The Fast and the Furriest
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode
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Season Code: 011
Episode: 5A
Original airdate September 24, 2018
Written by Russ Carney & Ron Corcillo
Producers: Vladimir Radev
Andy Suriano
Ant Ward
Directed by Brendan Clogher
Voice Direction Rob Paulsen
Supervising Director  Alan Wan
Storyboard Artist: Christine Liu
Episode chronology
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"Down with the Sickness" "Mascot Melee"
"The Fast and the Furriest" is the ninth episode (Episode 5B) of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It first aired on September 24th, 2018.


Donnie's newly built Turtle Tank goes missing.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

Additional voices by Dave Boat


Episode starts with Donnie presents his brothers his new invention,moon buggy of Jupiter Jim, that is now a turtle tank. When he opens the curtains, it's not in there. Donnie, distraught, kneels and asks who stole the Turtle Tank.

In New York city streets, moon buggy is now new Turtle Tank. It is revealed that the driver turns out to be none other than...Splinter!

Turtles go to find answers from April O'Neil or Hueso, but they are unsuccessful.

Back with Splinter, Turtle Tank is run out of gas, then he is been greeted by Meat Sweats,who helps the rodent ninja. He thinks the rat could be delicious,then moments later, turtles arrived and are impressed of seeing moon buggy is now their Turtle tank,when they see their sensei, Donnie becomes incredibly furious, they think that Splinter is in danger, Splinter is helping Meat Sweats because he can't take Donnie,he always watches channels about science, he go to Meat Sweats truck, leaving his sons to go to Turtle Tank.

Turtles are impressed by new modifications that Donnie put on the Turtle Tank. Meat Sweats tries to use new animal yōkai, Leo uses the portal to spread the acid to Meat Sweats.

Fed up with Splinter, Meat Sweats throws Splinter away. Splinter begs Meat Sweats not to leave him, but he leaves anyway. Splinter is soon cornered by his furious sons.

Enraged at how Splinter put them, himself or Turtle Tank in danger, Donnie angrily orders him to watch every channels about science, ending the episode.


"Mikey: Yay! A sewer tube full of nothing! You're so thoughtful!

Donatello: You never let me shine…!"

"April: Hi Donnie! You have nine seconds to explain why you just broke down my door."

"Mikey: Whoa! Are we gonna need a protractor?

Donnie: No.

Mikey: An abacus?

Donnie: Literally never.

Mikey: A bag full of sausages!?

Donnie: Man, I don’t understand how your mind works."

"Donatello: I know you're in there. Dad, I can see your tail..... Oh Papa. If you surrender now, there shan't be any consequences.

Splinter: That is a lie, I taught him that one."

" Raphael: You’re with a very dangerous mutant Pops; Meat Sweats just wants to eat you!

Splinter: Your name is Meat Sweats?

Meat Sweats: Well actually it's Rupert.

Splinter: Oh, I would stay with Meat Sweats."


  • The title of the episode is based on The Fast and Furious film series.
    • Also, the title is similar in the Tom and Jerry film The Fast and the Furry.
  • It is stated that the turtles have known April for years.
  • This episode takes place after "Minotaur Maze", as the Turtles have been to Run of the Mill Pizza and previously met Hueso.


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