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The Good Dragon
Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation episode
Season Code: S01E19
Episode: 19
Original airdate January 30, 1998
Written by Rhonda Smiley
Producers: Haim Saban
Lance H. Robbins
Rosanne Milliken
David Richardson
James Shavick
Photographed by Henry Chan
Production  Collete Aubin
Episode chronology
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"King Wick" "The Guest"

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation
September 12, 1997 - October 11, 2003
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The Good Dragon was the nineteenth episode of Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation.

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Venus and Raphael take in some laser tag, when suddenly, the Rank Lieutenant appears and prepares to fry Venus with a real laser. Venus is inexplicably saved by another member of the Rank. Raphael rounds the corner and knocks down the Rank who saved her, thinking he was the one who attacked, and urges Venus to leave with him.

Back in the lair, Venus tells Splinter with her encounter with a "Good Dragon". She consults some scrolls for information about how to tell a good dragon from a bad one, and is vexed by Michelangelo preparing a sandwich right next to her, getting his ingredients on one scroll after Raphael takes his sandwich, mistaking another scroll as his snack. Venus and Raph also argue about the existence of a concept of "good dragons", with Raph maintaining that there's no such thing.

At the Dragons' castle, the Lieutenant tells Dragon Lord of the traitorous Rank member. Dragon Lord has Wick mix up a locating spell to find this turncoat, and then tricks Wick into approaching the glass prison mirror for some reason, trapping him inside.

Meanwhile, Venus meditates in an effort to locate the Good Dragon, herself. Raph and Mike make fun of her efforts, then Mike asks her if she can locate anything missing that way. She tells him to check under the couch cushions. He finds a half-eaten, half-unwrapped chocolate bar he'd been missing for a week and a half and started nibbling on it. Venus comes to the conclusion that the Good Dragon is still at the laser tag facility.

Venus returns to the Laser Funhouse and is accosted by an angry dog. The Good Dragon appears and kicks at (kicks?) the dog until it mellows out and leaves. Venus is surprised that the Dragon has also been training guard dogs, apparently meaning that the dog is his(?) Raph arrives and Venus and the Good Dragon hide, with Venus surprising Raph and throwing him to the ground with a seoi nage. They argue some more about the Dragon's status as "good" while two Rank soldiers nab the Good Dragon and try to take him back to Dragon Lord. The Good Dragon tries to reason with them, telling them that they can do better than hunting mutant turtles in a human city. Venus saves him, and The Good Dragon tells her that at one point, all dragons were as one would equate as "good" except for one - the Dragon Lord - but he corrupted them and now they all share his ideals. The Good Dragon was at first glad to just get out of the mirror, but he began to remember what his life was before the Dragon Lord's takeover and began to miss it. Venus tries to convince him to return to the "toilet" with her, when Raph interjects that it's a sewer, not a toilet. The Good Dragon says he doesn't see the difference.

Raph berates Venus for walking out while he was talking to her. Venus calls him out on his behavior, and an irritated Good Dragon kicks Raph into Venus, then knocks Raph into a dumpster, tying it to his motorcycle and riding off with it.

Venus returns to the lair to tell the others what had happened, and says that since the entire Rank army is looking for the traitor, if they find him, they'll also find Raphael. She says that she has a feeling that they are at a prop warehouse by the docks. The other Turtles dismiss her feeling and Donatello turns to his computer to find that they are just at the exact location she said they were, but pretends that he found them himself.

The Turtles head off in their jeep and ignore Splinter when he tries to get them to tell him what's going on. Back at his castle, the Dragon Lord berates the Rank for not capturing the traitor, insinuating that maybe they've turned on him as well and that they're a bunch of "sweetie pies". As he sends them out to make good on their orders, he orders them to stop off at the Doughnut Hut and pick him up some sweetie pies now, as he's made himself hungry.

At the warehouse, The Good Dragon has tied Raphael up with Christmas decor from some stored Santa's village props. Raph attempts to get him to let him loose so they can both "beat the stank off the Rank" when they arrive, but to no avail. The other Turtles show up, and not long after, the Rank does as well. Raph still insists on being freed, but his complaints are ignored as the others and the Good Dragon fight the Rank. Midway through the battle, Raph finally convinces the Good Dragon to to cut him free. The Turtles and Good Dragon beat the Rank until they decide to give up and run. The Turtles approach the exhausted Good Dragon and Venus tells him there has to be somewhere he can go where he won't be found. He realizes that they'll just keep searching no matter where he goes, and the only way he'll find some peace is if he does exactly what the Dragon Lord wants and goes back into the mirror.

The Good Dragon goes to the Dragons' castle and the Dragon Lord had two of his Rank guards attack him. He takes them down and confronts the Dragon Lord, telling him off and saying that one day, more dragons will come back around to their original way of thought and destroy the Dragon Lord, but until then, he'll stay put in the mirror. The Good Dragon enters the mirror and throws Wick out.

Down in the lair, Venus bemoans that it's not fair that the good guy has to remain in prison while the villains are free. Splinter tells her that sometimes, good has to await their opportunity. Raph makes a comment on how the Good Dragon was less like a dragon and more like a turtle. The others give him grief for finally making a friend and it's "the enemy". Raph objects and says that he was Venus' friend, not his. Venus says that she thinks the Good Dragon like Raph more since they're both pig-headed. Raph, in exasperation, declares he's going to "ride on his hog".


  • At several points, it's apparent that the Venus suit has a large rip at the right armpit.
  • Due to the usage of stock footage, Raphael is the one who turns on the lights to the garage before the Turtles pack into the Mutant Marauder, despite having been captured.

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