The Hidden City Job
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode
The Hidden City Job titlecard.png
Season Code: 064
Episode: 6B
Original airdate May 15, 2020
Written by Russ Carney
Ron Corcillo
Supervising Producer Alan Wan
Producers: Vladimir Radev
Directed by Sebastian Montes
Voice Direction Rob Paulsen
Storyboard Artist: Max Collins
Episode chronology
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"Sidekick Ahoy!" "Always Be Brownies"

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 2
October 12, 2019 - August 7, 2020
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"The Hidden City Job" is the eleventh episode of the second season (Episode 6B) of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is the fifty-seventh episode overall in the series. It first aired on May 15, 2020.


Leo and Señor Hueso help the reformed Capitán Piel on one last dangerous mission.


Major characters

Minor characters


It begins at Run of the Mill Pizza where Leo is ordering something after getting into a fight with Donnie. But Leo keeps annoying Hueso. Suddenly, Piel enters Run of the Mill Pizza. Furious by seeing his no-good brother, Hueso angrily tells him to leave he starts to attack him. The fight stops and Piel explains his reason of coming here. He needs Hueso to come with him to the Docks for a mission. Though Hueso is skeptical, Leo accepts Piel's request.

In the Docks, the three are walking down while talking about the mission. Though they can't rent a simurgh, Piel suggests they get a wild simurgh to reach to their destination. Leo and Hueso are inside of the simurgh. Hueso is even more suspicious about his brother, but Leo likes inside of it.

Three are at the Big Mama's auction house. Piel tells them that they must get 38, but when Big Mama says 38, they must get it by themselves. When Hueso presents golden Yōkai god (which was actually Leo), they are inside, thinking that Piel ditched them, Hueso now becomes angry and convinced, when 38 is box, which was screaming, guards attack Leo and Hueso.

They were about to escape on the simurgh, but then Leo bumped onto Piel. Both of them confront him, Piel tells them that he was after them. Enraged, Hueso yells at him for ditching them, Piel explains the reason he was trying to get it to his brother it's pizza cutter, which was a gift from their father. Piel now becomes good and wants to give the pirate picture to his brother, because he loves him. Hueso smiles.

Unfortunately, Big Mama corners them along with her guards. Hueso asks if they were together like Skin and Bones. Piel guesses the idea, they both fused and merged together into the greatest handsome Spanish man named Don Suave. He gives them a passion looks and they are defeated. He escapes on the simurgh with Leo in his arms.

Back at Run of the Mill Pizza, Hueso gives Leo a free Hawaiian pizza as thanks for helping Hueso reconcile with his brother. Leo goes to give a great spot to Donnie, they both now reconciled, the simurgh eats the pizza, ending the episode.


Hueso "I will dance, but the childlike joy will not be in my heart."

Leo "Wow you guys are handsome."


  • This is the first episode in the series in which Big Mama doesn't transform into her Yōkai form from her human disguise.
    • She does, however, appear as a Yōkai when descending from her web to the stage, but only briefly.
  • Leo shows an interest in men multiple scenes in this episode.
    • Earlier in the episode, there is a discreet (and perhaps ambiguous) scene when Leo, Hueso and Piel were walking down a street in the Hidden City docks. During one animated shot, Leo was shown ogling a particularly brawny male Yōkai pirate walking past in the opposite direction. Appearing awestruck, Leo's eyes locked onto the pirate's form, moved as the pirate moved, and ended with Leo staring at the pirate's rear for a moment. Once the pirate had completely passed by, Leo returned his undivided attention to the unrelated conversation Hueso and Piel were having.
    • Later the episode, when Hueso and Piel had combined into Don Suave, an extremely attractive fused being, Leo gawked at Suave, the pupils of Leo's eyes very noticeably dilated, and Leo uttered, "Wow you guys are handsome." The transformation into Suave was meant to erode Big Mama's resolve and help them escape, but it also affected Leo just as much, and Suave advised Leo not to stare directly at him. When Suave had finished defeating Big Mama and her soldiers, Leo was shown worshipping at Suave's feet.
    • In the next scene on the simurgh ride home, a completely stoic Don Suave was shown carrying a very visibly enamored Leo in his arms. Leo was clinging to and cuddling against Suave, repeatedly affectionately rubbing the side of his head against the side of Suave's head, and could be heard whining.
  • The last dance move Hueso uses when attracting the simurgh is called the Death Drop.
  • Item number 2 at Big Mama's auction is a painting of Andy Suriano and his family playing cards.



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