Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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The Continuing Story of Cowabunga Carl is the second TMNT Movie Prequel, released in 2007.



Michelangelo has grown tired of not being part of the surface world and has become Cowabunga Carl: a turtle mascot that can be hired for parties, etc. Donatello has installed a microphone and headset in the head of the costume as well as various other gadgets and monitors Michelangelo from the Turtle Van.

During one of his appearances at an ice hockey rink, Mikey tries to stop a purse snatcher but only manages to make a mess of things and after being detained for running out onto the ice, requires Casey Jones' help to escape.

Afterwards, in the parking lot Mikey and Donatello see the thief and begin a car chase that is joined by the Nightwatcher, a vigilante crime-fighter that Mikey adores, but who soon gives up the chase. Mikey fails again to catch the thief and they lose him, but Cowabunga Carl must make it to a birthday party, so Donatello agrees to search for the man.

Mikey makes a final stand against the thief as he is driving by the birthday party and to the enjoyment of the kids captures the man and returns the purse to the old woman it belongs to.

Later, Splinter threatens to forbid him and Donatello to go out as Cowabunga Carl if they do not stop interfering in the lives of men, while Michelangelo dreams of being able to make a difference like the Nightwatcher.

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