Mind test a new weapon called the Kraang Walker. The Newtralizer hijacks the Walker, but it then destroyed by Casey Jones with help from the turtles and Slash.

Plan 10

Into Dimension X!

The Invasion, Part 1

The Invasion, Part 2

Within the Woods

Buried Secrets

Return to New York

Serpent Hunt

Battle for New York, Part 1

Battle for New York, Part 2

Dinosaur Seen in Sewers!

Annihilation Earth!, Part 1

Bishop introduces himself to the Turtles as an Utrom, a tribe of Kraang who defected from the Kraang Hive Mind many centuries ago. Bishop explains more of the Hive Mind's history, including their enmity with the Triceratons. Bishop allies himself with the Turtles and leads an assault on the Technodrome that has been lying at the bottom of the East River since Showdown, Part 2. Kraang Prime and Kraang Subprime are revealed to currently be in this Technodrome, and Subprime is repairing it to become operational again. Subprime succeeds in repairing the Technodrome, but not long after it becomes airborne again, the Triceraton fleet arrives and easily annihilates the Technodrome from out of the sky with Prime and Subprime in it. The Triceratons have resolved to destroy the Earth to make sure the Kraang Hive Mind can never again use it as a base.

Annihilation Earth!, Part 2

The Triceratons employ the Heart of Darkness, a weapons technology once used by the Kraang Hive Mind to destroy the Triceraton Homeworld long ago. Despite the Turtles' best efforts, the Triceratons succeed in completely annihilating the Earth and all its human and Kraang inhabitants, except for the four turtles, April and Casey who are rescued by Zayton Honeycutt and his Ulixes. Satisfied in having crippled the Kraang Hive Mind's encroachment, the Triceratons leave the Solar System.

Beyond the Known Universe

The War for Dimension X

Trans-Dimensional Turtles

The Kraang return for the second time in Season 4, they are with Kraang Subprime inside the 1987 Technodrome. They then battle the Turtles and their counterparts but they were defeated.

Earth's Last Stand

Kraang Subprime and a few Kraang droids bought the Heart of Darkness from Zayton Honeycutt, revealing that the Kraang didn't make the weapon but used it for devastating means.

Tokka vs. The World

The Kraang's former headquarters, TCRI was taken over by the Earth Protection Force. The Kraang's technology at the building was changed to Utrom technology. A few Kraang are seen in containment cells in a meditated state.

Tale of Tiger Claw

The Kraang were mentioned and seen as flashbacks by Tiger Claw, saying that they are responsible for his and his sister Alopex's mutations.

When Worlds Collide, Part 1

Lone Rat and Cubs

The Kraang return in this episode as flashbacks when Hamato Yoshi was buying four baby turtles, a mysterious stranger bumped into him. Yoshi followed him and accidently stepped on a rat, the two men see him and attempt to destroy him. Despite Yoshi's efforts, he gets exposed to Mutagen along with his turtles, he then ran away.

After the mutation of Splinter, two Kraang in human suits are searching in an alley for "mutants". One probe droid was searching an area where Splinter was hiding out, the probe scans nothing on the water tower and leaves however one of the baby turtles burp and alerts the probe which leads to Splinter destroying the Kraang probe droid. Splinter relocates to a building however the Kraang track him down and blow up the building, the aliens nearly destroyed him after being deemed too dangerous for Kraang to contain. Splinter runs to a dark alley where he encounters more Kraang droids and causing a battle. The rat succeeds to destroy some of the droids and realizes they are not human, so he retreated to the sewers.

The Kraang are having a hard time with their DNA tracker whilst being in the sewers. But they find Splinter and the turtles who wish to have them contained, just as they were cornered, Splinter destroys all the droids and flees to save the turtles.


The Kraang Hive Mind cannot speak in human language unassisted. They speak when housed in their Kraangdroid units, but they still speak in a very complicated and redundant manner, often including the subject both at the beginning and end of the sentence. They always refer to each other as just "Kraang", with each individual having limited personality or individuality. These Kraang also appear vain, as they are very intrigued by watching themselves in action against the turtles, as seen in the episode, Turtle Temper. They're also quite sadistic, stating in The Kraang Conspiracy that harmful methods of extracting April's DNA would be "more fun" then simply taking some of her hair.

The differences between the Kraang Hive Mind and the Utrom Tribe begin to come to light with the introduction of Kraang Subprime, a Kraang originally from the Utroms who has full power of human speech (even outside a Kraangdroid) and a clearly-defined independent personality. Later on, the turtles meet and befriend another Utrom, Bishop, who also speaks in clear human language with a distinct personality. Bishop explains that the Utroms had defected from the Hive Mind centuries ago and now exist independently of them and their agenda.


