β€œThe Gumbus”
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode
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Season Code: 118
Episode: 9A
Original airdate October 13, 2018
Written by Russ Carney & Ron Corcillo
Producers: Vladimir Radev
Andy Suriano
Ant Ward
Directed by Sebastian Montes
Voice Direction Rob Paulsen
Supervising Director  Alan Wan
Storyboard Artist: Kevin Molina-Ortiz
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"Hypno! Part Deux!" "Mrs. Cuddles"
"The Gumbus" is the fifteenth episode (Episode 9A) of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It first aired on October 13th, 2018.


Leo, Mikey and April investigate a mysterious specter that haunts a themed supermarket.


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Minor Characters

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The episode begins with Mikey watch his favorite can-stacking channel, StockBOii, online. He freaks out and explains everything and show one of his videos to Leo and April, who check on the scared turtle. April decides to go investigate the haunted Stock n' Stop supermarket, all out on the action, while Leo simply wants to go to prove that there is no such thing as ghosts.


  • Mikey: We aren't into labels.
  • Leo: (repeating "I was right")
  • April: SALAMI~!!!!
  • April: So you did all of this... for money?


  • Mikey thinking and trying to suck the Gumbus with a vacuum cleaner is a reference to Ghostbusters.
    • This could also be a reference to Luigi's Mansion, as Luigi uses the Poltergeist 3000 to suck up the ghosts that haunts the mansion.
  • Baxter says the the story of the Gumbus began in 1987, the year when the original cartoon series premiered.
  • Leo and Mikey using food as weapons is similar to the opening action sequence in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze".
  • This is the third episode (and second in a row) where all four Turtles don't appear; in this case, Donnie and Raph did not make an on-screen appearance, nor were they mentioned.




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