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The Finger
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The Finger


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Skilled Combatant

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Exploding Arrows
4 Automatic Crossbows




His Mama

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2012 TV series

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A Foot Too Big

Voiced by

Jesse Ventura

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"Oooooh doggie!"

The Finger is a hunter who hunts for elusive and strange creatures. He recently tried to hunt for Bigfoot, but his hunt was thwarted by the Ninja Turtles.


It's unclear what the Finger's origin is, but he has been hunting Bigfoot for years. He carries his mother's shrunken head on his necklace. According to him he has a cousin named Fatback, who has his own alien hunt reality show.

In Dinosaur Seen in Sewers! appears written "Bigfoot and I are expecting" in a New York news tabloid, Implying that The Finger and Bigfoot will have a baby.


The Finger is a short, stubby man with a large gut and large arms. His facial hair consists of a mohawk, sideburns, and a mustache that spreads through his cheeks. He has a necklace lines with teeth, bones and his mother's shrunken head. He dresses in a military fashion with a multi-pocket vest, camouflage shorts, a backpack filled with arrows and guns, and camouflage tattoos on his arms.

His most unique trait is his 6th Finger on his right hand, this is probably the reason he dubs himself 'The Finger'.


The man is insane. He pretends his mother is talking to him while he talks to the shrunken head he keeps on his necklace. He also presumes too quickly, meaning he will stubbornly believe whatever comes out of his mouth as fact. When on the hunt, he is calm and quiet, but when he gets into a fight, his temper skyrockets into an uncontrollable fit of rage, he will not stop attacking until he wins. Though the man is quick to pull an arrow, he has a code of honor that prevents him from hurting a woman, and this trait was taught to him by his mother.


The Finger has a set of exploding arrows that he uses to hunt for his prey. He shoots them using 4 sub-machine-looking guns, a crossbow and a regular bow. Other than that, he has a knife and traps ready to catch the prey by surprise.


"I got a bad feeling, momma. 'You be careful boy, don't get yourself hurt none. Don't worry your pretty little head mamma, ain't nothing gonna happen to... The Finger. Don't get cocky, you know he's out there, he's watching you. Don't nag me mamma, I ain't no little kid no more."

"Well momma, been hunting this hairy freak for years now. And now he goes and finds himself some more freaks. Settle down momma, ain't no little green aliens gonna save bigfoot from... The Finger."

"Well momma, looks like Bigfoot got him a couple of little green alien buddies, The Finger is ok with that."

"Momma, your boy's got 'em right where he wants 'em. If you play your cards right, maybe you'll get your own alien hunt reality show. Ooh, just like cousin Fatback. Ooooh doggie!"

"How many years the Finger been chasing you? Well, guess what? Momma says the chase is over. Bigfoot, you going make mamma and the Finger rich. 'I'm so proud of you, the Finger.' Aww, shucks momma."

"Ain't got no room for these two in the cart, momma. Looks like the Finger is gonna have to stuff 'em right here."

"Bigfoot-Bigfoot's a lady? The Finger can't shoot no lady. The Finger's sorry, momma. He didn't know. He would never hurt no lady."


  • He is somewhat of a parody of Kraven The Hunter, a supervillain of Spider-Man in the Marvel Comic universe.
  • His appearance resembles Zangief, a Wrestler from the Street Fighter franchise.
  • Jesse Ventura, the voice actor for The Finger, had the nickname "The Body" as a wrestler.
    • In a subtle nod to this, The Finger uses a few wrestling moves in hand-to-hand combat.
    • He has a cousin named "Fatback" who hosts a reality TV show.
  • The way the character pretends his dead mother is talking to him is similar to Norman Bates in the film Psycho.
  • Finger appears to suffer a condition called polydactyly, which causes its victims to be born with extra digits on their hands and feet.


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