The Kraang Hive Mind's primary goal is to mutate all life on Earth so it can become habitable for the Kraang race. However, it has been revealed that the Hive Mind does need April O'Neil's biology, as she has been bred from generations of human-Kraang mutant hybrids to be "uniquely attuned" to the Earth's universe. The Kraang also have many minor goals, such as destroying the turtles who have been the primary threat to their plans on Earth.

Kraang Technology

All of the Kraang's technology is a corrupted version of Utrom technology.





Energy source



  • "Kraang, are those who are coming to this place coming to this place?"
  • (In response) "I lack that knowledge, Kraang. I will inquire of Kraang about that knowledge. Do you have the knowledge if those coming to this place are near this place, Kraang?"
  • "There are lights of a vehicle which contain that what you wish us to call 'The Turtles' coming to this place which you wish us to call 'here'."
  • "The ones coming to this place are not in the vehicle bringing them to this place."
  • (In response) "Then in what place are the ones called 'the turtles'?"
  • "Kraang, the ones in this place are not in this place where we were."
  • (In response) "The ones are called "turtles", Kraang. They are dangerous to what we are doing in this place and other places."
  • "Yes. I acknowledged of that. The turtles must be eliminated from all places."
  • "This is our fight with the creatures called the turtles.
  • (In response) "The use of this of this would be proven usefully with the more watching of this."
  • (While watching a video of themselves battling the Turtles) "Also, this is being a good image of Kraang."
  • "Stop the one that needs to be stopped. Stop!"
  • "Kraang, go look at the place where the thing makes the noise is and tell us what thing makes that noise is of that place."
  • "Give to Kraang the power cell that Kraang was come to demand you give to Kraang!"
  • "We must notify Kraang that the ones called the turtles had taken Kraang's power cell from Kraang!"
  • "Kraang, the present is being a positive time to do the testing of the energy cannon."
  • (When Karai threatens to create Justin) "Highly undesirable outcome."
  • "Give to Kraang the power cell that Kraang has come to demand that you give to Kraang!"
  • "That which is known as access is granted to Kraang."
  • "I suppose that Kraang's plan has once again been foiled by the Turtles and Kraang failed to retrieve that which Kraang was to retrieve."
  • (In response) "Kraang is wrong. Kraang has retrieved it. In Kraang's face."
  • "Kraang has been on the diet known as Gluten-Free. Kraang has already lost 13 Kraang units of weight."
  • "Kraang Rules!"
  • (Leo impersonating a Kraang) "The ones who are working in this place must punch the card, which is known as a time-card, into the clock which is known as the clock of time."
  • (When Leonardo shoots a missile at their ship) "This is definitely what is known as not good."
  • "The ones known as the Turtles are protecting the lifeform needed by Kraang. The one known as...April O'Neil. She is the one known as the one. She is the link that is missing from the plan that is the plan of Kraang."
  • "But the substance known as water gives Kraang's membrane...wrinkly fingers."
  • "The Turtles? Kraang will not be stopped by pathetic mutants."
  • (One to the other, after thinking that there is one of their devices in a room that it is not in) "Kraang is that which is called...idiotic."
  • (When two fall off of a building) "This is going to leave that which is known as a mark."
  • (The other, in response) "Affirmative."
  • (While watching Mikey's "shadow play") "Kraang, creatures known as rabbits have infiltrated Kraang's lab."
  • (In response) "No Kraang, clearly a small but obese pachyderm has breached Kraang's security."
  • (In response) "Kraang are both wrong. It's clearly a belly dancer wearing what is known as a flamenco dress."
  • (after a Kraang Walker destroys a steel container) "That is what is known as awesome."
  • "Kraang Walker as been Kraang-jacked by the alien amphibian. Kraang Retreat. Retreat."



  • Though they were initially believed to be an amalgam of both the Utroms (2003 series) and Krang (1987 series), later episodes revealed that they are in fact a faction of Utrom that were brainwashed by the show's version of Krang, Kraang Prime, who is a Utrom mutant.
  • Nolan North, the voice of most of the Kraang, also voiced Raphael in the 2007 film TMNT.
    • In "The Invasion, Part 2", the Kraang Hive Mind's agents who find Splinter begin yelling "Exterminate! Exterminate!" This is a nod to the Daleks from Doctor Who, who in their base alien forms actually share some traits with the Kraang race such as tentacles and a brain-like appearance.


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