The Catch is an issue of the Mirage Comics, and part of the Raphael: Bad Moon Rising miniseries. It was published in September 2007.[1]


Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.


Raphael, Shadow, Sloane and Lucrezia watch helplessly as the giant owl continues carrying the crumbling den over open ocean. The owl is then intercepted by a flock of giant ravens, and their attacks cause the owl to drop the entire dwelling, which starts free-falling down to the water. But the den's fall is caught and cushioned by a giant jellyfish that has just emerged from the deep. The jellyfish envelops the structure inside its membrane and submerges, taking the wrecked den and its inhabitants deep underwater, and the jellyfish's tendrils release a smoke that knocks the four unconscious. They awake to find themselves in the comfort of the underwater realm of Atlantia as guests of Oceana and her husband lord Chiton, who is revealed to be Lulu's father and Lilith's ex-husband. At a lavish seafood banquet, Chiton promises the resources of his kingdom towards the search and recovery of Lilith and her Sisterhood. But when the meal is over, it becomes clear to the reader that not all is as it seems when Chiton and Sloane sneak off together. Later, Chiton personally leads a military attack on Lord Incubor's tower fortress. Raphael objects to the news, having been promised to a chance to fight by Chiton's side, but it quickly becomes apparent that the guards are preventing the group from leaving—they are effectively prisoners. Raph attacks the guards and a battle quickly erupts, prompting Lulu to use her magic to help the group escape into the ocean water through a protective bubble. Even as Chiton's battle is under full swing, Lulu's bubble emerges from the water and carries the group to the top of Incubor's tower where they begin searching for Lilith on their own. But Raph falls through a trapdoor, soon finding himself under the supernatural spell of three of Incubor's succubi in the appearance of his companions.



  • The story appears to retroactively change some of its details across updates. In The Taking, Lulu says her father is Gnostros, king of the elves, and that she was a child of convenience to parents who never married and never loved each other. But in The Catch, Lulu's father is revealed to be Chiton, lord of the kingdom of Atlantia, and Lilith's ex-husband.




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