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by Jon Sommariva

Writer: Matthew K. Manning

Artist: Jon Sommariva

Inker: Sean Parsons, Serge Lapointe

Colorist: Leonardo Ito

Letterer: Shawn Lee

Editor: Bobby Curnow

Publisher: Ted Adams

Batman created by: Bob Kane with Bill Finger

Release Date: Dec. 14, 2017


The Joker and Harley Quinn escape Arkham Asylum and make their way to the TMNT's NYC where they meet none other than the Shredder! Meanwhile, will Batman, Robin, and Batgirl be able to form a truce with the Turtles?



  • The Joker is reading a book by M. Hamill. In the animated series, Joker was voiced by Mark Hamill.
  • 'KE was 'ere '84' is written on a brick.
  • Mega Man is on the shirt of the screaming woman.


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